How to Layer in Korean Fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to layer clothes according to Korean fashion?

How to Layer in Korean Fashion? Layering is a popular technique, especially in Korean fashion. We have mentioned it many times in our style guides. However, until now, we have never talked about this particular technique. What is layering, and how to layer? Layering or overlapping garments is a way of dressing you can do anytime of the year. And it encompasses mixing formal and more relaxed pieces. But, How to Layer in Korean Fashion? It is actually simple! And, today at Korean Fashion Trends, we will show you how. So, keep reading!


What Is Layering?


Korean Fashion Trends - layering clothes in Korean Fashion 2023It is essential to define layering before diving intoHow to Layer in Korean Fashion. Layering means mixing different colored clothes, fabrics, and cuts together to achieve a cool flair.


However, in practice, layering is about playing with the pieces so that the outfits break the conventionality and become extraordinary. If it is cold, it is useful to layer warm clothes. When temperatures are high, coats should be discarded. Instead, you can superimpose cool vests and prioritize textiles that meet the purpose of the layering.


The idea is that the layering look shows different perspectives and is creative. In addition, layering all types of clothing is possible. You can even layer footwear! For example you can layer thick and high stockings with sandals or heels.

Is Layering In-Trend In Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing Korean Fashion 2023 If you want to dive into How to Layer in Korean Fashion, you should know that  layering is still a trend in Korea. And won’t go out of style anytime soon. And, you too can try this trend out easily.


Also, thanks to its popularity and fearlessness, this trend is even seen on catwalks. So, we not only see this trend in the fashion industry and advertising campaigns, but also on the streets.


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6 Tips on How to Layer in Korean Fashion 


Korean Fashion Trends - tips to achieve layering in Korean FashionHow to Layer in Korean Fashion? If you wear this trend, ensure that the base piece stands out, whether on your wrists, neck, or neckline. To avoid creating a voluminous effect, choose fitted clothing and accessorize with belts. However, here are some recommendations on How to Layer in Korean Fashion! Let’s take a look:


  1. Mix it up and try out different textures for your daily looks.
  2. Don’t go overboard with the number of pieces. Even if you want to achieve a layered look, you should not go too overboard. So, we recommend a maximum of three garments.
  3. You must harmonize the colors. And consider accessories.
  4. Wear garments that vary in length for the perfect layered look. That way, the garments can stand out separately.
  5. The order of the garments should be from light to thick. For example: a flannel, a thicker shirt, and a cardigan on top.
  6. To prevent body disproportion, aim to balance it by following this rule: if you’re layering on top, opt for tight-fitting clothing at the bottom, and vice versa.


6 Ways to Layer Inspired by Korean Fashion


Before diving into the 6 ways to Layer in Korean Fashion, you must remember that you need some essentials to layer right. So, you will need sweaters, blazers, jeans, as well as more basic garments in your closet. Dresses are perhaps the most used item in layering, especially in Korean fashion. Therefore, it is normal to see an oversize dress over a T-shirt or a white shirt. But, here are six ways to wear this trend:




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing layered dressHow to Layer in Korean Fashion? Layering is not putting a flowy dress on top of another.


It is rather appealing to layer tulle dresses over more opaque fabric.


They may be the same length or perhaps shorter; the idea is for the solid tone to be visible under the translucent dress.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing layered dress with pantsDresses with pants are also another good option to Layer in Korean Fashion.


Take advantage of long dresses with openings on the sides or shirts to pair with pants. Make sure to reduce the width by putting on a belt.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing vest dress with dressAnother stunning combination to Layer in Korean Fashion is a vest on top of a dress.


Shirt-style dresses look great with linen vests.


And this is a look that combines the romantic and casual! Also, it is suitable for everyday wear. You can also add a jean jacket on top for an extra touch!


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing transparencies and shirtTransparencies and shirts are also ideal to Layer in Korean Fashion.


Semi-sheer fabrics are appropriate for a layered look, especially in summer.


Bodysuits or leggings with a tulle shirt on top are an alternative, which looks striking with both skirts and pants.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a skirt with pantsFor a more daring outfit to Layer in Korean Fashion, dare to wear pants with an overlaid miniskirt.


You could use extra long shirts with striking prints on top, and move away from  monotonous looks.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean person wearing shirt with sweater - How to layer clothesAnd finally, shirts and sweaters are also ideal options to Layer in Korean Fashion! A wide T-shirt on top of a tight top, and a sweater over it is a good idea.


It is also feasible to wear a shirt and layer it with a sweater. And, you can pair this look with jeans. Since, they fit almost every combination. Click here to shop.


How to Layer in Korean Fashion? There are many ways to do it. However, the most important thing you should know is that this trend is ideal not only for cold days. It’s also a great for warmer days! Do you like layering? What do you think about this trend? Tell us in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of all our updates. Also, don’t forget that you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, X, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitch! See you in the next blog!


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