How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion?

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How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion? That question is usual among modern office workers, especially those who know and want to follow Korean fashion. The truth is that creating the perfect professional outfit is less easy than you think, and because of that, we have prepared for you a little guide so that you know how to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion. To create some flawless looks for the office, you need to follow some precise steps. That way, achieving your goal won’t be difficult. It may take you a little time but believe us, it is worth it. Above all, you are the center of attention in the office, thanks to your Korean style. Ready to find out how to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion? Let’s go!


5 professional style codes you should know to wear Korean fashion to the office


Let’s start by saying that there is no specific rule for a professional look. The work environment is essential to establish our style code. With the growth of new companies and the spread of a broader concept of work, the professional wardrobe is not the same. It is not necessary to wear ties and suits as the solution of choice. First, consider your company’s image, size, the average age of your colleagues, and the type of goal you are targeting. Also, keep in mind these five professional style codes so you can create your office look.


Casual, How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion 


Korean Fashion Trends - How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion - outfits

If your work environment is informal and does not involve direct contact with clients, you can focus on a casual appearance.


However, a casual office appearance does not mean negligence. Avoid slippery dresses, shirts, shorts, and tops with spaghetti straps.


Yes, to wide blouses, women’s blazers and men’s sweaters instead of jackets.


In this style, and only in this one, you can also wear sneakers with jeans. But not ripped jeans, of course.


Smart Casual, How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion


This office aspect is popular with young companies, with employees under 40 and a dynamic professional approach. The smart casual dress code provides a mix of sporty looks and more stylish elements. Taking it all, it’s a professional yet comfortable ensemble that allows you to look friendly without losing credibility. Blazers and shirts without ties, pastel-colored blouses and palazzo or cigarette pants, and knee-length dresses are the basis of this style.


Business casual


Korean Fashion Trends - How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion - outfits

The business casual dress code already has a formal office look. Professionalism plays an important role, but there is still room for comfort and to play with accessories.


It is the best look for structured companies. More so if you are planning a business lunch or a date with a client.


For men, a suit is a good option, but without a tie. Women can opt for knee-length skirts or smooth or straight-cut pants. Yes, to soft colors, such as pink and cream, and pastel tones.




It is the office wardrobe par excellence. The dress code is the characteristic professional attire of companies. Even if you do not work in a large company, consider it the ideal option for formal occasions, such as conferences, meetings, presentations, workshops, conventions, and trade shows. 


Formal Business


Korean Fashion Trends - How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion - outfits

As the name implies, it offers a formal outfit, leaving little room for creativity.


It is a type of professional wardrobe.


It is used at the highest levels of management and on official occasions in the company.


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Clothes and accessories that you should avoid wearing in the office


Korean Fashion Trends - How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion - outfits

It is okay to know how to dress in the office in Korean fashion. But something you should also know is what not to wear in the office, whether or not you wear the Korean style.


We recommend avoiding wrinkled or messy clothing. Do not expose tattoos, facial hair, hoop earrings, casual hairstyles, or anything else that expresses excessive individuality.


Old t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers will not earn you anything, especially if the company you work for is significant. Remember that if you are the image of a company, you must convey maturity and professionalism. That in Korean companies, and actually in companies around the world, is very significant.


How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion if you are a woman




Korean office wear for ladies has some flexibility. A bright pastel shade is a safe option. Keep in mind that Korean women buy a lot of clothes specifically for work. You can wear blouses with knee-length skirts. That is a good look at the office. One good thing is that in Korea, clothing can be short, but not in public companies, including government offices and banks. Pantsuits and skirt suits are chic enough for you to wear at the office. As you can see, women can also wear pants, which are also great and comfortable. 




Accessories should be subtle and understated, like a small watch. That is the perfect accessory at work. Regarding shoes and bags, heels are often the best option. Make sure your heels are of moderate height (not 6-inch heels.) But If you prefer more comfortable shoes, there are elegant sneakers that you can wear and achieve a good look. Use practical bags, but that goes with the style.


Hair & Makeup


Choosing nude makeup over smoky makeup is the best thing you can do. But if you work in a cosmetics company, you can afford to wear more elaborate makeup. When it comes to hairstyles, Korean women have many options. The rule of sporting a neat and calm hairstyle still applies. If you want to achieve the Korean style, don’t wear anything too exaggerated.


How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion if you are a man




Suits are a good option, but of course, they are also optional. If the company does not require it, you can wear other types of clothes that are elegant as well. It is not only the suits that are elegant. You can wear neutral-toned formal pants, a white shirt, and a soft fabric sweater that can give you a sophisticated, confident, and comfortable look.




Not because you are a man are you obliged not to wear accessories. A good watch will help you keep an eye on the hours of your meetings and give you a more professional image. You have to choose the one you like best and wear it with confidence in the office. You can also use a portfolio to carry your documents. There are portfolios of all kinds, so you can find one that suits your tastes and needs.




Men’s hair should be slightly shorter. Try to avoid bright colors if you want to give a sophisticated image. You should make sure to always shave before work. You cannot show up with long hair or a beard. Leave that for personal moments.


Dressing well can make your office or business meeting experience that much easier. Because Korean fashion is adept at sophisticated styling, many options can help you dress up to be presentable at work. How to dress in the office wearing Korean fashion has never been as fun as it is now. You need to pay attention, buy the necessary clothes and accessories, and voila! You will have achieved an elegant but fashionable look. Visit us every day to discover more about the trends in Korean fashion!


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