5 K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover.


Korean fashion lovers are always looking for new inspirations. If you love Korean fashion as much as we do, you know it is true. However, many think that we can only find that inspiration in idols. Although idols inspire us a lot with their outfits on and off stage, the truth is that there are other celebrities that we can turn to for inspiration for our looks. Who are they? The actors and actresses of K-Dramas. In fact, in Korean productions, you can see maybe a little more closely Korean fashion as it is lived on the streets of Korea. In K-Dramas, we enjoy the everyday life of the characters and even their outfits. Have you ever been fascinated by the style of any K-Drama character? Surely yes. Therefore, today at Korean Fashion Trends, we have prepared a small list of K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover. Here we go!


5 K-Dramas You Can’t-Miss If You Want To Elevate Your Korean Fashion Style


We all agree that fashion in K-Dramas is always a good eye-catcher. Fashion in Korean productions often makes everything more fun as we see the characters dressed in designer clothes and trendy styles that often go viral. However, did you know that some dramas take that to a whole new level? That’s how it is. Many stories revolve around the fashion industry, letting viewers take a look at what happens in this exciting world through stories of romance, fantasy, or thriller. Know these 5 K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover:


Babyfaced Beauty


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Babyfaced-BeautyTo kick off this list of K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover, we have the drama Babyfaced Beauty.


This drama doesn’t just tackle the unglamorous side of fashion, that is, the knitting factory. It also focuses on the downside of age discrimination in the industry, where people are hired based on their youth. Jang Nara plays Lee So Young. She is a textile factory worker who lies about her age to take her sister’s place at a fashion company as a designer. Lee So Young stands out for her unique skills and knowledge of weaving.


Also, because she has a beautiful baby face, she draws the attention of the company president and marketing director. Of course, they don’t know her true age. If you like Korean fashion and K-Dramas, this is a story you shouldn’t miss. In addition, it is part of the classic K-Dramas.


Now We Are Breaking Up


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Now-We-Are-Breaking-UpNow We Are Breaking Up ranks second on this list of K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover. It stars Song Hye Kyo, who plays Ha Young Eun. She is a talented designer who holds a high position in a fashion company.


However, she constantly struggles to make decisions for herself and her happiness. You will see how the fashion cycle unfolds in this drama.


You’ll see it from scratch design, sourcing, and production to launching new collections, marketing, and in-store sales. Of course, all of this happens as love blossoms between Ha Young Eun and a renowned fashion photographer named Yoon Jae Guk.


You’ll see the characters interacting at fashion events, photoshoots, and offices while wearing stylish ensembles themselves.


Fashion King


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Fashion-KingDid you think we are going to skip Fashion King in this list of K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover? Of course not! A drama with a title and story like this must be on the list without exception.


Otherwise, it would be a sin. Fashion King is about a beautiful damsel in distress and two handsome suitors. Everything unfolds in the competitive world of fashion. The drama stars Yoo Ah In. His character starts from the bottom as a clothing salesman in Dongdaemun. He ends up taking inspiration from an aspiring designer, played by Shin Se Kyung.


However, there is a twist when things get complicated. Why? Because they get entangled with a stylish and wealthy fashion entrepreneur from a chaebol family, played by Lee Je Hoon. His ex-girlfriend also works in the same industry. It’s a star-studded cast with a lot of drama. Each Fashion King character follows their dreams and their hearts. Enjoy this story as soon as you can. You’ll thank yourself later.


Record of Youth


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Record-of-YouthAt Korean Fashion Trends, we always talk about fashion and models. If that topic interests you,  you should check out Record of Youth. In this drama, you will learn a little about how the modeling industry works in Korea. That is why it is a significant part of this list of K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover.


Most of the young Koreans who aspire to be models go through many hardships that can be seen in this drama. For example, the intense training and the public scrutiny. Also, the high beauty standards and the struggle to be relevant in a fiercely competitive industry.


The sad thing is that, as successful as some models are on the catwalks, in reality, they are still struggling financially. That also happens in real life. Therefore, this drama also shows the real-life situation of Korean models who are trying to further their careers by transitioning into acting. In addition, it also describes Hye Jun’s journey in his rise to fame, when he has to decide if he sacrifices everything to achieve his dream.


She Was Pretty


Korean-Fashion-Trends-She-Was-PrettyAnd to end this list of K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover, we have another classic of classics. She Was Pretty is another drama about transformation.


It is set in the glitz and glamor of the fashion magazine industry. Kim Hye Jin is a hard-working and skilled editor who tries to overcome her insecurities after meeting her childhood sweetheart, who becomes the director of her company.


The drama features behind-the-scenes action for fashion collections and stories for a magazine. It shows a different side of fashion, in which magazines work hard and have high demands to present only the best styles to readers.


Along the way, Hye Jin finds her confidence. She also learns to love herself and all her imperfections first, before coming out of hiding and loving someone else.


You should not miss the K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover. When you love Korean fashion, you try to trace its every step so that you can recreate it properly, right? Also, if you are also interested in tailoring and fashion design, you can learn a little about this industry in Korea with these K-Dramas. Have you already watched some of the dramas on this list? You can share your impressions in the comments. See you soon!

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