Korean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly?

Korean Fashion Trends -  The Best Days to Shop in 2022

We all want to renew our closets when we are Korean fashion lovers and want to wear a specific clothing style. In addition, most women love to fill their wardrobes with clothes. But sometimes we don’t buy clothes in the right way. Have you ever wondered if you will wear what you are buying? On many occasions, we impulsively buy clothes we will leave forgotten in the closet, unused, and maybe with the label on. It is not a good practice, as we spend money on clothes and accessories we don’t need. That is why we must do it rationally and consider what we need when renovating our wardrobes. So that you know how to do it, today, we give you some Korean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly? They are advice on how to buy clothes properly to buy what you need. Here we go!


How do you buy clothes properly?


korean fashion trends - How do you buy clothes properly?Are you a person who likes to always dress up to date? Surely you will notice trends and fashions, but the truth is that if you know how to buy the right clothes for you, you will be able to make your looks fabulous.


The latest trends in fashion may mean that you end up buying clothes you can’t take advantage of each season later. Or clothes that you don’t even wear. The best is to know our tastes well, and although we are excited to wear the latest skirt that all the influencers wear, we have to be aware of what we have. And what we lack and thus learn to buy clothes intelligently.


Do you want to know how to shop for clothes properly according to Korean fashion? If so, today we present five tips among these Korean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly.




korean fashion trends - YOU SHOULD BUY ONLY THE CLOTHES YOU NEEDKorean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly? Buying only what you need. We have closets full of clothes. Change your mind: you don’t need a lot of clothes.


The first step towards smart clothing shopping is to reduce the amount of clothing you wear. In addition, this will lead you to spend money on garments of higher quality, that last over time and allow you to have basic clothes in your wardrobe for longer and without having to spend more. You can opt for garments that you can use in different seasons of the year.


For example, buy two or three pieces of outerwear for the coldest days of winter, and the rest can be long-sleeved cotton garments that you can complement with a cardigan or coat. Garments that you can reuse on cool spring days.




korean fashion trends - BEFORE YOU BUY, LOOK AT THE CLOSETKorean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly? Buying without checking your closet first is a classic fashion mistake. Before launching into the change of clothes, carefully review the wardrobe in your closet. And going back to tip one, understand what you really need and what you already have. Smart shopping also has to do with this.


First, we need to divide the clothes into three different groups. The first group is the clothes you wear. The second group is the clothes that are no longer worn because they are out of style (these are still worth saving because fashion comes and goes with time). And finally, those that we throw away because they no longer serve us.


Once this preliminary work is done, it is possible to understand which items are better to buy. And we will also avoid that we end up buying double garments. You can create a  perfect wardrobe background. That are garments that work well for many occasions. A basic t-shirt, dress pants, or black shoes can get you out of more than one hurry. We recommend you consult our blogs on what are the basic items of the female wardrobe according to Korean fashion so that you can buy clothes intelligently and profitably.




korean fashion trends - LIMIT THE INFLUENCE OF TRENDSKorean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly? Avoid fads as much as possible. Although it is correct that you follow the trends of the season, do not be obsessed with buying everything worn, because it will be expensive and, in addition, you will be dressed just like the rest.


Clothes tied to fashion for a year always end up at the bottom of the closet, and we forget about them. It is better sober garments, always suitable for each season. The most traditional patterns and colors don’t go out of style. They can be adapted to different occasions and used for several years. We know that when it comes to Korean fashion, it is difficult not to want to follow the trends.


However, if you want to follow them, we recommend that your closet does not depend only on them. It features the basics and trends as a second option. That way, your Korean-style closet won’t be temporary.




korean fashion trends - USED CLOTHING IS ALSO A GOOD OPTIONKorean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly? Don’t say no to used clothes. Especially if you want to follow a vintage Korean style.


We know that many people do not like the idea of ​​buying used clothing. However, in this sector, we can find clothes at a good price, but that is also quality.


Don’t hesitate and visit the “vintage” second-hand stores. Or also the markets where you can find, in addition to second-hand clothing, high-quality items, products in stock, not sold the previous year or the season before really tempting prices. It is a perfect option to save money and buy clothes that add something to your style.




korean fashion trends - YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLOTHESKorean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly? One way to do this is by cutting costs when buying clothes because you can take care of what you already have.


Making the clothes you buy last as long as possible is another good way to shop smart. It will prevent you from having to buy more than necessary.


It is good to follow the washing instructions on the garment label, remembering to wash your clothes and any other garment inside out to prevent the friction created during washing (especially in the washing machine) from consuming the fabric.


Korean fashion tips: how to buy clothes smartly? You can achieve this by buying only the clothes you need, reviewing your closet before you buy, and avoiding always being guided by trends. Those are some of the tips that you can follow to be able to buy clothes properly. We all want to look amazing, but very few know how to shop smart. We hope these tips are helpful to you. See you in the next Korean fashion trends blog!

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