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Achieving stunning images of idols may be a bit difficult. But that does not stop some from trying and many from succeeding. Many talented people have taken inspiration from idols, K-Pop music videos, or even their albums to create beautiful makeup looks. Thanks to them and the result of the quarantine produced by Covid-19, idol-inspired makeup is a trend among many K-pop fans. It is when we can notice that idols have recently been the center of makeup for many. If you want to join this trend and wear idol-inspired makeup, keep reading! With these ideas, you can achieve your dream K-pop makeup.


What do you need to make up like your favorite idol?


The main thing to achieve idol-inspired makeup is to look for the photos where your makeup stands out. That way, you can see all the details. Also, you will get your makeup so similar to that of the idol. However, to recreate that makeup, there are some essential products that you need to have. Find out what they are:




K-pop idols sport glass skin smooth as porcelain. To achieve the same effects, prepare your skin with a wet primer, then apply a foundation with pads (do not use a brush!) all over the face, and apply the concealer only on the parts that need coverage.




K-pop idols don’t like to sculpt their faces as Westerners do. Their makeup artists put a pastel blush lightly on their cheeks, and voila. They don’t need more. Usually, it is a Korean makeup trend.




Straight, flawless eyebrows are a favorite among idols. Use pencils to get a soft and youthful kilay that is also eye-catching.




Eye makeup is the focal point of the idols’ appearance. They wear colored or glitter eyeshadows on the lids. They extend the eyeliner to elongate the shape of their eyes and put on false eyelashes to accentuate their look.




K-pop idols used to make up their lips with Korean makeup trends. They have a style that goes from fuzzy lips to glossy ones, which creates a youthful effect.


10 idol-inspired makeup ideas


Baekhyun – EXO

Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

Can we talk about male makeup without talking about Baekhyun?


I do not believe it. He has shown us that he can go from sweet to wild in the blink of an eye simply by intensifying or softening his eyeshadow.


We’ve seen him wearing everything from black eyeshadow and eyeliner for “Monster” to a glittery look for “Blooming Day” and everything in between.


When it comes to idol-inspired makeup, Baekhyun is undoubtedly one of the main sources of inspiration.




Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

The fashion style of this famous K-pop star is indisputable. In addition to attending major foreign fashion shows, Jennie is also the ambassador for Chanel Korea.


Following her makeup style is as easy and fun as following a beauty guide. She is a girl who always looks fresh and natural.


Usually, she wears nude-colored eyeliner and lipstick.


Her makeup style is not very aggressive. However, she catches the attention of everyone due to her simplicity.


Taeyong – NCT

Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

Taeyong is a chameleon in his clothing and hairstyles.


But also when it comes to makeup.


He changes his appearance with ease every time there is a comeback to suit the new concept.


He loves to try new looks and is not afraid to take things a little further, which is why we’ve seen him with everything from pale lips to cherry blossoms and from smoky brown eyes to metallic reds, bright pink, or deep gold.




Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

Red Velvet debuted in 2014. But in 2015, they welcomed Yeri as a new member.


Her style of clothing always compliments her makeup look. When she wore pink hair, she inspired many to wear the same style.


If you like pink, you should try this look not only on hair but also on makeup.


She uses peach-pink blush and eyeshadow. Then you can put some glitter on the lids and under the eyes. You will get very chic and girly makeup.


Jimin – BTS

Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

He likes to play with the intensity of colors in his eyeshadow.


But sometimes, he goes for a deeper look using shades of dark brown or black, while other times he prefers earthy tones to brighten and frame his eyes.


His heart-shaped lips are usually on the pink side, which is a perfect match for the darker shades of his eyes, making his makeup as multifaceted as he is.




Shuhua ((G)-IDLE)


Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

G- IDLE is a K-pop girl group that has been stealing the spotlight since its debut.


Fans always love the youngest member of the group, and the youngest in (G)-IDLE is Shuhua.


Her makeup looks in Lion’s video are very powerful. It is a makeup look that you must try.


You can pair wet brick lipstick, dark eyeshadow, and fine eyeliner to achieve that makeup look.


BamBam – GOT7

Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

Red/pink /orange eyeshadow and flushed lips are to BamBam what honey is to bees.


Is there anyone else out there who can pull off these colors as well as he can?


A good combination of flushed tones mixed with fair skin and light smoky eyes has made BamBam an enviable makeup material.







Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

The disbandment of Wonder Girls doesn’t stop Sunmi from shining. Her solo career is on the rise. As for eyeshadow lovers, we are obsessed with the full-color eyeshadow she is used to wearing in her videos and presentations.


Sunmi is one of the idols who are not worried about daring more in makeup.


You can steal glances just like her by combining bright colors like purple, orange, green, pink, and blue with fine, crisp eyeliner.


Sunmi is a star who, in addition to gifting us with her catchy songs, also encourages us to achieve idol-inspired makeup.


Hyojong (E’Dawn)

Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

Hyojong is probably one of the most absorbing and particular styles that we have seen in an idol in recent years.


He gets involved when he expresses himself through makeup and enjoys every minute of it.


The blush king has found a way to combine his style and voice with the “hangover look”, which he achieves to perfection.


Thanks to that, Hyojong is one of the favorites to pull off some good idol-inspired makeup.


Yeji – ITZY


Korean Fashion Trends - Idol inspired makeup - kpop

Yeji certainly knows how to bring out his pretty features. She usually doesn’t go overboard when it comes to makeup. Her style has hints of glitter, color, or eye shadow stickers that elevate his look. The protagonist in this makeup is the eyeliner. Thanks to that, she manages to highlight this attractive style. If you know this idol well, you will know that her eyes are her main charm. With cat eyeliner, you will be close to achieving her style.


Both men and women can try to recreate the makeup of their favorite idols thanks to the trends in idol-inspired makeup. It is a creative trend and also very artistic. K-pop stars have inspired our clothing style, but also our makeup looks. You can join this trend with ease. In addition, you will enjoy the moment and afterward also the results. Do you already know from which idol you want to be inspired to do your makeup? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to visit us every day to discover more about K-fashion and K-beauty trends.


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