How to achieve Korean baby skin?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to achieve Korean baby skin?

How to achieve Korean baby skin? We all know that there is no skin softer than baby skin. The Korean baby skin trend achieves a similar texture. This beauty trend focuses on the skin’s freshness with cosmetics and specific treatments. Undoubtedly, the skin of your favorite Korean celebrities has caught your attention more than once. In addition to having skin like porcelain, they also have skin as smooth as a baby’s. Therefore, those who practice the technique achieve a healthy and luminous appearance of the face without resorting to excessive makeup. But how to achieve Korean baby skin? Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we show you how. But remember that the protagonist of the process is the skin, treated with products that highlight specific parts. Stay with us because we will teach you how to get it. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


How does the Korean baby skin trend work?


Before knowing how to achieve Korean baby skin, it is significant to explain how this skincare trend works. The baby skin look is a skincare and grooming modality. Its objective is to show the dermis with an impeccable finish, leaving aside the lipsticks of strong shades, the heavy foundations of makeup, and the eye shadows with striking colors. Instead, naturalness prevails, reinforced with few cosmetics that contribute to a simple appearance.


Moisturizers, lip balms, and highlighters fall into that category. To achieve the soft appearance of Korean baby skin, you have to moisturize and ensure that the beauty products are appropriate for each skin type. We recommend Korean cosmetics as they are the best in the industry. But before that step, deep facial cleansing is necessary so pores are free of obstructions. Why? Because facial hygiene also favors the elimination of dead cells and promotes the regeneration of superficial skin layers. In this way, the face gains natural shine.




After knowing about this trend, it’s time to understand how to achieve Korean baby skin. But it would be best if you considered that achieving the effect requires a little more than dispensing with layers of makeup. It is where intensive skincare comes into play, illuminating it from within. Pay attention to the following steps and recommendations to achieve Korean baby skin. That way, you can have skin as smooth and beautiful as your favorite Korean celebrities. Here we go!




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman with light makeupThe first step you must take to achieve Korean baby skin is to clean your skin.


But how? The process begins by removing makeup and closing with an exfoliation.


By exfoliating, you remove the remains of dead cells, sweat, and sebum.


Do it at least once a week. Cleaning your skin in this way, in addition to removing impurities, will stimulate blood flow.


That will favor your skin a lot, and you will be able to get Korean baby skin more easily.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman with light makeupThe second step that you must do to achieve Korean baby skin is to moisturize your skin. Why? Because to ensure the face’s natural radiance, vitamin C in serum and substances with hyaluronic acid (HA) is suitable.


This compound plays a determining role in the hydration of the extracellular space, attracts water molecules, and creates the physiological conditions for the diffusion, migration, and classification of skin cells.


For that reason, it is advisable to use moisturizers that contain sunscreen. It is the way to take care of the skin from the ravages caused by exposure to UV radiation.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman with light makeup - achieve Korean baby skinBrightening the skin is the third step to achieving Korean baby skin.


Did you know that the secret of the glow on the skin is to finish the cleansing by applying ice? That’s how it is. That way, you can enhance the result.


However, people with sensitive skin should wrap the bucket in a towel.


If this is your case, don’t forget to do it that way because otherwise, you will not benefit your skin, you will only damage it.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman with light makeup - achieve Korean baby skinAnd lastly, to achieve Korean baby skin, you must apply light makeup. Do you know Korean makeup, no makeup? It is the one that most Korean celebrities wear. It is light, elegant, and beautiful makeup. How can you achieve it? Outlining the bridge of the nose.


Also, highlighting the cheekbones with illuminating drops. It provides a natural color. This cosmetic works directly on the skin or is mixed with moisturizer.


You can also define the eyebrows with a pencil, whose color is a little darker than your hair. Select a balm with nutrients, such as cocoa butter or honey, for lips. These are ingredients that contribute to lips without cracks.


3 techniques that can help you have a Korean baby skin


How to achieve Korean baby skin? Apart from the skincare you can provide at home, there are minimally invasive aesthetic treatments that favor the finish of baby skin. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!




Korean Fashion Trends - redensification with HAA treatment you can apply to achieve Korean baby skin is redensification with HA.


This technique consists of a low-impact procedure to rejuvenate the skin of the face. In addition to improving texture, it prevents signs of premature aging and promotes the dermis’s elasticity.


The application is through microinjections, touching only the superficial and intermediate dermis.


The suggested facial filler is high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, due to its ability to hydrate and combat photoaging, without increasing volume after infiltration.




Korean Fashion Trends - Luminous endermologyLuminous endermology is another treatment that helps you to achieve Korean baby skin. It is an energetic mechanical massage on the face.


The objective is to activate the fibroblasts and produce hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen.


After the massage, a bio-cellulose mask is suitable for hydrating and lightening the tone.


With six sessions, you stimulate microcirculation, and the skin recovers natural light.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean beauty productsLastly, another technique to achieve Korean baby skin is protection with HA.


Infiltrating elastic hyaluronic acid with a cannula deepens the malar region and helps achieve “baby skin.”


One session a year replenishes the volume that the cheekbones lose over time.


Likewise, the treatment rounds and projects the cheeks.


How to achieve Korean baby skin? With facial cleansing and hydration, light your face and apply light makeup. However, some beauty procedures will also help you to have Korean baby skin. Do you want to have skin like your favorite Korean celebrities? Consider putting the Korean baby skin trend into practice. See you soon!


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