K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion


If more than once you felt impressed with the fashion shown in K-dramas, we confess that we are too. For many years, K-Dramas have been in the lives of many people. These have captivated us with their fascinating stories and charming protagonists. However, there is another equally absorbing factor that lately stands out more within them: fashion. From designer outfits to simple outfits, fashion in Korean dramas has evolved. Because of that, there are several K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion. Are you ready to find out which ones they are? Keep reading!


5 Korean dramas you should know if you are a fashion lover


Find me in your memory (2020)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Find-me-in-your-memory-(2020)-(subtitulo)In Find me in your memory, there is a fictional actress that we love.


Moon Ga-young plays the role of Yeo Ha-jin, an actress who lost her memories due to a traumatic incident.


The outfits she wears vary depending on the places she goes to or the events she attends.


The advice here is to always dress according to the occasion. Because of that, it is one of the top K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion.


Her private life (2019)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Her-private-life-(2019)-(subtitulo)If you are working in a company, this is the K-drama style icon for your fashion inspiration! Sung Duk-mi is always on-trend in her drama Her Private Life.


Her jobs include running the art gallery, organizing events, and meeting artists. For a professional but practical look, Duk-mi wears suits for her office style.


As for accessories, she softens her looks with simple stud earrings and a chain necklace. Duk-mi’s style is perfect for those who want to stick with a single style with space for different colors.


Don’t you love it? This drama cannot be missing among the K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion.


The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-The-King-Eternal-Monarch-(2020)-(subtitulo)There are so many trendy moments that we love from this drama. Many of these moments come from Goo Seo-ryung (Jung Eun-Chae).


She is the prime minister in the fictional kingdom that they pose in the K-drama. In one scene, she scolds her staff that shows her a woman’s tux to wear.


She says, “Just because I work around men, it doesn’t mean I have to dress like one.” You can see her wearing many dresses, as well as skirts and blazers, throughout the K-drama.


Also, Seo-ryung is not afraid of colors and prints. Even her heels have animal prints. We can also notice that her favorite fashion items are jeans and sneakers. If your style suits hers, then The King: Eternal Monarch should be your top choice among the K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion.

Hotel del Luna (2019)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Hotel-del-Luna-(2019)-(subtitulo)Lee Ji-Eun’s character, Jang Man-wol, in this romantic fantasy drama is perfect. From her hairstyle to accessories, everything is on point.


Since Man-wol is a 1000-year-old hotelier, her style seems to carry a few timeless fashion items from different eras.


She’s not afraid to wear puffed sleeves and high collars, as well as a matching jacket and jean skirts. She always wears vintage-looking accessories like brooches, hairpins, and satin gloves.


If your style is a bit more classic, then this drama cannot be missing from your list of K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion.


What’s wrong Secretary Kim (2018)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What_s-wrong-Secretary-Kim-(2018)-K-dramas to watch if you love Korean fashionPark Min-young as Kim Mi-so’s style in What’s Wrong Secretary Kim is one of the easiest to copy! She likes it simple and neutral.


Nevertheless, she looks great. No one can rock a high neck blouse and pencil skirt in K-drama like Kim Mi-so in this drama.


Since Kim Mi-so works as a secretary, she doesn’t have many clothes. For her office style, she always dons a high-waisted fitted pencil skirt in a neutral shade to match different styles of blouses.


If you work in offices, recreating her style will be your best option. Because of that, it is one of the best K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion.


What is the number 1 Korean drama?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-K-dramas to watch if you love Korean fashionSince Korean dramas have existed, many have had a lot of popularity that has endured over time.


However, in recent years, various dramas are the favorites of many.


Some of those number one dramas are Crash Landing On You (2019), Itaewon Class (2020), Kingdom (2019), Mr. Sunshine (2018), Prison PlayBook (2017), and Stranger (2017).


Best of all, you can find most of these dramas on Netflix.


Who are the fashion icons in K-dramas?


The list of fashionista characters in dramas is extensive. But some characters became memorable for their styles! They own those looks that we all want to recreate at least once in our lives. We see some of these icons in Hotel del Luna, with Man Wol. She was not only the owner of a great hotel but also a person with a beautiful closet. In Crash Landing on You, we also saw a Yoon Se Ri who loved to always dress well in elegant and well-planned outfits. 


On the other hand, in The Beauty Insiste, Kang Da Ra, the protagonist’s stepsister, stole the spotlight with her outfits. Her style was defined by wearing very feminine and elegant elements. We saw her wear from plaid dresses to patterned pieces and some others very boss-girl style. Lastly, Oh Jim Shim on Touch Your Heart is another of our favorites! She knew how to fuse her acting style with the dress of a secretary with a great sense of fashion. One of the trends in Korea is wearing dresses over blouses, and Jim Shim does know how to capitalize on this trend.


The K-dramas you must watch if you love Korean fashion will help you define your style. Taking inspiration from the outfits of the characters, you can improve your closet and your appearance. You can even dress like a real K-drama star! Do you think we forgot to mention any drama? If so, tell us in the comments. And remember to visit us every day. This is your space to enjoy Korean fashion news.

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