How to wear a Korean preppy style?

korean fashion trends - How to wear a Korean preppy style?

The preppy look has been present in recent years in different media: television series or music videos. However, it is a specific trendy look. The preppy style is one of the types of fashion for young people that moves away from the traditional model and seeks to reinvent school uniforms. The name of this style comes from the young people of the American upper class who, before entering the most prestigious universities in the country, must attend some previous courses called preparatory courses. Preppy fashion is daring and fun, but without losing elegance. Pastel colors, checkered patterns, and embroidery abound in this style. But how to wear a Korean preppy style? If you want to know how to do it, stay on Korean Fashion Trends! Because today we will talk about this fashion that many Korean celebrities also wear with great success.


What is the Korean preppy style?


korean fashion trends - What is the Korean preppy style?How to wear a Korean preppy style? Before discovering it, it is necessary to know what a preppy style is. The preppy look originates in the way of dressing of the elite students (or private schools) of American high schools. In these institutions, uniforms are normally worn.


Preppy fashion takes inspiration from those uniforms. Although it had its greatest boom in the late 70s and early 80s, it is currently very fashionable. It is a fairly classic style, neat, and above all, comfortable, thanks to its sporty touches. Its spirit is the elegance of dressing comfortably.


But the preppy style denotes belonging to a distinguished social class that cares about good looks. Preppy is neat and conservative. Many preppy designs take inspiration from nautical, so sailor stripes, pastel colors, and lime green are exponents of the style, in addition to the classic white, yellow and pink. Jeans in neutral tones, light shirts, argyle sweaters, vests, rugby shirts, shirt dresses, and lace-up shoes also stand out. Those are some of the typical preppy pieces.


Steps to get a Korean preppy style


korean fashion trends - 6 steps to get a Korean preppy style - korean womanHow to wear a Korean preppy style? You need to consider and follow these steps if you want to adopt this style. That way, you can get a preppy look more easily.


  1. If you are a man, the Korean preppy style is also for you! A usual attire of a man assiduous to this look is a sweater tied to the shoulders, a pastel shirt, shorts, eternal moccasins, and sunglasses. It is also common to add fashion accessories such as handkerchiefs or scarves from British schools to the outfit.
  2. If you are a woman, the Korean preppy style will suit you as a “good girl” look, which can be very classic and, at the same time, chic. Thus, for fans of this fashion, a buttoned schoolgirl skirt with a white shirt and fitted blazer goes very well. On the feet, dancers, although you could also incorporate heels or slippers. Another option can be a sailor shirt, with a jacket, beige pants, nautical type, and round-toe shoes.
  3. Completely avoid plunging necklines and ripped or rocker-style clothing.
  4. You must eliminate the list of dark colors because the gothic or dark style has nothing to do with the preppy. Better choose pastel colors or neutral and classic colors.
  5. Bet on clear looks that make you stand out since, in this way, you will gradually incorporate that style into your wardrobe.


5 clothes you need to achieve a Korean preppy style


If you consider that you still don’t have the basic clothes to achieve a Korean preppy style, we recommend adding these to be able to adopt a Korean preppy look without problems!




korean fashion trends - korean woman - 1. POLO SHIRTS AND CARDIGANSDo not wear polo shirts that are too long or too tight. Don’t use them in patterns or weird colors.


Stick with the basic colors. The cardigan is the protagonist of this style.




The blazers are very popular with this style. If you want a Korean preppy style, you must find the perfect jacket for you.


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korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing tiesIt doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy. Ties are a preppy accessory. Prepare yourself with those tie knots and find the ideal one for you.




The skirts of this style are short and Scottish type. Some are pleated, and others that are not. Use the one that best suits your preferences.




Even better for the preppy look is classic pants. For that reason, you should avoid ripped jeans.


3 looks that you can recreate if you want a Korean preppy style


Once you know the steps you must follow in your search for the Korean preppy style (as well as the clothes you need the most), it is time to discover those outfits you can recreate if you like this style. Let’s get started!




korean fashion trends - korean man - classic wide-leg jeans, pulloverThis first option among the Korean preppy style looks is perhaps our favorite.


To achieve this, you need classic wide-leg jeans.


You can combine these jeans with an oversize white shirt that you will wear inside your pants.


On top, you will add an oversize cardigan too.


Finally, wear classic black ankle boots and add a beret as an accessory. You can also carry a crossbody bag if you want.




korean fashion trends - korean womanThe second Korean preppy style look is a little simpler but very girly.


Wear an oversized navy blue shirt.


Try to make the shirt so loose that you can wear it as a dress without any problem.


On top of the shirt, you can wear an oversize cardigan.


Accompanied with a clutch bag and white tennis shoes.




korean fashion trends - kyungri nine muses - preppy lookWe end this list of Korean preppy style looks with a slightly more everyday combination that never goes out of style.


Wear a pleated plaid skirt with a white long-sleeved shirt.


Lastly, add a cardigan or cream-colored knitted pullover.


Accompany with brown loafers or white sneakers.


How to wear a Korean preppy style? Too easy! You need collegiate-style clothes in neutral and pastel colors, and that’s it. You will also need non-platform shoes. The important thing in this style is to stay within the limits of classic and chic. That way, it doesn’t take much to achieve the Korean preppy style. What do you think of this style? Tell us in the comments. See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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