Korean beauty tips: how to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty?

Korean Fashion Trends - how to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty?

Korean beauty tips: how to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty? All K-beauty lovers know that makeup trends in Korea are about a natural, simple finish and focus more on the care you give to the skin than on the use of makeup itself. For that reason, anti-couturing is gaining ground in Korean makeup trends. Don’t know what it’s about? Don’t worry. Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will tell you about Korean beauty tips: how to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty? That way, you can carry out this trend and show off beautiful skin without using too many makeup products. Scroll down and keep reading to find out more about anti-contouring in Korea. Let’s see!


What is the anti-contouring trend in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - achieve anti-contouringHow to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty? Before getting to know about how to carry out this trend, we must first get to know what it really is about. The less makeup you wear, the better it is for anti-contouring.


This trend prefers to show off the skin naturally, disengaging as much as possible from the layers of foundations, powders, and concealers. Clean, hydrated, and radiant skin is the purpose of anti-contouring. Anti-couturing means showing the complexion as it is, without camouflaging it with so many pigments.


However, you don’t have to give up makeup completely, as the trend welcomes lightweight products and minimum colors. So, it could be considered a minimalist makeup technique.


What is anti-contouring in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - achieve anti-contouringTo know how to achieve the anti-contouring according to K-beauty, we must be very clear about what it consists of.


This technique doesn’t emphasize the marking of features, as conventional makeup does.


Here, the priority goes to preparing the face to showcase the royal complexion.


In this way, “anti-contouring” promotes the importance of caring for skin, especially the delicate facial skin. It is a trend that bets a lot on the naturalness of the skin.


What are the benefits of anti-contouring according to Korean beauty?


Korean Fashion Trends - benefits of anti-contouringIf we want to figure out how to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty, we must first take a look at its benefits. Anti-contouring is a kind of like no-makeup makeup, due to the restricted amount of cosmetics.


It offers many benefits to the skin, since by limiting the number of products in the beauty routine, you minimize the risk of skin irritation and the signs of aging resulting from the excessive use of makeup.


In addition, anti-contouring saves the time you spend on makeup every day. You could achieve a perfect look faster. The anti-contouring works like an alternative way to do your makeup. Why? Because, it encourages us to wear our makeup without resorting to too many products, and instead of helping us cover up our flaws, it helps us to embrace our facial scructure.


It is possible to achieve the anti-contouring trend and all the ones you desire, without breaking the bank. You have no idea on how to do it? You only have to click here! In this way, you will be able to access a whole catalog of Korean beauty products and also Korean fashion garments. Take the opportunity and buy beauty and Korean fashion items by taking advantage of our offers!


Is anti-contouring a successful technique in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - benefits of anti-contouringWhen you want to know how to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty, it is impossible not to wonder if it is a successful technique in Korea. Thanks to its natural finish and minimalist approach, it is a trend that is gaining popularity in Korea and is becoming increasingly successful in the K-beauty industry.


When skincare is prioritized over makeup, it’s a surefire trend in Korean beauty. If you want to show off the skin as beautifully as Koreans, you should not only focus on makeup. That’s the last thing you should consider.


The most important thing is to have healthy and well-cared for skin. Pick your favorite Korean skincare technique first before considering any makeup trends. However, if you like simple finishes and using few products, then the anti-contouring trend is for you.


What kind of products do you need to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty?


Korean Fashion Trends - products for anti-contouringHaving the necessary products is essential if you want to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty. Let’s also talk about the products that can’t be skipped if you want to join one of the favorite makeup trends in 2023.


First, let’s remember that anti-contouring raises awareness about accepting yourself, even with imperfections. The trend modifies the routines that lead to the application of numerous cosmetics, swapping it with the use of a few products that are easy to handle and that has multiple purposes. Products that are essential to this trend include moisturizers, sunscreen, and balms.


For a light touch of color, consider BB or CC cream, a tint, or a lip gloss. With this short list of cosmetics, you can get that ideal skin cover without much effort. It is a simple makeup with a sophisticated look thanks to its natural finish. Don’t know where to get Korean products to achieve this trend? Click here!


How to achieve Korean-style anti-contouring?


Once you have the recommended products to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty, let’s see how you should prepare the skin to achieve this trend successfully! If you follow the instructions down below, you can easily achieve the anti-contouring trend. But, if you want to add some color, put a few drops of BB cream on your face and blend it with your fingers. Let’s take a look!




Korean Fashion Trends - hygiene products for your skinIf you want to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty, you should focus on the hygiene of your face.


In this first phase, you should carry out facial cleansing, preferably with neutral dermatological soap and running water.


Rub your face with your fingertips to get rid of dirt, oil, and any impurities.








Korean Fashion Trends - hydration products for your skinThe next step to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty is to keep your face hydrated.


Your skin needs to be moisturized or hydrated with creams that match its characteristics.


Some recommended ingredients in these formulations are, vitamins A and C and hyaluronic acid.


Homemade moisturizers, which contain almond oil or clay, are also included in the suggestions.






Korean Fashion Trends - protection products for your skinYou should finish the preparation of the face to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty with a sunblock, because we do not want the UV rays to wreak havoc on the canvas that represent our skin.


We should apply appropriate amounts of sunscreen on our face daily to avoid the signs of aging and wrinkles.


Korean beauty tips: how to achieve anti-contouring according to K-beauty? Because, this trend comes out to the front as a natural finish, you don’t need a lot of products. And thanks to that, achieving it is easier than you think. 


If you want a quick and easy to-do makeup, which also has a beautiful and natural finish, you should join the anti-contouring trend. What do you think about this trend? Would you put it into practice? Tell us in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of all our updates. See you in the upcoming Korean fashion trends blog!


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