How to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to wear the varsity style according to Korean fashion?

How to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion? So far at Korean Fashion Trends, we have come a long way. And we got to know different styles and different ways to style them in Korean fashion. However, we haven’t talked about the varsity style. Well, the varsity style is becoming more popular. And it’s especially loved by young people who enjoy to mix comfort with chic elements. But, How to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion? Stay at Korean Fashion Trends. Because today, we will review the varsity style. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.


What Is the Varsity Style in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Doyoung NCT 127 But, fully delving into How to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion, let’s start by defining its characterictics. The varsity style is also known as the ‘college’ or the ‘university’ style. And it is among the indigenous fashions that come back around every year.


Varsity style clothes are very reminiscent of the character costumes from our favorite teen series and movies. As a result, baseball bomber jackets, cardigans with patches, and knitted vests with collars are all back in style. Furthermore, the ”preppy” style gained momentum as we delve back into nostalgic elements.


But, the varsity style is a safe classic. So, combine your favorite sweater with a pleated skirt. And pair with loafers and knee-high socks to do varsity style justice. Don’t know where to buy Korean varsity-style clothes? Click here!


Is the Varsity Style Popular in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Minhyuk MONSTA XYes, the varsity style is popular in Korea! Which is why the KFT team decided to take a look at How to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion. If you take a close look at the style of many of your favorite Korean celebrities, you will find that on more than one occasion, they have rocked a total varsity outfit successfully.


Especially now that the Y2K aesthetic is on the rise, varsity-style clothing also takes center stage. And it is common in Korea to see students rock the varsity style. Because, the varsity style is comfortable, chic, and youthful. And takes us back to the 00’s. Don’t know how to start wearing the varsity style? Buy your clothes and accessories here.


You can Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion without breaking the bank now. Simply click here to find a whole catalog of offers and discounts on Korean fashion and beauty. Whether it’s varsity or another popular style, you’ll find everything you need to achieve the Korean-style look you want here. What are you waiting for? Shop now!


What Are the Essential Elements of the Korean Varsity Style?


If you want to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion, you have to know some of the basic clothes you need to join this style. So, let’s take a look:




Korean Fashion Trends - ASTRO Eunwoo Korean actorThe star of the Varsity Style is the varsity jacket. If you want to wear the varsity style in Korean fashion, this jacket is a must-have.


Also, it is ideal for cold days, and adds a characteristic university touch to your varsity look. 


Varsity jackets can be combined in a variety of ways. 


If you still don’t have a varsity jacket, Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Wonder Girls Sunmi in a cardiganCardigans are not only a garment that stand out in Korean fashion.


It also has a significant presence in the varsity style. So, if you intend to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion, you need a cardigan in your closet.


It can be the color of your choice. But, we recommend you to opt for neutral colors.


You can buy your Korean-style cardigan to achieve the varsity style here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Asymmetrical skirtsAsymmetrical skirts are the biggest stars in the Y2K style. And the varsity style is no exception.


So cop a pair and combine it in your Korean-style varsity outfit now.


And if you still don’t have a pleated skirt, you can buy it by clicking here.


Achieve the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion with just one click!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean shoes for your outfitSneakers, Chunky shoes, and combat boots are the most used footwear in Korean fashion.


However, Converse also has a significant presence.


And, converse stands out a lot in the Korean varsity style.


Add the converse of your choice to your footwear repertoire to rock the varsity style effortlessly.






Korean Fashion Trends - Korean singer Somi

If you are a fashion lover, you know that socks are a big part of the outfit.


So, it is no shock to see that this trend has reached to Korea. So, make sure to show off your socks to complete Varsity Style in Korean Fashion.


Shop here


How to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion?


Now is the time to remember the essential elements we have mentioned so far! And transfer them to create ideal combinations that will allow you to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion. So, we will unveil 3 Korean varsity-style looks you can recreate easily. Let’s take a look:




Korean Fashion Trends - wear the varsity style in an outfitThe first look to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion includes a varsity jacket.


You can combine this jacket with whatever you want, but for this particular option, combine it with a high-waisted denim skirt and a yellow crop top.


Pair with white sneakers or converse. And don’t forget to show your socks.


Also, you can add a fabric tote bag if you want. Do you need to buy clothes to achieve this look? Click here.




Korean Fashion Trends - wear the varsity style in an outfitLet’s continue with our second option to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion. This time, combine your varsity jacket with a pleated or tennis skirt.


And pair with white tennis shoes to complete the look.


Shop here to achieve this outfit easily.





Korean Fashion Trends - wear the varsity style in an outfit



For the third look, all you need is high-waisted jeans and wide boots to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion.


Combine your jeans with a white strappy top. And on top, throw a varsity jacket in blue.


Do not forget the sneakers and accessories. For example, you can opt for a bucket hat.


Buy everything you need here to achieve this outfit!


How to Wear the Varsity Style in Korean Fashion? The varsity style is a classic that never goes out of style. And it’s comfortable and chic with a nostalgic touch. It is also an ideal style if you like the Y2k aesthetic. Do you like the varsity style? Tell us in the comments. Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? If not, remember that you still have time to do it. Because in this way, you can receive notifications of each of our updates. Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch to enjoy more of our content. Don’t miss it! See you in the next blog of your favorite website!


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