How long are florals going to be on-trend?

korean fashion trends - How long are florals going to be on-trend

Many people believe that floral patterns are a cliche of spring. We can’t guarantee that this is the case or not, but this print certainly stands out a lot during that season. However, floral prints can also appear in other seasons, and there is nothing wrong with that. There is a preference for flower patterns no one can deny in Korean fashion. And although some find it repetitive or boring, Korean fashion always knows how to make it stand out. For example, dresses with floral prints are one of the favorite garments of many girls, thanks to their feminine touch no one can ignore. How long are florals going to be on-trend? Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about florals. And to answer that question, we will review some characteristics of the pattern. Also, we will see some combinations where this pattern stands out. Stay with us to learn all about florals!


Are florals on-trend?


How long are florals going to be on-trend? According to Korean fashion, this pattern will stay in trend for at least a couple more years. Why? Because for several years now, the floral pattern has positioned itself as one of the favorites. And no, not just in spring. Also in the other seasons of the year. As we said before, the floral print stands out a lot in Korean fashion thanks to the classic touch of femininity that it brings to any look. That is why the floral pattern is a staple for most summer collections of women’s clothing. With spring 2022 trends also focusing on reviving classic prints, it’s no surprise that florals take the top spot as the must-have pattern in Korean fashion. You will see at least one person sporting a beautiful floral pattern look wherever you go.


In addition, something that makes this pattern stand out is the positive vibe it transmits. For that reason, spring is a bold and brave season. It is full of life energy and radiates beauty. The striking florals are a variation more adapted to what spring conveys. This year in Korean fashion, florals are defined by striking choices of shapes and colors. Flowers establish a unique character and empower outfits. The print works day and night. For this reason, it is a success of Korean fashion we hope to see in the coming years as well. Florals reflect the current energies of inner growth and outer flourishing. 


4 Floral Print Korean Fashion Clothes You Should Try


How long are florals going to be on-trend? We will be able to see this pattern for a while longer in Korean fashion! For that reason, several floral patterns are worth trying if you want to achieve an authentic Korean outfit this spring season. Know these 4 Korean fashion garments with a floral print that you should try!




How long are florals going to be on-trend? It is enough to look at the wide variety of floral dresses that exist in Korean fashion to answer that question. In K-Fashion, the floral print shines above all on the dresses! Especially in the midi type. Many girls love this dress. Why? Because they are fresh, feminine, and very chic. If you want to wear Korean fashion during spring or at any time of the year, this print-on dress is always a hit. You can wear floral dresses even over white shirts. Or you can wear them under oversized knitted hoodies. There are no limits when you want to wear and match these dresses with other clothes. A good combination is also floral dresses with a jean jacket, sneakers, and the accessories of your choice.


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As well as in the dresses, the floral print also stands out in the blouses. Especially in the off shoulders tops. They are also one of the favorites in women’s clothing. If you ask yourself how long florals are going to be on-trend, you can see that it still has several years left in trend because this type of clothing continues to stand out in Korean fashion. You can combine floral blouses with the jeans of your choice. Or also with a skirt or shorts. Add a cardigan in a neutral tone for a more harmonious balance. With this combination, you will achieve a very feminine spring outfit that will make you stand out. It is a casual outfit, but instead of accompanying it with sneakers, you can add a sophisticated touch if you mix it with heels. Add floral print blouses for a chic touch to your spring outfits.




But florals are not only on clothes. We can also see them in the accessories! From hair clips to earrings, bags, and hats. Especially in hats. Since bucket hats are a trend in Korean fashion, they are popular and come in all designs and patterns. The favorites are the bucket hats in neutral colors with some embroidered details, often flowers. However, bucket hats with on-trend patterns are also popular. One of them is floral. You can add these accessories to perfect your outfits.




How long are florals going to be on-trend? The hoodies also show that they can stick around for a long time. Why? Because we also find the floral print on some hoodies. When we want to add a different touch to our looks, we can do it using a different hoodie than we always wear, that is, in neutral tones. These hoodies are nice, even if they are not that usual. You can wear it with other clothes in a neutral color to make the hoodie the center of attention.


How long are florals going to be on-trend? We’ll be able to see it in Korean fashion trends for a long time to come! This pattern is updated even when it maintains its essence. Add garments with floral prints to show off feminine and chic outfits in spring or at any time of the year. Remember that in Korean fashion, this print is a must! Which of these floral garments is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! See you in the next blog!


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