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We know you like Korean fashion and, because of that, you are constantly looking for ideas to renew your closet with clothes that fit the styles of this fashion. Do you know the K-Pop fashion trends of 2021? If you are also a fan of K-pop, with these trends, you will go crazy! Idols always inspire us with their fabulous looks. However, they are also a source of inspiration for Korean fashion. They are one of the main influences in this fashion. And for that reason, K-fashion is becoming more and more famous in the world. Are you interested in knowing K-Pop fashion trends 2021? Then do not take off and keep reading!


Why is K-Pop important to Korean fashion?


As a brilliant K-Pop fan, you know thatKorean idols are so fashionable. They are fashionable not only because of their talents but also because of their fashion styles. Originally from South Korea in 1990, K-Pop found popularity in the 2000s. And thanks to that, today it has a large and growing number of followers around the world. It’s not just their catchy tunes that attract their growing fans, but also the display of high-end fashion these idols pull off. As K-Pop transforms into a global trend, more and more idols are fashion icons. Rather than being known only by the heart sign or kimchi, the image of Korea is an inspiration point for global fashion. Discover with us what are K-Pop fashion trends of 2021!


11 Trends in Korean Fashion 2021


The color pink, K-pop fashion trends 2021


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

This color is everywhere, in every possible shade, and any garment. Like every spring, the trend of flowers is present again in 2021. So dust off your closet and pull out that flowered dress you added to your collection a few years ago and give it life again.


And in case you don’t have one, it’s a good idea to get one, as this trend always resurfaces, and you can continue to show off its prints year after year.


We can see it in K-pop with our beautiful Yerin from Gfriend, with a cool long-sleeved shirt. Or Dahyun from TWICE, who opted for a chiffon maxi dress with a bit of volume.


The color red too, K-pop fashion trends 2021


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

Yes, passion red is very much in this season. And we probably wonder why if we have not yet entered the summer.


But this color looks good with everything and everyone.


In short, let’s get a taste of what awaits us this summer, with the incredible warmth that red represents.


Do you dare to take this color out of your closet this spring?


Retro fashion is not as retro as we thought


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

The tie-dye, loved by many and hated by others, returns in 2021 after the boom that the spring-summer season had last year. And it seems that what was the favorite trend in the 60s is becoming a custom among today’s young people, as it is everywhere in caps, shirts, pants, and even dresses. We can see an example of this among K-pop idols, such as TWICE’s Chaeyoung, who does not hesitate to use comfort with a shirt of this super-trendy print.


This trend is due to the recent wave of nostalgia and color that occurred when BTS’s “Dynamite” and GFriend’s “Mago” were released. Their colorful and unique outfits make each member stand out in her way. Pastel and glitter colors brought back the disco times we all needed.


The dress is the principal garment of spring 2021


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

Everything in spring 2021 is about freeing our legs, and what better than with the most marked trend of the season: the hyper dresses.


Of course, it is a dress much, much larger, exaggerated, and full of volume. We can see it in hundreds of versions, with feathers, lace, chiffon, or even cotton.


It is enough to see the happy faces of Yuna, from ITZY, and Umji, from Gfriend, modeling a dress in yellow and white, respectively, so that we want to go in search of one.


The volume in the sleeves 


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

Without a doubt, the shoulders with volumes are in today, just like the looks of Ryujin, from ITZY.


She shows us a plain white shirt with incredibly bulging and prominent sleeves.


An effect that looks incredible when combined with a dress in a blue tone above gives it a pretty feminine and chic twist! May your closet have this garment this spring, just like the K-pop star.


Without a doubt, this type of sleeves leads in the garments that are K-pop fashion trends 2021.


Pretty and cheerful dresses


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

But if you like the freshest looks and vibrant colors like yellow, how about going for an off-the-shoulder dress like Lisa from BLACKPINK.


A pretty spring outfit that not only accentuates her beautiful skin tone but also shows us a new version of voluminous sleeves, creating a more than the perfect three-in-one garment.




The ‘bling’ under the eye


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

The use of glitter and rhinestones around the eyes is no longer something strange.


Above all, for those addicted to beauty and fashion, and for those who love Korean makeup. In the last year, this style gained traction due to slightly exaggerated glitter with shine.


They even add pearls and rhinestones to highlight the eye.


This sassy style is worn by idols of all genders, proving that exaggerated beauty looks don’t distinguish between the sexes and are for everyone.


Maroon lips, K-pop fashion trends 2021


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

K-Pop idols no longer stick to subtle pinks and oranges in makeup. We can see that recently they are more daring with makeup trends. Apart from bolder eye makeup, lip color also witnesses many changes in the aesthetic taste of Korean women.


It also shows the progressive change that Korean fashion is undergoing positively. Recently, many K-Pop idols have sported lips in powerful shades of deep mauve, earthy reds, and chestnut brown. They do it in both fuzzy colors and sharp rock-chic shapes.


Lips in dark matte shades are the eye-catchers! To try makeup that is in the K-Pop fashion trends 2021, try to wear the lips in these shades, and do not forget the Bling in your eyes.


Zero gender restrictions and many casual outfits


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

The recent wave of gender-fluid fashion is growing, and we are happy about that. Whether it’s TXT’s SooBin in a half skirt or your favorite boy groups wearing eyeliner and crop tops, the new wave of breaking gender norms has entered the fashion fraternity!


And the truth is that it came and is here only to stay. TXT’s SooBin proves skirts can add a more daring look to boys’ outfits. Plus, casual outfits are the perfect way to exemplify that theme with their simple yet bold design. SunMi, artistic feminine K-pop, is the perfect example of the elegant look in a casual outfit.



The casual suit look is ideal for the female boss look. A look that certainly cannot be missing from your repertoire.


Leathers, bustiers, and corsets


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

The black color makes the leather very versatile. It can add a perfect touch to any outfit due to its unique texture. Both ITZY and TXT took classic leather styling to the next level. They did so wearing leather outfits.


Instead of sticking to the leather pants or jacket, ITZY’s Lia wore a ruffled leather dress. That added a unique aspect to this concept. Also, teenage K-pop fans are currently wearing the trends in leather corsets. BLACKPINK’s JiSoo wore a very edgy outfit during her ‘Lovesick Girls’ era, inspiring many fans to try the same style and outfit.


This trend is also prevalent in much more casual concepts, making it quite versatile. Because of that, it is a favorite among the K-Pop fashion trends 2021.


Denim and more denim


Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop fashion trends 2021 - Banner

The denim look has always been a favorite among Koreans, but recently it’s gaining momentum thanks to the trend of wearing all-denim that we’ve seen on K-pop idols. Twice dropped this look during their “Can’t Stop Me” era, and Oh My Girl also did it on their recent comeback with Dun Dun dance. Balancing the silhouettes was a crucial aspect to take care the idol did not drown in heavy fabric. But all these girls’ stylists did just that. If you want to test the K-pop fashion trends 2021, denim cannot be missing in your closet.


K-Pop fashion trends 2021 are unstoppable. And best of all, they are not difficult to apply. Give your looks a fresher and more fashionista touch by following the K-Pop fashion trends 2021. In addition to wearing a perfect outfit, you will shine among everyone thanks to your style inspired by your favorite music genre. To stay on top of Korean fashion news, visit this blog every day. That way, you won’t miss a thing about fashion that is so close to your favorite idols.


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