What is the influence of idols in Korean fashion?

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Several years after the Korean pop phenomenon got globalized, with bands like BTS or BLACKPINK, it has influenced the fashion industry exponentially. These groups and many others have been named global ambassadors of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Yes, K-Pop idols indeed captivate everyone thanks to their incredible productions, complex choreography, and singing or rapping talents. However, they also manage to be the center of attention thanks to their unique couture outfits. Therefore, in addition to captivating millions of people, they have also made the most famous fashion houses in the fashion industry feel interested in them. So what is the influence of idols in Korean fashion? The answer seems almost obvious, but if you’re not sure about it, stay with us and keep reading!


What influences Korean fashion?


Many factors have been able to influence Korean fashion. From political and social factors, such as the presence of celebrities. The influence of idols in Korean fashion is a stunning topic that we should not ignore. Why? Because, just like we said at the beginning, with the globalization of K-Pop, South Korea is a focus of attention now to the point where it can be seen as an aspirational lifestyle. K-Pop groups like Big Bang, Girls Generation, 2ne1, Super Junior, and now BTS, BLACKPINK, and EXO are some of the many that have put not only the name of K-Pop high. They have also elevated and given more recognition to K-Fashion.


Therefore, the influence of idols in Korean fashion is quite extensive. With each new comeback, they change their styles to suit their concepts. That always generates trends in Korean fashion to a lesser or greater extent. In addition, the style of each of the artists, even offstage, is incredible and haute couture. Even in Korean fashion, there is the airport-style, thanks to them. As you can see, the influence of these celebrities on Korean fashion knows no bounds.


Why is fashion so important in Korea?


Fashion is important in Korea not only because there are many beauty standards that many must follow if they want to stand out in their jobs or life in general. Fashion is significant in Korea because it represents a precious identity for them. What has drawn global attention to K-Fashion is the fashion sense of Korean youth in particular. In addition, Korean fashion has a contemporary style that takes inspiration from street style and urban fashion. Thanks to all that, Seoul is one of the emerging fashion capitals. Because it is a country formed only in 1953, and in which there are no 100-year marks, there is no legacy, and therefore, there is a blank page in the creative sense that they are still writing, and in the meantime, it becomes an identity for them. That’s why young designers lead the Korean fashion industry. They create trends in a country fueled by youth and rich in pop culture.


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Why is fashion so important in K-Pop?


Thanks to the influence of idols in Korean fashion, fashion is important in K-Pop, as through the music genre, K-Fashion trends reach a global exponential level that is impossible to ignore. Why? Because the consensus is that Korean fashion began to emerge as a phenomenon in the wake of the global dominance of K-Pop. It was a natural consequence of the fascination that fans feel for the artists’ looks and their outfits in their day-to-day lives. Artists and celebrities have always been trendsetters. The unprecedented success of the K-Pop industry has meant global exposure and a boost for its designers and local fashion houses. The immense popularity of these artists (added to their ability to understand fashion and wear any outfit) makes them valuable allies for national and international brands.


Which K-Pop Idol is the most fashionable?


When we talk about the influence of idols in Korean fashion, we can’t ignore those groups or soloists that have had a strong impact on K-Fashion. This time we will mention the two K-Pop groups that are part of the new generation and have a lot of influence on Korean fashion, although older groups and idols have managed to stand out in Korean and international fashion, such as Big Bang’s G-Dragon, former group 2ne1’s CL, and former Girls’ Generation member Tiffany.


1. BTS


The boys of BTS were not only named by Forbes in 2018 as the most influential celebrities in South Korea. But also in 2019, as one of the most influential people by TIME magazine 100. Western media rank BTS as the biggest boy band in the world thanks to their success in music charts and popularity in numerous countries. That is why FILA and the French fashion house Louis Vuitton did not hesitate to turn these seven guys into the brand’s global ambassadors.




BLACKPINK is one of the most influential groups in the Korean pop industry. It is also one of the groups with the largest number of embassies in this medium. Starting with Jennie Kim, who in October 2018 was appointed global ambassador for the French house Chanel. Kim Jisoo, on the other hand, was named the image of Dior Beauty in South Korea for the first time. However, she would become Dior’s global ambassador after. Also, Rosé Park was recognized as a global ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. She thus became its first global ambassador in 59 years. Shortly after, Tiffany & Co. names her a global ambassador. And finally, Lisa Manoban is not only the celebrity with the most followers on Instagram in South Korea and Thailand, but she is also the official face of MAC, BVLGARI, and a global ambassador for Celine.


What is the influence of idols in Korean fashion? The influence of idols in K-Fashion is so important that their global presence helps Korean fashion trends gain popularity around the world. Because of that, idols and K-Pop get a lot of credit and recognition when it comes to the fame of Korean fashion. Many people admire them not only for their talents but also for their styles. Because of that, their influence on Korean fashion knows no bounds. See you in the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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