K-beauty Tips: how to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty?

Korean Fashion Trends - K-beauty Tips: how to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty?

K-beauty Tips: how to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty? Harmonizing the complexion with the right amount of make-up is the goal of the “nude look”. But what is nude makeup? It is a makeup style that is achieved without altering the complexion. The idea of this style is to show off a shiny and healthy finish without abusing the products applied to the face. This trend adapts to day and night. So you can attend important events with a flawless, simple makeup and a natural finish. Although its application is not difficult, it is pertinent to consider basic points such as the tone and characteristics of the skin. Both particularities contribute to the choice of cosmetics and the success of makeup. Do you want to know more about it? Stay and keep reading because today, on Korean Fashion Trends we talk about some K-beauty Tips: how to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty? Are you ready? Let’s take a look!


What is nude-style makeup in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - nude-style makeup  Makeup is a form of expression that implemented the intensification of pigments to transform the look of your face and skin. It’s not wrong to do it. It is even one of the methods related to corrective makeup.


However, the nude style proposes naturalness and rejects excessiveness. This style uses colors similar to the face and complements the lighting of key points. It gives the impression of no-makeup when the reality is that the face has products supplied in quantities determined by the needs of the skin. The goal of this subtle look is to show a compact, hydrated and healthy dermis, which is camouflaged under layers and layers of cosmetic products.


In addition, it is an ideal alternative to keep the skin light and fresh on very hot or humid days. If you want to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty, you should follow the advice we propose today.


Why is nude makeup popular in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - nude-style makeup   This type of makeup gained popularity in Korea thanks to the simplicity and elegance that characterizes Korean fashion and beauty in general. If you are a fan of Korean beauty trends, you will know that the Korean makeup style is simple and with a natural finish.


That’s because they give more importance to skincare than makeup. However, this makeup with a natural finish is often nude in style.


So, to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty, it is necessary to remember that makeup should be simple, elegant, neutral, and with a non-makeup makeup look.


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How do I look like a Korean girl with makeup?


Korean Fashion Trends - nude-style makeup - Jennie BLACKPINK  If you want to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty and look like a Korean girl thanks to the help of makeup, you should consider a couple of things first. There are two basic habits to achieve good Korean nude-style makeup. One of them is facial hygiene. No cosmetic will have the expected effect if the skin is not clean.


Therefore, cleanse your face daily to remove residue from powders, foundations, and creams. It is convenient to continue this task with an exfoliant that drags away dead cells and restores luminosity. Likewise, you should include skin hydration that favors elasticity and firmness. Stick to the 10-step Korean skincare routine to achieve this goal. And when it comes to makeup, stick with good-quality, soft-toned products.


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How can I look more attractive in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - nude-style makeup  If you are looking to look more attractive in Korea, not everything depends on the clothes.


You also need to consider your skincare and the style of makeup you wear.


You can wear the classic style in clothes while wearing a nude makeup style.


Always think about simplicity, elegance, and creativity without abusing the elements of your look.


How to apply Korean nude makeup?


  Don’t wait any longer. If you want to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty, the time is now. Let’s see how to achieve it!




Korean Fashion Trends - korean beauty - foundation  If you want to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty, you must think carefully about your base. Don’t go for the darkest foundation.


It is essential to choose pigments suitable for your tone and respect  your skin if you have any skin conditions. Pay attention to the ingredients of the product and its consistency, especially if you have sensitive skin. In such a case, makeup should become an extension of the treatment.


For the nude finish, the fluid bases and those with an illuminating effect fit well. BB creams are a good option.


They have moisturizing properties. Many of them include a sun protection factor. Buy the best BB cream here.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean beauty - concealer  Just like the foundation, the color corrector must match the complexion and the imperfection you want to hide.


Therefore, if you want to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty, also consider a good concealer.


When you apply the concealer, wait a couple of minutes before blending; you will see that the pigment comes out better, benefits the nude effect and even stays longer on your skin.


Remember to put it only on the area that requires correction. Buy Korean brand concealers here.




  Powders and blushes are essential to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty. Translucent powders with a loose texture enhance the nude style because they seal the base and adapt to the naturalness you are looking for. The same happens with blush. Currently, cream presentations are in fashion. The secret to powders and blushes is to apply them with soft-bristled brushes. If the products are in cream form and you master the technique, you could appeal to the sponges. Blending is done by raising the brush or the sponge starting from the cheeks towards the temples. If you need powders and blushes, the right place is here. Here you will find the best discounts.




Korean Fashion Trends - nude-style makeup  You should only intensify your look if you want to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty.


The exaltation of nude makeup is in the eye area. It is the part that has the most color, but not extravagant tones.


Therefore, use neutral tones that create depth and shadow, sticking to the palette of the rest of the makeup.


The common colors are chestnut, chocolate, and gold. You can also add peach tones if you want to add a different touch.


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Korean Fashion Trends - korean beauty - lip gloss  The frequent thing to do in nude makeup is to make the lips as glossy as possible. But light shades, similar to your original lip color, are also acceptable. Similarly, some women break the scheme with darker lipstick.


If you dare, make sure that the coverage is on point and it doesn’t stand out because it would spoil the rest of the makeup.


On the other hand, if you want to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty, you can also use lip tints. Where can you buy them? Here. Take advantage of the discounts!


  K-beauty Tips: how to do nude makeup according to Korean beauty? You can achieve this makeup style by creating a makeup look that is simple, elegant and has a natural finish. Do you like the Korean nude style? Tell us in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. That way, you can be aware of all our updates. And you can also take advantage of discounts on Korean fashion and beauty. See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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