How to Break Fashion Rules: Mastering Korean Style Like a Badass!

Korean Fashion Trends - How to Break Fashion Rules: Mastering Korean Style Like a Badass!

Sometimes, we all tend to follow the current fashion trends. Because it is fun to enjoy things with the rest of the population. But, fashion also needs personal touches that break free from fashion rules. So, how can you achieve this in Korean Fashion? Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil How to break Fashion rules to master Korean style like an absolute badass! So, tune in and scroll down! Let’s dive in.


Why Should You Break Fashion Rules?


Korean Fashion Trends - Break Fashion Rules - K-idol wearing colorful clothesHow to Break Fashion Rules, you ask? Because you want to master Korean style like a badass! Alright, K-lover. Today, you will get to know how to break them. But, before, have you asked yourself why you should do it? There is a saying that rules are made to be broken. And yes, in many cases, it is like that. However, many people ignore that to break the rules, it is necessary to know what these rules are from head to toe. Only a rule expert could break them without failing in the attempt.


Therefore, if you are still a beginner in Korean fashion, we recommend that you first dive into our style blogs, and learn all the rules. And then, come back as an expert so you can break them. You should learn to break the rules of fashion because this would make it clear that you are one step further at all times. In addition, every fashion enthusiast experiments and has fun with new combinations and styles. After all, only fashion experts can take their style to the extreme. This is how Uglycore was born. Beyond that, breaking the rules of fashion will give you infinite possibilities to create new combinations. So, what are you waiting for to break the rules of fashion and master the Korean style like a badass?


What Happens If You Break the Rules of Fashion?


Korean Fashion Trends - Break Fashion Rules - K-idol wearing colorful clothesTo master Korean style like a badass, you only need one crucial step: knowing how to break the fashion rules. However, it is normal to be afraid to do it. After all, there is nothing more comfortable than our comfort zone.


So what happens if you break the fashion rules? If you want to become a fashion expert, be more daring and creative with your combinations! Take your style to the next level by being a fashion rebel.


And if you want to attract everyone’s attention with your iconic style, it is best that you start to break the fashion rules. Why? Because if you break them, what could happen is: you’ll become an expert fashionista!


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How to Break Fashion Rules?


Korean Fashion Trends - Break Fashion Rules - K-idol wearing colorful clothesThere is no fits-all answer to this question. Because your style and personality will determine how you want to break free.


Do you like to dress gothic? Elegant Korean style? Sporty Korean style? Korean streetwear? Casual chic? It will all depend on the style you want to break the fashion rules in.


You can experiment with colors, fabrics, textures, statement jewelry, DIY pieces and more!


3 Fashion Rules You Should Know… To Break Them!


How to Break Fashion Rules? Soon, we will know the Korean fashion rules that you should break. However, first, we want to talk about three universal fashion rules that you should know. Just so you can break them! Because they also apply to Korean fashion! Let’s get to know the fashion rules or myths that you should break from now on:


Red Lips Are Only for Formal Events


Korean Fashion Trends - Break Fashion Rules - K-beautyRed lips can be a dynamic and refreshing addition for a daytime look. Don’t get too dolled up, and keep the rest of your makeup very natural. That way, red lips during the day won’t be a problem. Shop Korean makeup here!


You Can’t Wear Silver Jewelry with Gold Jewelry


This rule was in force years ago. Nowadays, combining subjects is frequent and normal. As is the case of combining prints. But what is the secret to achieving it successfully? It has to look natural! Combine jewelry of the same size and style. But opt for gold for some and silver for others. Don’t hesitate to mix and match. Shop here and here!


Shorts Are Only Worn In Summer


Korean Fashion Trends - summer shortsThis is completely false, and you may have noticed it in many of the styles of your favorite K-Pop idols and Korean celebrities!


If you choose the material well and combine them with opaque black tights and boots, shorts look both casual and classy.


Avoid summer fabrics like light denim or cotton. We recommend leather or thicker fabrics. Combine it with a jacket, and you’re ready to wear shorts during fall and winter! Shop here!


7 Tips to Break Fashion Rules in Korean Fashion


Do you want to master Korean style like a badass? It’s time to learn how to break the Korean fashion rules to achieve it! These 7 tips will be very useful on your way to being an expert in Korean fashion by breaking the fashion rules. Let’s take a look:


Mix Patterns


Korean Fashion Trends - Mix patterns styleIn Korean fashion, there’s no such thing as too many patterns. Break free from traditional basics and embrace funky patterns. Experiment with florals, stripes, and checks. And mix them up for a daring and chic look.


Gender-Neutral Looks


Korean fashion doesn’t conform to gender norms, and neither should you. So, embrace androgyny by incorporating masculine or feminine pieces into your wardrobe. For example, pair a structured blazer with a flowy skirt, or rock a sleek suit with killer heels. Gender-bend fashion effortlessly to create memorable looks.


Pair Sandals with Socks


Korean Fashion Trends - sandals with socksForget the fashion faux pas – in Korean style, socks and sandals are a must-have combo. Try elevating your outfit by pairing stylish socks with open-toed sandals. The sock and sandal combo will never fail in Korean fashion. Pair this combo with flowy dresses, maxi and mini skirts for the ultimate power move.


Avant-Garde Accessories


Korean fashion lovers know that when it comes to accessories, more is more. Layer on those statement necklaces, stack your wrists with bangles, and don oversized sunglasses and big frames. Elevate simple outfits with your avant-garde accessories with a touch of personality.


Clash Colors


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing blue and blackKorean style is all about vibrant hues paired with neutral basics. So, start experimenting by clashing different colors that showcase your bold personality. Mix bright pinks with electric blues or dark greens with bold purples – let your outfit speak for you.


Experiment with Makeup


Korean beauty is renowned for its innovation of enticing makeup styles. Break away from the conventional nude tones and embrace experimental makeup looks. Think bold eyeliners, playful lip colors, glass like lip tints, glittery eyes, and bright eyeshadow.


DIY Fashion


Korean Fashion Trends - Black crop topDive into the world of DIY fashion and start customizing your clothes for a special personal touch. Add patches, embroidery, or distress your denim for a look that’s uniquely yours. Let your creativity run wild – there are no boundaries in fashion, and Korean fashion is no exception.


If you want to master Korean style like a badass, you better know how to break fashion rules! Although it may still be difficult for some to believe, you can expand and revolutionize your style by breaking the Korean fashion rules. Only an expert in rules is capable of successfully breaking them and achieving fashionable combinations in the process! And you, have you already broken some rules of Korean fashion? Tell us in the comments! And subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss our daily updates. See you soon, K-lover!


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