Korean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul?


All fashion lovers know that it is significant to have a style. Fashion is a means of expression and a powerful tool to show what you are. Seoulites know that. As Korean fashion experts, there is much we can learn from them. A little inspiration never hurt anyone. You want to be one more, mix with people and fit into their aesthetic fantasy. It’s just fun to explore different currents and play with your appearance. For that reason, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will learn about Korean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul? Also, we tour several areas of Seoul and review their fashion styles. In this way, when visiting the areas of this fashionista city, you will be able to mix with the people and make the streets your catwalk. Let’s get started!


4 areas of Seoul and how to dress in them


Do you plan to travel to Seoul and do not know what to wear? Although Korean fashion in Korea is very diverse, when you visit specific places in Seoul, some styles are repeated in some places more than others. You can find many valid answers when thinking about Korean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul? In Seoul, there are many areas where fashion is relevant and has reached another level. For that reason, you may find different styles in different districts of the South Korean capital. If you want to mix with people and their styles, we invite you to know these 4 areas of Seoul and how to dress in them. Here we go!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SINSA-DONGKorean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul? If we go to Sinsa-dong, the way of dressing is very streetwise but at the same time haute couture. You can still find students and fashion professionals if you walk through its streets. Sinsa-dong is home to many Korean fashion designers.


In addition, it is also the meeting point for stylists and fashionistas. Thanks to that, its style is the highest in Seoul. There, you can find a mixture of high fashion, modern and simple street style, comfortable and stylish.


However, this style takes unexpected turns many times. So you can find more than one fashion surprise at Sinsa. Street fashion in Sinsa is friends with the fashion you see on the catwalks at Seoul Fashion Week. At Sinsa, you can wear your haute couture garments mixed with street-style accessories, and it will be a perfect fashionista hit. The streets of Sinsa are a fashion catwalk.


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-HONGDAEYou have to know that Hongdae is the epicenter of fashion in Seoul! That’s why we couldn’t mention it. Korean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul? You will find a wide street style that combines other Korean fashion styles if you go to Hongdae. Hongdae is the paradise of Korean youth.


Thanks to that, Hongdae is also home to the arts, music, and youth fashion. This area surrounds one of the universities best known for its arts program, Hongik University. Because of that, Self-expression is the beating heart in the streets of Hongdae.


In this part of Seoul, you can dress however you want, without limits, without fear of showing too much, since the Hongdae street style is well-known for being rebellious and anti-establishment. In Hongdae’s style, subcultures are the main protagonists, also the black, dramatic makeup, and tattoos. The young man who walks the streets in the wee hours of the morning while the city sleeps is here. Because of that, Hongdae is the rebellious spirit of Seoul. If your style is street, grunge, and fits well with the aesthetics of Hongdae, then you must visit this area when you travel to Seoul. It will be a meaningful fashion experience.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-GANGNAM - how to dress in SeoulMost likely, the name of this area of ​​Seoul sounds familiar to you from popular songs like Gangnam Style or classic K-Dramas like Gangnam Beauty.


The truth is that this city has not been an inspiration for many artists for nothing. Korean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul? If you go to Gangnam, the style is classic and more sophisticated. That’s because it’s one of the most expensive areas in Seoul. Seoul is one of the world’s most changeable capitals.


Why? Because the north represents the effervescence of youth. And the south of the city represents the charm of the established adult. Gangnam’s style is more mature and maybe more basic. However, Gangnam is a more conservative setting in terms of style. But it also has feminine and elegant touches that provide a great image.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-ITAEWON - how to dress in SeoulKorean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul? If we talk about Itaewon, the dress code is fun, relaxed, and versatile, thanks to the many foreigners you can find there. This area of ​​Seoul is popular thanks to that. Everyone has heard of Itaewon, Seoul’s cultural melting pot, where people from all corners of the world wake up before dawn.


For that reason, in this neighborhood of Yongsan-gu, you can find the epicenter of the international community in Korea. Itaewon welcomes your style, magic, and music with open arms. Itaewon dances to its rhythm, with a more fun and relaxed style than Hongdae, but just as original.


Also, when night falls, suits are adjusted, the dresses are shorter, and prejudices stay at home. Thanks to its style, Itaewoon is one of the places in Korea where you have the most freedom to show your style. You will be able to blend in at Itaewon as there is no set style. It just needs to be fun, relaxed, versatile, and convey your personality. This is Itaewoon. It stands out thanks to its originality and multicultural character.


Korean street fashion: how to dress in Seoul? Whether you visit Hongdae, Itaewon, Gangnam, or Sinsa-dong, your style can blend with that of these districts. You have to try to convey your style and personality. After all, Korean fashion is all about expressing yourself through clothing in the most creative and often personal way possible. Visit these four areas of Seoul looking like one more inhabitant! In this way, you will be able to be one more model in those wide streets that can be confused with fashion catwalks, thanks to the number of fashionista people who pass through them every day. See you soon in another Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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