Is rice powder a Korean skincare product?


Rice has been used in countries like China, Japan, and, of course, South Korea, since ancient times.



For example, we can see its use in the drama Moon Lovers because it is set in the Goryeo era.


But is rice powder a Korean skincare product?


Thanks to many women still using it as part of their beauty routine, rice powder is part of the elements that help skincare.


However, there are many things that you still do not know about this ancient ingredient with brilliant properties for the skin.


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What is rice powder in cosmetics?



All in one cleansing oil with rice milk complex

Rice powder, as the name suggests, is ground rice.


They are very similar to translucent powders in terms of format.


But differ from them due to the properties that rice offers.


In this way, rice powder has been one of the makeup secrets of Asian women for 2,000 years to have perfect and smooth skin.


Besides, of course, a genetic question.


And, rice powder can do a lot for the skin.


If someone asks you “Is rice a Korean skincare product?“, say yes!


Because indeed, it is one of the best and most natural.


Is rice powder the same as rice flour?



Scrub with brown rice powder

Yes, they are different products.


Especially when it comes to the uses you can give them. Rice flour is for cooking only.


However, powdered rice serves as a skincare product.


Also, rice powder is thicker than rice flour.


On the other hand, the powder does not dissolve well in water like flour.


Do not confuse what you will use for your skincare.


Is rice powder good for the skin?



Face & body oil extracted from rice

Yes, it is! Although rice powder has many benefits, one of its leading functions is to seal in makeup.


In addition, rice water is used many times to wash the face. It has the function of hydrating and controlling the secretion of fat.


However, we present some of its other benefits so that from today you start considering its use in your skincare routine.


  • The rice powder prevents it from moving and lengthens the result for much longer.


  • In addition to that, they clean the skin, reducing excess oil, thanks to the fact that they are absorbent. They are especially suitable for oily and acne-prone skin, but they do not dry out the skin. They mattify it, removing shine, and smooth pores and expression lines, giving the skin a smoother, more unified, and plump appearance.


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  • Did you know that rice powder also soothes the skin? That’s how it is. They maintain hydration, protect from external factors with their antioxidant power and illuminate naturally. They are much gentler on the skin, so they do not irritate. In addition, being powder and compact, we can carry them wherever we want, in the bag or on the go. Yes, just like any other beauty product.


  • The rice powder, being granulated, can exfoliate the skin. Therefore, it is also a good exfoliator. It can leave it soft and smooth to the touch.


  • Rice powder also has anti-aging properties. It delays the signs of aging and prolongs a younger appearance.


  • If you suffer from facial inflammation, use rice powder. Why? Because it helps to relieve sunburn.



  • In addition, rice powder can keep the skin firm because it also delays sagging, not just wrinkles.


  • You can use rice powder as a skin or even a makeup product. In ancient times, geishas wore a white makeup base that had rice powder as the main ingredient. Therefore, women can use rice powder as a translucent powder. Its absorbent nature makes that possible.


  • But rice powder isn’t just good for your face. It helps the skin in general. Therefore, it is also great for controlling underarm sweating and also for lightening them.


Do Koreans use rice for skin?



Eyepatch enriched with rice

Yes. Just as rice powder is good for the skin, so is water. For that reason, Koreans not only use rice powder as a skincare product.


They also use rice water to wash their faces. If you are a connoisseur and lover of Korean beauty and its skincare routine, you will know that rice is one of the most popular ingredients in its skincare products.


Today, there are still many girls who use rice water to wash their faces.


They use it also to apply it as a type of mask for around 20 minutes, once or twice a week. Although the change is not so drastic, it can help you hide sun spots or pimples.


How to prepare homemade rice powder?



Finishing powder enriched with rice powder

Is rice powder a Korean skincare product? As you can see in its benefits, rice powder will help you soothe irritations, help you fight acne, give a matte appearance to your skin, exfoliate it, calm chafing and rashes.


In addition, rice powder is rich in Vitamin B and has 10% phytic acid. That allows dead cells to shed and prevents the enzyme that forms melanin from being activated.


But don’t worry if you don’t know how to get rice powder, because actually, you can make your rice powder at home. It is super easy and very effective when applying it. Just choose one of these options, and you will have your rice powder in a matter of minutes:


Option 1: Blend two tablespoons of rice in a blender, then place the powder in a clean bowl until very fine. Then, place it in a container and apply it with a cotton brush all over your face.


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Do-Koreans-use-rice-for-skin-(Subtitulo)Option 2: Another way to do it is to wrap a little rice in a clean handkerchief, make a ball and then tie it. After that, you soak it in water for a few minutes and rub it all over the face or skin area that you want to treat. After 10 minutes of resting, you rinse off, and you will see that you will look like baby skin.


Option 3: But an even easier way is that when you prepare the rice at home when you wash it, let the liquid rest where it has been. In that way, rice will accumulate underneath, it will settle. Later, you can remove the water and use the powder. However, remember that you can also take advantage of rice water. Clean your face with it, and it will not only be very soft. Also, it will be clean.


Is rice powder a Korean skincare product? Thanks to its many benefits, Korean rice is an ancient ingredient. In Korea, it is used as a beauty product for many years ago. Rice powder doesn’t just help soften the skin. It has many other benefits that will help you keep your face healthy and beautiful. If you still don’t use rice powder in your skincare routine, we recommend doing it now. Especially if you have oily skin. However, if you have already had the opportunity to use it, tell us in the comments about your experience. Also, remember to visit us every day. Korean Fashion Trends is the place where you can enjoy everything about Korean and beauty fashion. See you soon!


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