Jung Hoyeon: A Korean grunge fashion icon?


After the success of the Squid Game Korean series, its stars rose to world fame like never before. An example of this is actress Jung Hoyeon, who made her acting debut in the Netflix series, and from her first on-screen moment, she knew how to steal the attention of all viewers. However, Jung Hoyeon is not only an emerging Korean actress. She is also a model. She started in the modeling industry for a couple of years. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is a young woman with a unique and influential style. But have you ever wondered if Jung Hoyeon is a Korean grunge fashion icon? If you’ve seen her style up close, you probably have an idea for the answer: yes, she is. But why? To find out why we invite you to stay at Korean Fashion Trends and keep reading!


Jung Hoyeon is a Korean fashion icon?


Yes, she is. Because Hoyeon is not any rookie in the entertainment industry. She has been one of the top models in South Korea and made her acting debut in the series. Fashion has been her forte for a few years now, and she has become a trendsetter in her country. In addition, she stands out thanks to her marked style. If you review her fashion profile, you will notice that she stands out in the grunge style, although we can see her adapting to many trends and styles. She shows a scruffy, dirty, and informal appearance. And despite that, she attaches great importance to her image. These characteristics are typical of a true grunge style.


We can see that Jung Hoyeon fits perfectly into this style thanks to the clothes we usually see her dressed in and because of her hairstyle. She usually wears oversized shirts, sweaters, a combination of jackets and capes, hats, worn and ripped pants. Her hairstyle is tousled, and the cut is similar to the shape of a helmet. But don’t get all these features wrong. They may sound horrible, but in reality, they are not. And indeed, they are very stylish and reflect a broad sense of fashion. Just by looking at Jung Hoyeon, you can tell that the grunge style is stunning and a complete fashion statement.


7 fashion tips you can follow if you want a grunge style like Jung Hoyeon


Is Jung Hoyeon a Korean grunge fashion icon? We will present you with 7 looks of the actress where she highlights her grunge style to finish confirming that she is a grunge fashion icon. As we said before, she can fit well in other different looks. But her preference is in the grunge style, and we can see it in the way she combines the garments with others.


She wears oversized sweaters and pullovers


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Oversize-pulloverThe great thing about Korean fashion is that it is incredibly comfortable.


It is not usually very restrictive, and they prefer to wear oversized clothes than those that are too tight and uncomfortable.


Oversized sweaters create an effortless, casual look. Jung Hoyeon, in her grunge style, knows how to integrate these garments and achieve incredible looks.


If you like Korean fashion or grunge style in general, these oversized garments cannot be missing in your wardrobe.


Don’t forget the sporty looks


Korean-Fashion-Trends-sweatshirtsBut we see the oversized style not only in casual garments but also in sports.


Also, the sporty style predominates in Korea, and with good reason.


Not only are sweatpants and sweatshirts comfortable to wear, but there are also a variety of styles that allow you to look glamorous.


It is not weird that the actress opts for these garments since she is also an official image of Nike.


Add sporty looks to your day, and you will get a grunge style but also a Korean one.





Korean-Fashion-Trends-HatsAmong the favorite accessories of Koreans, hats stand out. Hats are a Korean closet staple. These can complete any outfit, adding something extra that makes you look fabulous.


In addition, you can wear them in any season of the year. Whether on the coldest or warmest days, you can wear the hat of your choice.


Bucket hats are a big trend in Korean fashion for a couple of years.


Jung Hoyeon knows that very well, which is why she integrates hats into her grunge looks whenever she gets the chance.


Blazers, garments that never go out of style


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Blazers-(Black)A blazer is priceless and makes a fashion statement thanks to its versatility.


You can use blazers in casual and the most formal moments. Jung Hoyeon knows better than anyone that this is a must-have.


Koreans love to combine this formal garment with sweatpants, skirts, and jeans. Whether it is a plaid or black blazer, it is a must-have in your closet, and it will always work for a formal or informal look.


Also, if you combine it with jeans, it has that characteristic grunge style of the actress.


Schoolgirl look


Korean-Fashion-Trends-School-girl-look-skirtIn Korea, the everyday school uniform is now a modern everyday look.


An a-line skirt is a must.


You can mix it with a button-down shirt or a simple long-sleeved blouse, beret, and loafers.


In that way, you don’t just get a perfect schoolgirl look. You can also get a grunge and chic schoolgirl look.


Seeing Jung Hoyeon wearing a white shirt, black skirt, and blue cardigan reminds us of a unique and captivating collegiate style.


With her tousled hair, add that grunge style we all love to her.




Pastel colors


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Pastel-colorsBut the grunge style is not at odds with pastel colors.


Although it has a preference for classic and neutral colors, you can add garments in pastel colors that fit this style.


Also, pastel color is perfect in Korean style because pastel colors are cute, youthful, and easy on the eyes.


It also brightens up any look and goes perfectly with the spring season.


If you want to keep a grunge look like Jung Hoyeon and wear pastel colors, just wear clothes that fit that style and have those shades.


Avant-garde and feminine blouses


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Avant-garde-and-feminine-blousesAs we told you before, the grunge style can have a scruffy image, but it is not.


It is a comfortable style but adds elements to perfect the style. An example is blouses with ruffles and lace.


These are all the rage in Korea because they add a soft, feminine touch to jeans.


If you are not the type who likes to wear dresses but still wants to look “classy,” then this item is a must-have in your closet staples.


Also, if you combine them with shorts, they will look casual, carefree, but very stylish. So does Jung Hoyeon in her grunge style.


Is Jung Hoyeon a Korean grunge fashion icon? Yes, she is, thanks to the way she dresses, so outstanding and captivating. She adds oversized garments, jumpers, layering, and accessories to perfect the grunge look that we can also see through her hairstyle. Do you like the way Jung Hoyeon looks? Would you like to look like her? Then you must follow the grunge style, as she is a true icon of Korean grunge style. See you soon in the next Korean Fashion Trends post!

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