Discover all about jelly nails: the Korean nail trend for summer

korean fashion trends - discover all about jelly nails

Korean beauty trends are not limited to makeup or skincare. It also involves other aspects of beauty, such as nails. In Korea, there are many nail art trends to choose from. Korean nail styles are usually short, well-groomed nails and have neutral enamels. However, that is the most classic and elegant trend. There are other trends. And we can see them accompanying grunge, soft and cute styles. Many of our favorite idols wear this type of style on their nails, especially the most popular trend, which is jelly nails. They are a very bright nail style with a very chic cute touch. They stand out thanks to their colors and brightness, which achieve a gelatinous effect. If you want to discover all about jelly nails: the Korean nail trend for summer, you must stay with us. Here we go!


What are jelly nails?


To discover all about jelly nails: the Korean nail trend for summer, we have to explain what they are. The jelly nails are shiny as if they were layering the topcoat, achieving a powerful gel effect but not overloaded. It does this by using only light, pastel, natural nail polishes as if they were just a juicy coat of nail polish. This fashion has gradually taken shape and spread throughout salons throughout Korea. And especially in Seoul it is also known as the volume manicure. It is not a manicure with a fake texture like false nails. Jelly manicure designs are achieved with the gel polish itself, as a top coat applied in layers, with drying included, an awl for shaping, and, yes, an admirable aesthetic sense.


How to do jelly nails?


When we want to discover all about jelly nails: the Korean nail trend for summer, we also want to know how to do them. The truth is that the materials and the precision to make the jelly nails make it a manicure done only by professional manicurists. Practically every center has its technique to perform them. Some directly use gel polishes, both with and without color, to create the 3D volume. Others do the structure with the help of the same extensions of false manicures, later reinforcing them with a resin gel and shaping them with the help of a brush. Another often-repeated option is to use the builder gel directly on the nail polish and work it in with a stylus or brush. As you can see, having jelly nails is not as easy as taking a nail polish and applying it. You should go with a professional to achieve the desired finish.


5 Korean jelly nail design options you can try


Do you want to continue discovering everything about jelly nails: the Korean nail trend for summer? Then you must know these five designs. But first, what are the most popular jelly nail designs in Korea? The most successful designs are those that maintain a cute aesthetic. As in the world of jewelry, pendants, and rings full of color and rounded shapes, cute nail designs are a hit. In addition, this year, everything will have a naïve touch. If you want to wear Korean-style jelly nails, here are five options that you can confidently wear to fit in with Korean beauty trends.




A cute option to use jelly nails is with 3D gummy bears. As it is a nail style to wear in summer, it is best to be very colorful. For that reason, you can play with colors! Wear a purple nail, a green one, a red one, a blue one, and a yellow one. You can carry the gummy bears on each of your nails. Or on the nails you prefer. You can also swap bright colors for paler shades for a more subdued look.




This tone is beautiful, especially on these summer days. It is a color that provides calm. In addition, it is also very aesthetic. It is a perfect option to wear on the nails. If you want to be a little more creative, you can play with the different shades of peach that exist, from the lightest to the darkest. Or you can also combine it with pink tones. If you want some cute 3D designs, you can go for flowers or peaches.


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Another pretty cute option to wear Korean-style jelly nails in summer is to combine them with sweets, lollipops, and candy decorations. This lollipop-inspired design combines the colorful stripes of the traditional spiral lollipop with small 3D designs of candy. Also, the matte finish adds to the overall look as it prevents it from looking too flashy. Thanks to that, you can wear this design on your nails without the fear of crashing. They are perfect for accompanying a cute or soft style. It is a very creative and fun design.




The aurora or ombre effect is attractive, chic, and has a modern and, at the same time, a bit futuristic touch. If you like accessories with this effect, you will surely like the idea of ​​wearing it on your nails as well. It is possible with Korean-style jelly nails. With colors inspired by Sailor Moon and an effect that mimics auroras/polar lights, this nail art has a magical look that reminds us of transparent lollipops. In addition, it is a look that you can wear with any outfit and style.




If you like multicolor nail styles, you can also wear them with jelly nails. It will have a beautiful effect on your nails. You can wear the rainbow on your jelly nails if you want! Intercalate and combine colors to your liking to achieve a colorful effect. You can add an extra touch to the decoration with glitter and other details of your choice. Remember that jelly nails are a nail style that gives you the possibility of any accessory and color.


Being able to discover all about jelly nails: the Korean nail trend for summer will help you take your nails to another level during this season. Wear your colorful nails with a jelly effect that will make your nails look very feminine and chic. You can play with the designs and accessories, but the jelly effect alone is already a nice decoration for the nails. And you, have you already used jelly nails, or do you want to try wearing them this summer? Tell us in the comments! See you soon.


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