Korean beauty tips: How to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty?

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean beauty tips: How to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty?

Korean beauty tips: How to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty? Daily makeup is a basic technique that you must master if you love to put on makeup. If you go to university, you probably don’t have much time, right? Maybe because your workload is heavy or you tend to sleep late because of assignments. Sleeping little takes its toll on your overall appearance. The best way to look good instantly is to use make-up that provides a fresh effect and a touch of color to your skin. Today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about Korean beauty tips: how to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty? Stay with us and discover how to do your makeup for college. You will not need to invest much time, and you will be able to look good and take care of your image without much effort. Are you ready? Let’s see!


Is makeup allowed in Korean universities?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to do daily university makeupBut, before we talk about how to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty, it is significant to know that, yes, you usually can do makeup in Korean universities.


The truth is that it all depends on the university and the school you attend. Some allow it, and others don’t.


However, you have to remember that makeup is significant in Korea as it helps to maintain a good image.


For this reason, many girls decide to put on makeup but in a very natural way and achieve a classic Korean makeup look.


How to do your makeup according to K-beauty?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to do daily university makeupOne of the option worth mentioning when it comes to how to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty is going with a classic Korean makeup look. However, to perform natural Korean makeup, you must prepare the skin with products that suit your needs. All the techniques and products you use should help your skin to look exactly like an idol. To give you an idea, hydrating masks before putting on makeup will make your skin look healthy, and your makeup will stick, last, and look much better.


Taking care of your skin will always be paramount to getting that much-desired Korean look. If you don’t know where to buy Korean beauty products, click here. So, you can find all the necessary products to achieve a Korean makeup look easily.


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Which makeup look should I go for in college?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to do daily university makeupMakeup with a natural finish is ideal when it comes to how to do daily university makeup  according to K-beauty. So, a natural makeup is go-to and takes less time. Also, remember that the secret of a Korean style is naturalness. The type of makeup most peeople do in Korea is very discreet, but at the same time, highlights the skin’s beauty.


Subtle finishes are always sought after but without flashy colors, and in a way that completely hides imperfections. Sounds like the ideal makeup for college, don’t you think so? You just need to keep your skin well hydrated.


Then you can apply foundation, concealer, powder, shadows in light tones, blush for your cheeks, and lipstick. You should also comb your eyebrows well.


How to do makeup for university according to K-beauty?


How to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty? Here are six steps you can take to achieve that ideal, daily college makeup look. Take notes to achieve this easy, natural makeup. Let’s take a look!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean solution for makeupThe first thing you should do when you get up is to wash your face with a specific gel that works well for your skin and moisturize your face well. You should also consider that your moisturizer must have a protection factor. If you don’t have it, you should apply one after your usual moisturizer.


It is a significant step, even if it is winter and even if it is cloudy, we recommend that you incorporate sun protection as part of your daily beauty routine. This way, you will be able to avoid spots and you can preserve the health of your skin. Sunscreen are an important part in Korean skincare routines.


If you want a Korean brand sunscreen, you can buy it here.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean concealer for makeupConcealer is essential to hide minor imperfections.


Apply under the eyes in an upward manner to achieve a brighter look, don’t forget to apply on your eyelids to even out your skin tone.


You must choose an ideal tone for your skin, as in, it should not be too light or too dark, try to create a balance and harmonize your facial features with a tiny touch.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean foundation for makeupIf you want to know how to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty, we recommend you to use a foundation or a tinted moisturizer after your skincare routine. Just because this is a simple make-up, doesn’t mean that we are going to do it without the base, which is so important. The foundation will depend on your skin type and skin tone, so try to pick one that will blend seamlessly with your skin and look radiant.


If you do not have many imperfections, spots, or redness to hide, you can opt for a BB or CC cream. Otherwise, choose a base with a matte finish that is light in texture but can also give you some coverage.


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Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman holding eyeshadow palette - How to do daily university makeupYou can skip this step if you want. However, when it comes to how to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty, it is quite ideal.


If you want to have sparkly, fresh eyes, opt for earthy or pink colors, soft and luminous or slightly pearly.


The terracotta tones of eyeshadows are very flattering. You can apply a beige tone and a pearly white to the rest of the eye with a bit of lighting under the eyebrow and on the tear duct.


If you need to buy Korean style eyeshadows, you can do so by clicking here.


  1. BLUSH


Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing blush - How to do daily university makeupYou should also add a bit of blush if you want to know how to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty.


Also, for a natural Korean style makeup, it is recommended that you use cream blush. In this way, you can achieve a more natural finish.


Apply it with your fingertips from the outside without dragging on the skin, just with soft strokes until it is completely blended. Do not forget the center of your face, you can even put some on your nose for a cute look.


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Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing lipstick - How to do daily university makeupTo finish off your subtle makeup for college, you should ideally choose a shade of pink or beige lipstick. The lipstick will depend a lot on your taste and also on the tone of your skin and also on the base color that your lips have.


If you are a person who does not like to wear makeup and has a reddish tone on the lips, you can choose to apply a little Vaseline to keep them hydrated. Opt for nude or pink tones.


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Korean beauty tips: How to do daily university makeup according to K-beauty? An ideal option is a makeup with a natural finish. To achieve this, you need a few products. However, the secret is in well-hydrated and cared-for skin. Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? If not, do it now! You can subscribe now to stay up to date with our Korean fashion updates, news, and discounts. We are waiting for you, get all the news you need from our newsletter!


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