Is the Pantless Trend Successful in Korean Fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - Is the Pantless Trend Successful in Korean Fashion?

Recently, wearing no-pants has been the talk of the town. As all fashion aficionados already know, fashion trends are ever-changing. However, the pantless trend confirms one fact: almost nothing is forbidden in the realm of fashion. So, is the pantless trend successful in Korean Fashion? Today, we are going to dive into the impact that the pantless trend has had on Korean fashion. Are you ready? Let’s take a peek.


What Is the Pantless Trend?


Korean Fashion Trends - Pantless Trend - woman wearing a big pink jacket This is happening right now folks. The pantless trend is here to conquer the hearts of fashion insiders. You may be wondering, what is the so-called pantless trend? We have the answer for you.


The pantless trend, often known as ‘’no-pants,’’ is a trend defined by the absence of pants. Unlike what many believe, this trend is not recent.


The pantless trend actually dates back to the ‘50s, beginning as a form of dance clothing. Have you ever wondered why the dancers of the time frequently flaunted leotards over their tights? Well, because by doing so, they could create the illusion of an elongated, elegant body-line.


Moreover, these dancers often layered shirts and sweaters over their leotards, cinching the waist and finishing it off with a statement belt. Nowadays, many models, celebrities, and insiders rock the ‘no-pants’ trend with confidence.


How Has the Pantless Trend Conquered the Fashion World?


Korean Fashion Trends - Pantless Trend - woman wearing a crop top and a jacketFor starters, influencers and celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Julia Fox, the Kardashian-Jenners, and Hailey Bieber contributed to the recent popularity of the no-pants trend, going out in barely visible mini-mini shorts and even plain underwear.


It’s no surprise that the trend is taking over the social networks by a storm. So, is the pantless trend here to stay then? The answer seems to point to a resounding yes. The Spring/Summer 2023 collections of renowned fashion giants, showcased in Paris and Milan proves it. Brands such as Bottega Veneta, Burberry, and Coperni have been the precursors of the trend in its many forms.


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Pantless in Korean Fashion: Yes, Yes, or No, No?


Korean Fashion Trends - Pantless Trend - woman wearing a printed long blazerNow to the most important question: is the pantless trend a success in Korean fashion? While it may seem hard to believe, it is a complete success! Especially in K-pop fashion. The ‘no-pants’ trend is taking over K-Fashion with the help of Korean idols and celebrities! Such is the case of LE SSERAFIM and Han Soo Hee.


Recently, LE SSERAFIM released the “Good Bones” teaser. With this teaser, the girl group announced their return with the third mini album “EASY.” But, what attracted the attention of the public besides their long-awaited return? The members’ outfits. LE SSERAFIM surprised fans with a new and daring concept once again, inspiring fashion enthusiasts with their fuzzy sweaters, leather pieces, and long skirts. However, Yun-jin surprised fans the most by donning an unexpected look. Yun-Jin rocked the pantless look, finishing her ensemble with a crop top and long fuzzy sweater.


Additionally, actress Han So-hee recently received praise when she appeared pantless at a Dior fashion event overseas. Does that mean everyone loves the ‘no-pants’ trend in Korea? Not really. While some people express concern about excessive exposure, most people feel that there is no reason to stop girl groups from trying out the pantless trend.


Style the Pantless Trend in Korean Fashion with These 3 Key Tips


Comfy No-Pants 


Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing a white shirtJoin the pantless trend by pairing a mini-mini short with a white T-shirt, oversized leather jacket, and Uggs. Don’t know how to style Uggs the right way? Click here! This look is as effortless as it is chic! Shop here.


Street-Style Code: No-Pants


Take inspiration from Han So Hee and style an oversized sweatshirt like a dress. Go pantless for the look and incorporate a white T-shirt for a simple yet sporty touch. Shop here!


No Pants by Chance


Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing a long blazerSeeking to experiment with your style and take your fashion game to the extremes? Go pantless while rocking a denim top. Add some fun accessories and a trench coat (optional). The shorter, the better, right? Take the risk and be bold. Shop here!


Korean celebrities frequently exemplify how to style the pantless trend. However, we are fully aware that this trend is not everyone’s cup of tea.


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