How to achieve clean Korean makeup?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to achieve clean Korean makeup?

Clean makeup is a trend that you can see present on many social networks. It is a trend that is popular in many places around the world. However, for many years, Korean makeup has been a type of clean makeup thanks to the naturalness you can see in Korean beauty. And that naturalness and simplicity are the bases of Korean makeup and clean makeup. Both characteristics are essential in the clean look due to the simplicity of the style and elegance. The trend is towards minimalism, highlighting the most attractive facial features and using little makeup so that the skin looks fresh and healthy. How to achieve clean Korean makeup? Stay at Korean Fashion Trends and keep reading. That way, you can learn all about this makeup trend. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


What is clean makeup?


Korean Fashion Trends - What is clean makeup? - RED VELVET IreneIt is necessary to know what it is before learning how to achieve clean Korean makeup. The clean look is comfortable, elegant, and, above all, natural makeup. The technique steers clear of excess and bets on fewer products to achieve a perfect image. For this reason, Korean makeup could be considered a clean makeup type. Why? Because it resembles the typical Korean ‘makeup no makeup.’  It involves fairly discreet makeup, possible in a short time compared to conventional western methods that go layer by layer and with various cosmetics.


The three products needed to achieve clean makeup are blush, light foundation, and mascara. The three well-applied substances promise incredible results. Also, they enhance the look, accentuate the features, and camouflage imperfections. The idea is to make it look like you didn’t use any product. Koreans are experts at wearing makeup without looking like they do. It is also due to the importance they give to facial care. Before using any makeup trend, you need a good skincare routine.


Why is clean Korean makeup a success?


Korean Fashion Trends - Why is clean Korean makeup a success?We keep knowing more information before learning how to achieve clean Korean makeup. Now, we will tell you why clean Korean makeup is a success. Apart from looking flawless, another benefit of this minimalist makeup is that you will spend less money buying beauty products.


Also, the skin will appreciate receiving less recharge. It is ideal for taking care of the face. Also, remember that a skincare routine isn’t worth spending on expensive products hoping they’ll be effective. It would help if you had cleaning, hydration, and protection to maintain healthy skin.


However, you can try Korean skincare and makeup as well. Currently, they are the best in the industry. For this reason, and for giving prominence to the skin without filters and many cosmetics, the Korean clean look stands out among the main positions of beauty trends.


How to put clean Korean makeup into practice?


Korean Fashion Trends - BLACKPINK JennieHow to achieve a clean Korean look? One of the first keys to achieving it is knowing how to put it into practice or implement it. You should follow a daily facial cleansing routine. And always use sunscreen to prevent acne, blackheads, or blemish breakouts.


You can do the 10-step Korean skincare routine or the Korean jelly skin method. You can also do a superficial peel every three days. It also helps the effectiveness of the clean look. In addition, regardless of makeup, cleaning the face is an operation you should do every day.


The soaps, the face’s cleanliness, and the way to do it are essential so that the skin remains in good condition and breathes without obstructions. It’s also significant if you want to achieve a flawlessly clean look.


5 steps to achieve a clean Korean makeup


Here we tell you the five steps to follow if you want to wear clean Korean makeup. Keep reading!




Korean Fashion Trends - steps to achieve a clean Korean makeup - BLACKPINK JennieThe first step to achieving clean Korean makeup is to unify the tones. Once you sanitize your face and apply sunscreen, you must unify skin tones and correct imperfections.


It is advisable to use a creamy and light base, according to your complexion.


Korean BB creams are ideal, as the multi-purpose, ultra-light composition gives a smooth finish to the face.


If you consider it necessary, add a touch of dark circles concealer.


When distributing the creams well, proceed to blur with a brush or sponge.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman Lighting the features is the second step to achieving clean Korean makeup.


After working the skin, highlight the features with blush in shades of pink, brown, or nude.


Similarly, the illuminator is convenient for giving light to the expressions. Don’t go overboard with blush; light pigmentation is key to clean Korean makeup.


The proper method of spreading cream blush is to smile and use the gesture to dilute the product from the center of the cheeks towards the ears.




Korean Fashion Trends - steps to achieve a clean Korean makeupWe continue with these steps to achieve clean Korean makeup. In the third step, you must comb your eyebrows and highlight the eyelashes.


Do you want to achieve a Korean style in your eyebrows? Click here! Remember that women with sparse eyebrows can subtly fill them in with a pencil. Instead, thick brows must be combed through and added with a clear gel. As for the eyelashes, arch them with the curling iron and then apply mascara, distributing the substance well.


Some people decide to incorporate a light eye shadow. It is okay to do it. Neither is it essential for the makeup to be on point. In any case, always remember to stick to simplicity. That’s what clean Korean makeup is all about.




Korean Fashion Trends - BLACKPINK LisaRemember to touch up your lips to achieve clean Korean makeup!


A gloss or moisturizer matches the natural trend.


However, pink lipstick is not out of the question.


Remember that less color is better.


You can make up your lips in gradient, as Koreans usually do. It is a trendy natural finish and is very beautiful.




Korean Fashion Trends - steps to achieve a clean Korean makeupAnd lastly, you must set the makeup to achieve clean Korean makeup.


Although few cosmetics are used, the fixative is essential to prolong the look for several hours.


That way, you won’t lose it if you sweat, get wet, or something like that.


This makeup trend is a natural and simple finish. You should use only a few products and have a good skincare routine. Clean Korean makeup is ideal for those people who don’t like to put on makeup but still want to look good. Do you like clean makeup? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!


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