The Ultimate Hair Care Routine! How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair?

Korean Fashion Trends - Hair Care Routine! How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair?

Get ready to transform your hair into a radiant and incredibly glossy masterpiece. If you’re dreaming of achieving the sought-after Korean glass hair look, the KFT team is here for you. Korean beauty and haircare products are a huge deal and for a good reason. With a meticulous approach to hair health and a wide range of innovative products, achieving that shiny, glass-like hair is entirely possible. Therefore today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil the ultimate hair care routine to help you attain the lustrous Korean glass hair of your dreams! Let’s dive in.


What Is Glass Hair?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair - K-beauty productsGlass hair is a phenomenon and a viral social media trend that has been on the rise since 2022. And it basically refers to shiny, flawless, and sleek hair that imitates the appearance of glass.


Are you wondering how you can achieve glass hair and repair hair damage in the process? Today, in our Korean glass hair guide, we will tell you how to achieve it.


However, we must answer a few important questions so that you don’t miss anything about this Korean beauty trend that is quite current!


Why Is Korean Hair So Healthy?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair - K-beauty productsWhy is Korean hair so healthy, you ask? Just like Korean skincare routines, Koreans also put a lot of effort into taking care of their hair.


Although most Koreans are born with perfectly straight hair, the care they give to their hair is similar to the care they give to their skin: it is rigorous care full of products with natural ingredients.


Koreans avoid products with parabens. In addition, they moisturize their hair and use hair masks. Many K-pop idols subject their hair to radical and constant changes for their comebacks. Therefore, they must triple the care of their hair. Therefore, no matter how battered you may see a K-Pop star’s hair: it won’t take long to see them sporting a beautiful mane, thanks to the effort they make to make it that way!


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Are Korean Hair Products Good?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair - K-beauty productsThe truth is that there is no better way to achieve Korean glass hair than using Korean hair products.


Are you wondering if they are good products? The answer is a resounding yes! Just like Korean skincare products, Korean hair products guarantee endless benefits for your hair! In addition, many of them are also made from natural ingredients and add shine and good fragrance to your hair.


Do you want to buy Korean hair products? Do it here and take care of your hair health with authentic Korean products, just like Korean stars and celebrities do! Remember that a perfect Korean style is not only based on combinations of clothing and accessories but also on the care of your skin and hair.


Why Should You Try Korean Glass Hair?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair - K-beauty productsIn addition to being the trend of the moment in hair, Korean glass hair provides a sophisticated, clean, and feminine look that you will want to try before the end of the year. To achieve the Korean glass hair finish, you must control the hydration in your hair. It should not be excessive but it should not be dry either, as it would become frizzy and form knots.


That is why the shampoos and oils to achieve this finish are very specific. That balance of hydration has to be perfect to achieve this image. And it is a very delicate balance. Because of that, the main thing to achieve perfect Korean glass hair is knowing how to choose a good shampoo. Korean glass hair will not only allow you to have hydrated and shiny hair, but it also allows you to have manageable hair ready for everyday life. Also, if you want to achieve sleek Korean hair, the secret is in the Korean glass hair trend!


How to Get Glass Hair With Korean Hair Care Products?


Achieving the sought-after glass hair look is no longer a dream; it’s a reality with the help of Korean hair care products. If you’ve ever admired the sleek, shiny, and incredibly smooth locks sported by Korean celebrities, like IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, now you can have them too. We will unveil some tips to keep your hair healthy and explore options you can include in your hair care routine. Because, Korean hair care products are the way to go if you want to reverse damage and restore your hair back to health!


Start with a Clean Slate: Daeng Gi-Meo Ri Premium Shampoo


Korean Fashion Trends - How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair - Daeng Gi-Meo Ri Premium ShampooThe journey to glass hair begins with a clean and balanced scalp. Don’t mask the damage by using tons and tons of dry shampoo, hair gel, or hair spray.


One of the best Korean hair care products is The Daeng Gi-Meo Ri Premium Shampoo, which detoxifies, nourishes, and refreshes your scalp while also addressing dandruff and itchiness.


This shampoo includes key ingredients like Korean ginseng and licorice root that set the stage for a healthy foundation.


Unove Deep Damage Repair Shampoo


Korean Fashion Trends - How to Achieve Korean Glass Hair - Unove Deep Damage Repair ShampooThis protein-rich ampoule shampoo cleans your scalp deeply and gets rid of impurities. Besides, it controls sebum production for silky hair. This shampoo is among the best sellers for a good reason. Click here to shop!


Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo


A clean and balanced scalp is an absolute necessity for achieving glass hair. The Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo has earned the prestigious No.1 spot in the Olive Young Awards for four consecutive years. Packed with rosemary, known for its soothing properties, as well as probiotics, caffeine, and biotin, this shampoo helps your hair regain its natural balance. Simply shop here!


Repair and Strengthen: Bond Repair and Ceramide Treatments


Korean Fashion Trends - Repair and Strengthen: Bond Repair and Ceramide TreatmentsIf you are worrying about your weakened hair, worry no more. Bond Repair and Ceramide treatments can help repair and strengthen your locks.


Bond Repair revitalizes damaged hair, leaving it smooth and manageable.


And ceramide treatment seals in moisture, keeping your hair soft, strong, and frizz-free. Get your hands on Elizavecca Milky Piggy Cer-100 Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein to achieve all of the above!


Mise En Scene Perfect Serum


Korean Fashion Trends - Mise En Scene Perfect SerumFormulated with 7 different kinds of natural oils, this serum is the perfect finishing touch to revive your hair.


So if you have severely damaged hair, complete your journey to glass hair with this serum.


Apply it to your hair’s lengths and ends for the ultimate shine and smoothness.


Or turn to ‘’SKINFOOD – Argan Oil Repair Plus Heat’’ serum to repair and protect damaged hair.


LA’DOR Wonder Hair Oil


Korean Fashion Trends - LA’DOR Wonder Hair OilIf you’re in search of a lightweight formula to restore your hair’s health, look no further.


This hair oil is specially crafted with hydrolyzed silk protein, avocado oil, camellia japonica seed oil, and other nourishing ingredients, offering a myriad of benefits for your hair.


It specifically targets dry and damaged hair, working to enhance hair health and deliver a frizz-free, glossy feel.


Intensive Nourishment: Viral Fino Hair Mask


Korean Fashion Trends - Intensive Nourishment: Viral Fino Hair MaskThe Viral Shiseido Fino Hair Mask is a true gem in the haircare world, even though it’s of Japanese origin. As a best-selling hair treatment, it delivers intensive nourishment, rejuvenating your hair’s vitality. Additionally, a growing trend suggests mixing the Shiseido Fino hair mask with baby oil, applying it, allowing it to sit for a while, and then washing it out for enhanced results.


Korean glass hair is a trend that is here to stay! Although it became popular in 2022, Korean glass hair continues to be popular in 2023 and will remain in vogue in 2024! After all, it is one of the key elements of gorgeous Korean celebrities. And although it may seem easy to achieve, we certainly have to pay close attention to the products we use to achieve it.


If you manage to achieve Korean glass hair, tell us your experience in the comments! And subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss our daily updates! Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and Twitch. See you in the next KFT blog! Never miss a deal! Click here to buy Korean fashion and beauty at the best prices.


Hair Care Products


DEMI – Hair Seasons Aroma Syrups Hair Treatment – $35.10


Elizavecca – Milky Piggy CER-100 Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment 100ml – $6.66


SOME BY MI – Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Tonic 150ml – $14.40


APIEU – Raspberry Hair Vinegar 200ml – $12.88


AROMATICA – Rosemary Root Enhancer NEW – 100ml – $16.10


Dr.FORHAIR – UNOVE Deep Damage Treatment EX Jumbo – 2 Types Warm Petals – $29.20


Lador – Thermal Protection Spray 100ml – $10.28


Elizavecca – Cer-100 Hair Muscle Essence Oil 100ml – $10.64


ALIVE:LAB – O2 Scalp Water Shampoo 350ml – $20.10


Lador – Perfect Hair Fill-Up Ampoule Set 13ml x 20pcs – $32.01


Elizavecca – Cer-100 Collagen Coating Hair A+ Muscle Curl Cream 120ml – $14.20


JULYME – Perfume No Wash Hair Pack Set 1 set – $37.34


Pyunkang Yul – Low pH Scalp Shampoo 290ml – $22.50


AROMATICA – Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo 180ml – $18.40


STEAMBASE – Tea Tree Scalp Healing Tonic 100ml – $18.00


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