How does the Korean jello skin technique work?

korean fashion trends - How does the Korean jello skin technique work?

How does the Korean jello skin technique work? Every day social networks reveal a new trend to try, either in beauty or in clothes. But when we see that it is a beauty trend from Korea, that captures all our attention, making it impossible not to want to join that trend. One of the best things we could do for our skin was to practice the Korean skincare routine. Since then, we have tried all the skincare techniques from Eastern countries to take care of our faces. The reason is that if we aspire to have porcelain skin 365 days a year as the Koreans have, we already know the importance of care to keep the complexion beautiful. And the latest thing that is sweeping this social network is the jello skin. It is a juicy and hydrated type of finish thanks to collagen. But how does the Korean jello skin technique work? If you want to know more about this latest Korean beauty trend that is popular now in the fall, stay with Korean Fashion Trends. Today we tell you all about jello skin and how to achieve it. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


How to achieve jello skin according to Korean fashion?


korean fashion trends . How to achieve jello skin according to Korean fashion?How does the Korean jello skin technique work? That is the first question that assails us when we want to know how to achieve jello skin. The Korean beauty trend of jello skin creates a smooth, structured skin texture that feels elastic. That is, seeing and feeling the skin is similar to the feeling of jelly.


The term “jello skin” was coined by Korean TikToker @glowwithava. Her skin is the perfect example of jello skin. His skin is so elastic that it defies gravity. And unlike some of the skin trends we see that promise almost immediate results, getting jello skin requires a lot of commitment.


However, it is very worth it. Achieving smooth skin like jello skin starts from the inside out. That means that what you are eating is also very important to keep your skin beautiful. You must have a balanced and anti-inflammatory diet. It includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, grains, and plant-based proteins like beans and nuts. However, the most significant part of this trend is collagen. If you want to achieve jello skin, you need to consume collagen.


2 steps to achieve a jello skin


If you want to practice the Korean jello skin technique, the first thing you have to know is that collagen is the star of this trend. We all know that collagen is a substance that our body produces. But, with age, its amount decreases. Never it’s too early to start taking care of your skin. And the key to getting jello skin is to increase your protein levels. But how to do it? With creams? With supplements? Don’t worry. The following steps to achieve an effective Korean jello skin technique will reveal all the secrets you need to know to get on board with this new Korean beauty trend!




korean fashion trends - CREAMS WITH HYALURONIC ACID - korean woman A perfect Korean jello skin technique forces you to use hyaluronic acid creams. Why? Because it is a staple for your skincare routine.


Experts explain that it is significant to include formulas with hyaluronic acid daily to maintain adequate hydration levels and stimulate collagen and elastin.


Hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient suitable for all skin types and ages, whose benefits range from superficial hydration to restoring the skin barrier to dermal stimulation.


For that reason, if you want to achieve a perfect Korean jello skin technique, you need creams with hyaluronic acid.




korean fashion trends - COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTSDo you want to put the Korean jello skin technique into practice? Then it would be best if you went to a cosmetologist. That way, you can consume the most suitable collagen supplements for you.


Consuming collagen supplements is also a good option as long as you go to the opinion of an expert who advises you based on your needs. Therefore, combining cosmetology and cosmetics means hydrating, strengthening, and nourishing your skin inside and out to enjoy maximum results.


Also, remember that, in the end, our skin changes according to our hormones, environmental factors, and food. We need a good facial routine. It helps us achieve juicier and more hydrated skin. You will see changes in your skin, taking care of yourself from the inside out. That way, jello skin will be easier to achieve.


How to do a skincare routine to have jello skin?


korean fashion trends - How to do a skincare routine to have jello skin? - jisoo from blackpinkAlthough collagen is the main protagonist of the Korean jello skin technique, you mustn’t lose sight of the skincare routine. It can be the Korean 10-step routine. However, remember to try to avoid the effects of external factors on our skin, that is, the sun and pollution. The most important thing is to do a double cleanse at night. And, every morning, you should always apply sun protection in addition to carrying it in your bag to maintain the barrier throughout the day. This is how the Koreans do it.


So when our skin asks for it, it is advisable to do an exfoliation to remove dead cells and restore luminosity. You can try chemical exfoliants such as glycolic or salicylic acid instead of physical ones, as they can damage it (especially if it is sensitive skin). What can you wear during the day? A vitamin C serum to help fade blemishes and a moisturizing moisturizer to maintain water levels in the skin. And at night, we recommend using a retinol treatment to combat premature signs of aging, peptides to maintain collagen levels, and hyaluronic acid for good hydration. This way, the skincare routine (together with hyaluronic acid and collagen supplements) will help you maintain your Korean jello skin.


How does the Korean jello skin technique work? The main star of this trend is collagen. You need to consume collagen supplements and use creams with hyaluronic acid to achieve this technique. In addition, you must maintain a good skincare routine, such as the 10-step Korean routine. Do you like this new trend in K-beauty? We love it! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.


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