How long is oversize clothing going to be on-trend? 

korean fashion trends - How long is oversize clothing going to be on-trend

A few days ago, we learned how to style oversize clothes according to Korean fashion. Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we continue to investigate this style is characteristic of K-Fashion. How long is oversize clothing going to be on-trend? Since the oversize style has such a big impact on Korean fashion, this trend of wearing oversized clothes will likely remain in K-Fashion for a long time. That its permanence is so lasting, we owe it to the trends of every year since they do not let oversize garments pass even when there are always new trends. Oversize clothing also has a long time in Korean fashion. We would hardly see it disappear. But if you want to know more about the oversize style and its presence in K-Fashion, stay with us! And keep reading. 


Is wearing oversized clothes a trend?


Yes, wearing oversize clothes is also a trend in 2022. Many people believe that wearing the oversize style is dressing in a dowdy way. The truth is quite far from that. Why? Because oversize garments can also provide an elegant and sophisticated image if you know how to use them correctly. For a long time, tight clothing was in fashion. However, the clothing that stands out at this time is oversize. But did you know that the key to standing out, even with an oversize style, is wearing it correctly? You can experiment with many options to wear oversize clothes and look elegant at the same time.


A rule to achieve this is to wear tight clothing such as tights or skinny jeans on the lower part of the body. In this way, the oversize garment will stand out much more. But if you choose to wear oversize bottoms like balloon skirts or flared palazzo pants, keeping the top tight will balance the outfit. So how long is oversize clothing going to be on-trend? As Koreans are experts in this trend, oversize clothing will continue to be on-trend for much longer. When it comes to oversized clothing, Koreans always know how to take it to another level.


5 oversize garments that you should wear if you want to show off a Korean style


Korean fashion is popular nowadays because Koreans know how to combine basic clothes. They turn them into a modern and sophisticated style, just like oversize garments. If you want to get a Korean oversize style, you will see you can get it with basic clothes. And without investing so much money. Therefore, you need to say yes to oversize clothes. Koreans tend to opt for comfortable and not-so-revealing clothes when they wear oversized clothes. If you don’t know what oversize clothes to add to your closet, you can know these 5 oversize clothes you should wear if you want to wear a Korean style. How long is oversize clothing going to be on-trend? With these 5 oversize garments, we will see this trend still has a long life in Korean fashion. Let’s get started!




Oversize shirts have that nice and feminine touch that characterizes shirts. But it also has the comfort that wide garments such as oversize emanate. They exist in multiple materials and designs. Koreans often wear oversized shirts with jeans or shorts. However, not only are oversize shirts are a hit in the Korean oversize trend. The tops are too. The oversize top is a short top that reaches the waist. Within oversize clothing, the top is an informal garment that, if it is sport style and with a more rigid fabric, can be a garment to combine with more elegant pants or skirts. So you can achieve more formal and chic looks.


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A star garment in the oversize trend is the hoodies! In addition, oversized hoodies are incredibly comfortable, and you can mix them with any garment that is tighter at the bottom. You can wear jeans with oversize hoodies. That will be a perfect outfit. However, hoodies are so versatile that there is also a chance that you can wear them with dresses. A Korean look we can also see in K-Dramas or idols is a long dress that can also be wide. Over that, you must wear a hoodie of your choice. In general, this type of outfit is better in neutral tones. But you can wear a floral dress, for example, and wear over it a wool hoodie knitted in neutral tones.




These dresses are very casual in appearance, so you can wear them with sneakers or even combat boots. The oversize dress is a great star garment both in winter and summer. Especially match with long necklaces. Thanks to the wide use that you can give these dresses, you may wear them in more elegant moments if you combine them with heels and a nice crossbody bag. If you want to achieve an authentic Korean oversize style, these dresses cannot be missing from your closet. The dress can be as long as you prefer. And as we said before, you can wear a hoodie over the dress if you want. Also, you can achieve a layered look by wearing an oversized dress and a fitted white shirt underneath.




Oversize pants have a variety of formats, from sports, through jeans to more formal fabric pants. You can recognize oversize pants because they have a low crotch and ample room in the thighs. They are the best option if you want to be comfortable and elegant. Oversize pants can be palazzos. However, if you prefer dressier pants with an oversized look, you can wear baggy jeans. Jeans stand out a lot in Korean fashion. You can integrate these jeans into your closet for a more casual and urban oversize style.




Oversize skirts are also a hit in Korean fashion! If you’ve seen a K-Drama or seen the looks of your favorite female idols, you may have noticed that skirts or maxi skirts are often a key piece in a feminine and chic outfit. Because of that, if you want a piece that allows you to recreate elegant and casual outfits, add an oversized skirt to your closet. You can combine them with tops, sneakers, or heels. You can also add to this combination the accessories of your choice.


How long is oversize clothing going to be on-trend? A long time! Because Korean fashion has a significant penchant for the oversize trend, these garments will remain in the Korean fashion spotlight for a long time to come. Contrary to many beliefs, you can achieve the oversize style without investing much money. However, you need to know how to combine the pieces because otherwise, you will ruin your look. See you soon!


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