Ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner


 Ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner. With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s natural to look for outfit ideas in advance. We all want to look perfect at Christmas dinner. For this reason, Christmas Eve dinner is an occasion that we can take advantage of to wear the best of Korean fashion and what better way to do it than to wear outfits inspired by the styles of K-Pop idols. If you are a K-Pop fan and have a lot of idols that you admire, then you are one of those people who want to wear similar styles to theirs at Christmas. Because of that, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about the ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner. Are you ready? Stay with us and discover the best outfit ideas for this Christmas according to Korean fashion!


9 Christmas outfit ideas inspired by K-Pop Idols


Christmas is one of the most anticipated dates for hundreds of people. In addition to being family parties full of love and happiness, they are also ideal for getting the warmest and funniest clothes out of your wardrobe. In that way, you can surprise your family and friends. All of us who love Korean fashion know that K-Pop idols are a great source of inspiration. They are always well dressed in the latest trends! They also wear fascinating clothes that all fans of Korean culture fall in love with and Hallyu wave. Because of that, here are some fun, warm, and especially easy-to-recreate ideas of some outfits from K-Pop idols like the girls from BLACKPINK, TWICE, MAMAMOO, and Red Velvet. These proposals will make you get your special shine during the holidays! So pay attention to the ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner and get inspired by your favorite idols for your looks.


Red and white are essential colors


Two colors that cannot be absent at Christmas parties are red and white. There is a Christmas outfit for Yeri from Red Velvet where she wears these colors. She wears a white and red dress and a red beret. The idol combined these two shades with elegant, feminine garments and bright accessories that reflected her love for these warm dates. Therefore, it could not be missing among the ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner.


A warm and feminine style


Nayeon can be your inspiration to achieve a perfect and uncomplicated look. The idol combined a gray skirt with a high neck sweater and a blazer, but the key to this outfit is in accessories such as a beautiful beret. Like Yeri, Nayeon wears a beret to perfect her style. As you can see, this garment is not only French! And that is why it stands out among the ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner. For footwear, you can wear boots. Also, you can add socks or tights that protect you from the cold.


Homestyle outfit


If you are a person who loves comfort and sweaters, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is your inspiration for this Christmas. On one occasion, the idol created a look with a warm garment. That is an oversized sweater. She mixes it with jeans and comfortable shoes to shine throughout dinner. The sweater can be with Christmas motifs or not. It all depends on your tastes! However, you can add accessories to perfect the outfit.


Comfortable and stylish


But Nayeon is not the only TWICE girl from whom we can draw inspiration for the ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner. Dahyun also wears a look that could help you find your ideal style on Christmas Eve! The TWICE rapper chose a long skirt that she paired with a button-down sweater. The colors can change according to your tastes and what you have in your closet, so don’t worry if you get the clothes in different shades. Also, if they are in bright tones it is perfect for these dates. And if you don’t know how to wear bright colors in winter, find out how to do it by clicking here.


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Sweaters everywhere


Whether they are diamond sweaters, oversized, ugly sweaters, or Christmas prints, they are garments that cannot be missing in your closet! And MAMAMOO member Whein knows that very well. Also, she has a casual style. If your personality suits her looks well, then you can take the K-Pop singer as your role model this Christmas. Wear a diamond sweater of your choice with shorts. They will be your best friends during dinner on December 24th. In that way, you wear your legs bare, but you look warm with a garment on top.


Combine the casual with the elegant


A fun and youthful outfit is one that TWICE’s Sana wore. The idol wore a skirt, a red sweater, and a ruffled blouse. Did you know that garments give a more feminine and sweet style? Yes! You can recreate the same outfit. Or you can give it a more formal twist with high boots or heels. If you wear the clothes and accessories of the typical colors of Christmas, it will be a plus of perfection.


Carefree style


There is an infallible alternative for you if you don’t want to complicate yourself. You can be inspired by Momo from Twice or Rosé from BLACKPINK. You only have to choose a pair of pants, either dress or jeans. Combine this garment with a high-neck sweater or a warm blouse. Do not forget to pay attention to your hairstyle, makeup and add accessories to make you look great. 


Dresses are also an excellent option


If you want to wear a dress but are still hesitating due to the low temperatures, TWICE member Dahyun has a good idea for you! How about combining an elegant white shirt with a dress? You will cover your arms from the cold while wearing a long dress with combat boots. However, you don’t necessarily have to add a button-down blouse. It can also be a turtleneck sweater. Everything will depend on the style of the dress and your tastes. Do you see? It is even possible to wear dresses during this time! Therefore, we could not fail to mention it among the ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner.


Outfits with cardigans and pullovers


But sweaters aren’t the only thing that can help you beat the cold during Christmas dinner. If you don’t want a sweater, you can choose to wear a cardigan or a pullover. In addition to being excellent garments, they are warm, and you can adjust them to a casual or sophisticated style. Combine them with a dress or with jeans and a long white shirt. Depending on your choice! Add sneakers or heels, as well as some accessories of your choice, and voila, you will have a perfect outfit for Christmas Eve.


These ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner are perfect to look amazing on Christmas Eve! Try to have some basic clothes and add others to perfect them. Depending on whether you want a casual or sophisticated style, select the clothes of your choice and attract everyone’s attention during the Christmas dinner. What do you think about this blog? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to visit this blog every day if you don’t want to miss out on the latest Korean trends.


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