How long are bootcuts going to be on-trend?


As followers of Korean fashion, we know jeans play a fundamental role in the most used garments in trends. In Korean fashion, you can easily find casual or formal outfits where jeans are the star of the look. Many types of jeans are part of the favorites in Korean fashion, from mom, baggy, and wide-leg jeans. Above all, jeans are fashionable for many in Korea when they are ripped. Why? Because that adds an extra touch of allure to the look. However, many people wonder if bootcuts is a 2022 trend in K-Fashion. If this question invades you too, stay with us! Because today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we talk about bootcuts. How long are bootcuts going to be on-trend? Let’s find out together the answer to that question!


Is Bootcuts in style?


The answer to this question is a different one. The reason? Because bootcuts are in style, but at the same time not. So how long are bootcuts going to be on-trend? It seems that bootcuts will continue to trend for a while longer. However, the bootcuts that we wear now are not like the ones that were worn in the 90s or 2000s. The bootcut jeans that were worn at that time were cut to the waist. Most people prefer bootcut pants today! Yes, although there are many trends from that era making a comeback. But they prefer bootcuts in their current design: wide-leg jeans or high-cut bootcut jeans. According to Korean fashion, especially wide-leg jeans are a hit.


How can you recognize bootcut jeans? Easy! It is the transition between tube jeans and wide-leg jeans. Halfway between the super tight and the super baggy is this option: the bootcut. They have a slightly wider bottom part, and at the same time, they are flattering and easy to combine jeans. That is to say, it is jean to the body in the upper part, but from the knee, it is straighter and looser. Of course, not as much as a flared one. That’s where they differ from wide-leg jeans, and that’s why wide-leg jeans are a more exaggerated version of bootcut jeans. Although these jeans are still on-trend, their design has evolved to fit current Korean trends.


Who favors bootcut jeans?


How long are bootcuts going to be on-trend? Since we already know that experts predict bootcuts will continue to trend for a while longer, we can use them in their current design. However, we can’t do it without knowing who it favors. Bootcut jeans are an ideal option for most body types. But it especially favors women with curves and hourglass, triangle, and inverted triangle bodies. Why? Because the fact that they are wider at the ankles creates a visual harmony if your hips and thighs are wide.


You have to choose jeans that fit you well. Neither too baggy nor too tight at the waist. If you have a bit of a belly, go for high-waisted pants. For example, triangle-type bodies should look for visual harmony. In addition to highlighting your upper body, bootcut pants help balance the width of your hips. These jeans make short women look smaller and more robust. But, they are not prohibited or vetoed. One idea is to wear bootcut pants that are not too long, and which you combine with high heels. The heels will stylize your legs in a matter of seconds.


3 Korean-style outfits with bootcut jeans that you can recreate


How long are bootcuts going to be on-trend? Jean fans should be happy that bootcuts will continue to trend for another couple of years. Or at least in their updated design. If you like this type of jeans, you can wear them by putting these three combinations of Korean style with bootcut jeans into practice! If you prefer wide-leg jeans as a more on-trend option, you can try outfits with that type of jeans.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Baseball-capA perfect outfit that you can do with high cut bootcuts consists of jeans and a tank top. You can add some sneakers.


If you want, you can perfect this outfit with a baseball cap and a cardigan. It is a perfect outfit for day-to-day.


You can use it to go out with your friends to an afternoon at the movies or coffee.


It does not require many garments.


Just the basics! Combine them with the accessories of your choice and achieve a comfortable, fresh, and everyday outfit with your bootcut or wide-leg jeans.








Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jeans-sophisticated - How long are bootcuts going to be on-trendWho still thinks that jeans are only to wear with casual outfits?


If you do so, you should banish that thought.




Because in reality they also work in a sophisticated look if you know what clothes to mix it with.


For example, you can combine high-cut bootcut or wide-leg jeans with a long-sleeved, puffy floral print shirt.


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Long-sleeve-floral-blouse - How long are bootcuts going to be on-trendAdd some white heels and a brown bag to create a contrast and harmony of colors.


This outfit can work to go to the office.


Or for a casual outing where you want your look to have a touch of elegance to elevate your style.









Korean-Fashion-Trends-Bucket-hatAnother Korean style combination that you can pull off with a pair of high cut bootcut or wide-leg jeans is a little more cozy and chic.


It is perfect for the coldest days, where you do not want to be a victim of the weather but want to look fashionable.


Wear a pair of bootcut jeans with an oversized sweater. The sweater can be knitted or wool, whatever you prefer. It can even be a hoodie!


To add more pizzazz to your look, you can wear the front of your sweater inside your jeans.


Korean-Fashion-Trends-HoodieYou can add a bag in brown color if the sweater is a neutral color, like beige.


Wear white sneakers or sneakers, depending on your preference.


It is another mix that will help you show off your bootcut or wide-leg jeans in a fashionista way.


You can use other accessories if you want.


They can be glasses, a bucket hat, or any other accessory that favors you and your look.


How long are bootcuts going to be on-trend? Because this design has evolved according to current Korean fashion trends, we may be able to see it for a while longer as part of the garments that stand out the most. There is more than one fashionista outfit you can pull off by wearing bootcuts or wide-leg jeans, which is almost a newer version of what bootcuts were before. And you, would you use the bootcuts? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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