Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows?

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows?

Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows? The way we do makeup in the West is very different from what they do in Asia. If you like Korean fashion and beauty, you will know that Koreans have a particular way of caring for and beautifying their skin. They give more importance to skincare than to makeup, and makeup is usually natural, youthful, and light. For that reason, the eyebrows have another type of design. Korean eyebrows have been in trend for years. But have become more relevant in recent years with the trend of straight eyebrows, foxy eyes, and, of course, the increasing globalization of Korean culture. Korean eyebrows are the most common way Korean girls make up their eyebrows, and the reasons are many. This style of eyebrows can enlarge the eyes. It is a design that adapts well when you don’t have bushy eyebrows, and they look very natural. If you like this type of eyebrows, stay to know the Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean style eyebrows? That way, you will achieve the eyebrows you want so much. Let’s get started!


How are Korean eyebrows?


Korean Fashion Trends - How are Korean eyebrows?Let’s start with these Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows and explaining what Korean eyebrows look like. Many people are not very clear or don’t recognize what this style of eyebrows is like. Don’t worry if you’re one of those people. Today, we tell you! Korean eyebrows are straight and slightly marked to maintain a natural look. In the West, women tend to favor a bold, arched brow. But in Korea, a softer and straighter eyebrow is the best, and that’s why it’s the trend. Also, as Korean makeup trends have a natural and youthful appearance, straight eyebrows can be more associated with a childish face. They are youthful in appearance, unlike arched and marked eyebrows that are more sensual or captivating.


This design is also the closest to the natural shape of Korean women’s eyebrows. It also influences that they are the favorite style of eyebrows of Koreans. However, there are straight eyebrows that are not necessarily Korean-style. Korean eyebrows are a type of straight eyebrows, but it is not the only straight eyebrow design out there. The peculiarity of the Korean style is that they are less marked and lighter than conventional straight eyebrows. If you want to achieve this type of eyebrows, it is best to pluck the arch of your eyebrows so that it is straight. It is not good to force the natural design of the eyebrow, so there are ways to achieve it with makeup.


How to do a straight Korean-style eyebrow?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to do a straight Korean-style eyebrow?To continue with these Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows, we explain how to make straight eyebrows in just a few steps. Remember that Korean eyebrows are straight, semi-populated, and without pronounced arches. These eyebrows provide a youthful and natural look to those who wear them. Here we tell you what materials you need and how to achieve them.


a) The materials you will need to achieve straight Korean style eyebrows include an eyebrow brush or comb, shaving cream or hair conditioner, razor or eyebrow knife, or tweezers. You will also need an angled brow brush, eyeshadow brush, dark brow pencil, brow mascara one color lighter than your brows, and eyeshadow in your hair color.


b) Procedure:


  1. First, you have to analyze how your eyebrow is and what area you need to wax.
  2. You have to locate the birth of the eyebrows. It is in the middle of the tear duct and the beginning of the nose.
  3. And to locate the end of your eyebrow, draw an imaginary line from the end of your eye. You can draw the lines with a shadow to guide you.
  4. Draw a line with the shadow at the bottom of your eyebrow. If you made the guidelines, you have to connect them.
  5. You can put shaving cream on the area below the line and gently razor or remove the hairs with tweezers. Clean the remains of the cream.
  6. Fill in the rest of the eyebrows, marking the upper limit with the softest brush.
  7. Put cream on the top and between the eyebrows if you have hair in those areas. You have to razor or use tweezers and clean with a damp cloth.
  8. Fill in the remaining spaces with shadow.
  9. Refine the stroke with the brow pencil and comb and blend with the brush-up and back.
  10. Place the brow mascara in the center of your brow and comb through to even out the shade. Also, you can use the beveled brush for this. And voilá! You already have your Korean-style eyebrows.


5 tips to take care of your eyebrows


When we talk about Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean style eyebrows, it is also necessary to review some tips to take care of our eyebrows, whether they are Korean style or not. You should consider these recommendations if you want to have beautiful and healthy eyebrows.




Korean Fashion Trends - NEVER COMPLETELY PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWSA common mistake is to pluck or remove the eyebrows.


It can be dangerous. In addition to the fact that it is not aesthetic.


First of all, remember that eyebrows are an element that our body needs, so their main function is to protect our eyes.


You should not delete them.


Second, replacing them with some markers does not look good at all. Think not only about your image but also about your health.


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Korean Fashion Trends - BE CAREFUL WITH SOME BEAUTY PRODUCTSMany people apply beauty products that are often harmful. We suggest you avoid using beauty products of dubious quality or results.


On the contrary, consult a certified specialist who can guide you in this regard. It is essential to know that. Aesthetically it looks good, but this can have certain risks.


A good option in beauty products is the Korean ones.


Many Korean makeup brands have excellent quality eyebrow makeup products. Tony Moly, Etude House, Misha, and Holika Holika are some of the many Korean makeup brands you should try.




Korean Fashion Trends - YOU CAN USE MOISTURIZING CREAMS OR CREAMS THAT STIMULATE THEIR GROWTHYou can apply specialized creams to your eyebrows that moisturize them or stimulate their growth.


You can even make some homemade creams with natural products.


For example, you can mix castor oil and gallic acid to make your eyebrows grow longer.


Also, you can apply olive oil or some special moisturizing cream to that area.





Korean Fashion Trends - CLEAN YOUR EYEBROWSWe must clean or wash our eyebrows every time we bathe.


Of course, we can do it with regular soap.


It is important that you rub them gently and, after applying soap, rinse them to avoid leaving soap residue that, over time, can cause the eyebrows to weaken and fall out.







Korean Fashion Trends - USE A TONER AFTER WAXINGAfter plucking your eyebrows in the Korean style or the style of your choice, you should use some toner to moisturize them and give them a good appearance.


That way, you will avoid irritations and even infections since a tonic has bactericidal effects.


Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows? They are perfect for those looking to have a more natural and youthful appearance. In Korean beauty, the trend to look younger will never go out of style.


For that reason, we believe that these types of eyebrows will continue to be in Korean beauty trends for many years to come. However, we must accept that it is a nice and elegant style, so it is worth checking out. What do you think of Korean straight eyebrows? Or do you prefer the western style? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!


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