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A frequent question among people who want to wear K- K-fashion is how to dress on a first date in Korean fashion. The answer to that question is not very difficult. The truth, it all depends on which style you lean towards the most and also on your creativity. Usually, the first dates are to make a first or second impression of you. Because of that, you should make sure that your clothes are the closest thing to you, that they do not alter your style, and that they make you feel comfortable. After all, comfort is one of the things we all aspire to on a date because otherwise, it means things didn’t turn out as well as we hoped. Anyway, dressing for your date in Korean fashion is possible. Continue reading to discover how to have a perfect look!


Three style rules you need to know before every date


Choose clothes that reflect your personality


If you wear clothes that you like and are your style, you will feel more comfortable. Clothes that reflect you make you feel more relaxed. On any date, but especially on the first, self-confidence is essential, so do not dress up in clothes that you would never wear. On the other hand, through clothing, you will transmit part of your way of being. And your date will perceive it.


Match your clothes to the plan


Adapt your style to the place where they have been or the plan they have in mind. If you go to the field, don’t wear heels; If you’re going to a fancy club, leave your leggings and jeans at home. You will feel better because you will be more comfortable with the right clothes, and you will not feel that you are out of tune with the environment.


Bring something new


It can be a dress that fits you well, some stilettos that boost your confidence, or a discreet necklace or a sparkly bracelet. Wearing a new, beautiful garment or accessory that you love will make you feel special. You can take a relaxing bath before your date to feel good about your body.


5 Korean Fashion Ideas You Can Wear On Your First Date


Wear oversized sweaters or shirts, How to dress on a first date in Korean fashion



Korean Fashion Trends - How to dress on a first date in Korean fashion - clothingThese clothes are cozy but elegant. Also, an oversized sweater is an item of clothing for many Koreans. But to avoid looking scruffy (which can sometimes be the case), pair a baggy pink sweater with a plaid print skirt or jeans.


If you are a girl, you can complete your look with a cute ponytail braid and add some vintage-style glasses. These glasses add a preppy touch to your outfit.


You can inspire this outfit in Girls Generation’s Taeyeon, she is used to dressing this way. For that reason, it is also an outfit that is part of the ways of how to dress on the first date wearing Korean fashion.


Buttoned shirt with a relaxed fit, How to dress on a first date in Korean fashion



Korean-Fashion-Trends-Loose-fit-buttoned-shirtFor a picnic in the park, wearing jeans may not be the best option. Therefore, if the first date is a picnic, a pair of chino shorts is best.


You can mix this garment with a button-down shirt that has a relaxed fit. Also, keep the sleeves short for a summery vibe.


Here is a tip for guys: to make a good impression, take care of your white sneakers.


Keep them clean. You can complete your outfit with some cheer. Add a pair of clear glasses, which are trending in Korean fashion.


Winter clothes, How to dress on a first date in Korean fashion




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Oversize-denim-jacketIf you’re heading into town for your first date, mixing a T-shirt with ripped jeans can be too basic.


Stand out by putting on a warm garment.


It can be an oversized denim jacket.


You can also mix up your street style with a pair of slim metal frames that fit into a classy academic look.


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Neutral colors, How to dress on a first date in Korean fashion



If you don’t want the experience of an embarrassing moment, skip the matching tees.


Instead, coordinate your color palettes with dynamism and creativity.


For effortless style, stick to muted hues like neutrals, earthy browns, and light pastel shades.


That color palette is the best on the options of how to dress on the first date wearing Korean fashion.


Textures and makeup, How to dress on a first date in Korean fashion



For whatever clothes you choose, opt for soft fabrics instead of rough textures.


And to combine your clothes, do not forget the makeup.


We recommend that it be in the most Korean style, that is, natural-looking makeup.


It is usually the winning option since you will be closer to your normal appearance and more transparent.


Other ideas that will help you if the date is blind!


If you are a fan of K-dramas, you noticed that many tend to go on blind dates. If this is also your case and you don’t know what to wear, but you want to look like that Korean actress, it is okay. Follow these tips to discover how to dress for your first date in Korean fashion.


Neutral garments


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Neutral-garments-(-pants,-top)The best option is to wear basic and neutral garments. Korean fashion is an expert in these garments. You can choose your favorite jeans with which you look great, a blouse or t-shirt that you love, and combine them with other pieces.


You can also play with color and even opt for neutral tones such as white, black, and earth colors. With them, you will never fail! Also, that is one of the favorite shades in Korean fashion.


Regardless of the plan, you can wear neutral garments during the day and at night, combining them with a leather jacket for a more casual style or a blazer if you want to be more elegant.


Trendy look


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Trendy-look-(Flare-pants)You can always wear a trend in the form of small details if you don’t want to risk too much.


An example is the clothes with sober prints. Flare pants are worn this season for a youthful look, and tartan blazers if you prefer to go a little soberer to your date.


You decide if you want a casual look or something more elegant, as long as you are comfortable with it and you can identify yourself with it.


Remember that comfort and identity are important in how to dress on a first date wearing Korean fashion.


Look for a blind date at night


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Blind-date-nightNot sure how to dress on a first date night? Do not complicate yourself. You can choose a classic of all life: the little black dress with a cardigan on top of the same color. Put on that black dress that we all have in our closet, and that saves us from more than one compromising situation. Do it without being too revealing. That is why you should wear a cardigan. You know, that’s the way Korean fashion works.


To give this look for a first date personality are the accessories. Choose details that go with you, such as special shoes, a small and practical bag for a night out, and perhaps a piece of jewelry that says something about your personality. Dressing for a date night is the easiest thing, so always have that black dress on hand. You can wear it on any occasion.

Look for a daytime blind date

Korean-Fashion-Trends-Day-time-blind-date-(feminine-look)If you have a blind date during the day, but you are not sure where you are going to go, it is better to choose a versatile look that works for everything.


Beyond the classic jeans, I suggest you wear your most feminine dress.


But you have to combine it with a more casual shoe.


Some flat ankle boots or sports shoes are perfect, and you will give your look an incredible and modern vibe. Combine it with fun accessories, some color, or print. 


And voila! After reading everything, we hope you have no doubts about how to dress on your first date wearing Korean fashion. Do not forget the tips to choose your clothes, but most importantly, enjoy while you prepare for that first date. We know that at times like this, we are always a little nervous. But finding the perfect outfit allows us to have more confidence in ourselves! Remember to visit this blog every day. Don’t miss any of our updates on K-fashion!


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