How to Achieve a V-Line Face Shape? Korean Pop Stars’ Tips and Tricks

Korean Fashion Trends - How to Achieve a V-Line Face Shape? Korean Tips and Tricks

Although it’s true that genetics play a pivotal role in your face shape, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a more V-Line face shape that Koreans favor and associate with beauty and grace. Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil how to achieve a V-line face shape by taking Korean pop stars’ tips and tricks! Ready? Let’s dive in!


What Is V-Line? 


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve a V-Line Face Shape - Korean womanFor many of us who are interested in the K-pop industry, or interested in Korean beauty, the V-Line face shape seems like an unreachable prize.


But, what is V-Line? A V-line face shape is characterized by a slender jawline that forms a subtle V shape. This sought-after facial contour is associated with youthfulness.


Furthermore, Korean pop stars are often admired for their symmetrical and well-defined V-line faces, and many of us are envious of them because of it. That is why the KFT team decided to unveil everything you need to know to achieve the coveted V-Line face shape. So, scroll down and keep reading!


Why Is the V-Line Face Shape Popular in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve a V-Line Face Shape - Korean woman surgeryAs always, here at KFT, we don’t typically just focus on the blog’s main topic, which, in this case, is learning how to achieve a V-line face shape.


Therefore, we will clarify some questions before delving into the tips and tricks that can help you achieve a V-line face shape.


Have you ever wondered why the V-line face shape is popular in Korea? V-line owes its popularity to the Korean beauty standards, which we have already covered. You can learn about it by clicking here!


Why Is V-Line Surgery So Popular in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve a V-Line Face Shape - Korean womanIt is a well-known fact that South Korea has one of the highest rates of plastic surgery in the entire world. In fact, one in five women in Seoul has undergone some type of cosmetic surgical procedure, such as eyelid surgery or a jaw reduction (popularly known in Korea as ‘Up’) to achieve a slimmer look.


Furthermore, in South Korea, television shows and ad campaigns promote the benefits of “Up.” And as you can guess, many entertainment celebrities have undergone this procedure as well. Due to the influence of Korean celebrities and Korean beauty standards, Korean society naturally aspires to have a V-line face shape. Therefore, it is one of the most popular surgeries in South Korea. The procedure involves shaving the jawbone and realigning the jaw. And, because this is a rough surgery, recovery can take several months. Moreover, it poses different types of risks that can be life-threatening.


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Is It Possible to Get a V-Line Face Shape?


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve a V-Line Face Shape - Korean womanBut did you know that there are other alternatives (besides surgery) to achieve a V-line face shape? While surgeries are the quickest route, that doesn’t mean it is the only one.


Therefore, it is possible to have a it without surgery or genetics. With tools like botox and fillers, anyone can achieve a V-line face shape.


However, if you don’t want to proceed with procedures that don’t convince you, there are still natural ways to achieve attractive features that fit Korean beauty standards. In this post, we will unravel all you need to know.


Is the V-Line Face Shape Attractive?


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve a V-Line Face Shape - Korean womanAnother frequent question that touches our main topic of the V-line face shape is whether this type of face is attractive. Well, several issues arise when wanting to answer such a subjective question as this one. Truth is, face shape is a key element in determining facial attractiveness. But, this can vary for each person, as not everyone will have the same taste.


However, specifically in Korean culture, beauty standards indicate that an oval or V-line face shape, marked with slim cheeks and a defined jawline is the most attractive of all. Just like our body figures, faces come in all shapes and sizes: from squares and rounds to even diamonds. Each human being is unique because of this variety. So, regardless of what a beauty standard dictates, all face shapes and sizes are beautiful and attractive!


How Do You Get A V-Line Without Surgery?


You may be wondering, besides surgeries and botox, are there other ways to get a V-line face shape? Yes, there are natural methods we will discuss later in the blog. But, some beauty procedures can also bring this face shape to reality for you. So, if you’d like to know how you can achieve a v-line face shape, keep reading!


  1. Korean Fashion Trends - Korean SurgeryUltrasound Facial Slimming: This is a popular technology used for anti-aging, but it can also be effective for fat reduction. Additionally, it helps stimulate collagen in the skin, which can help keep your skin young and maintain elasticity. And, it also prevents sagging. Therefore, it is an ideal method to achieve a v-line face shape without any surgical treatment.
  2. Dermal filler: Dermal fillers have different degrees of thickness. Typically, thinner fillers are used for the lips, because they move more naturally. But thicker ones can be used to adjust the shape of facial features. Thus, creating the v-line face shape you’re seeking to achieve.


How to Achieve a V-Line Face Shape?


Finally, we’ve arrived at the most anticipated section of today’s Korean Fashion Trends blog post. Now, we will unveil all the natural ways to achieve a V-line. Let’s take a look:


Facial Massage Rituals


Korean Fashion Trends - Facial Massage RitualsMassaging your face is the KEY to achieve a V-line face shape. Because, massaging your face helps get rid of toxins and build-up, and is great for blood circulation.


You can use your fingers to massage your face, but investing in a good face and body roller can make your routine much easier. So, take K-Pop star Somi’s advice and invest in a face roller such as the REFA Face and body roller or the PY Neckline Slimmer. Nevertheless, facial exercises are the secret to achieving a V-Line contour and K-pop stars swear by it. Just remember to target problem areas like your jawline, your neck, your cheeks, and even your shoulders during your massage routines.


Mask Packs


Korean Fashion Trends - Mask PacksSheet masks make up a big part of Korean beauty. And, if you aim to achieve a V-line face shape, they are no exception. You should add them into your weekly skincare routine one way or another.


For example, there are mask packs that target firming and lifting the jawline in Korean beauty. So, you can give them a try to de-puff your face and achieve a slimmer jawline. Moreover, mask packs are also the favorite and must-have K-beauty item of many K-Pop celebrities. Many K-Pop idols previously stated that they love using sheet masks or mask packs before shoots or important events instead of visiting a dermatologist.


Hairstyling Techniques


Korean Fashion Trends - Hairstyling TechniquesHairstyling can be a powerful tool in accentuating your facial features. And Korean pop stars often opt for hairstyles that frame their faces and draw attention to their V-line. For example: long, layered hairstyles and Korean-style curtain bangs are popular choices for creating a visually elongated and slender appearance.


Balanced Diet


Also, many K-Pop stars achieve their slender faces with a balanced diet and proper nutrition. And they often emphasize the importance of consuming foods rich in antioxidants and collagen, which contribute to skin elasticity.


These Korean pop star tips and tricks will be of great help if you want to achieve a V-line without having to undergo surgery and other beauty procedures! All you need is to be consistent to achieve a V-line face shape. Are you already subscribed to the Korean Fashion Trends newsletter? If not, you still have time to do it! That way, you will never miss any of our future updates. See you in the next KFT blog, K-lover!


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