Get to know Jackson Wang’s style

Korean Fashion Trends - Get to know Jackson Wang style

Get to know Jackson Wang’s style. Jackson Wang’s fans know that he has many talents that he has shown throughout his life. Him different facets as a singer, rapper, athlete, and model have allowed us to see many qualities of this idol. But his style and good taste in fashion are other qualities that he surprises us with every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s an outfit for a music show, going on tour, shopping, or airport style. Jackson’s looks allow him to wear each outfit uniquely. Jackson’s outfits are so attractive that even his fans would like to wear them. So don’t think twice: make Jackson your inspiration and recreate some of his looks with the clothes you have in your closet. You’ll find outfits to suit different styles and occasions, so more than one will grab your attention. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends and get to know Jackson Wang’s style!  That way, you can dress up taking inspiration from your favorite Korean idol. Let’s get started!


Is Jackson Wang a Korean?


Korean Fashion Trends - Is Jackson Wang a Korean?But before knowing Jackson Wang’s style, let’s talk a little about Jackson. If you’re his fan, you probably know more about him than we do.


However, with more and more people joining the K-Pop community, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone is getting to know Jackson recently.


Although he is a Korean idol and speaks the language well, Jackson Wang is from Hong Kong. Jackson is also known as Wáng Jiāěr. And as many know, he is a Hong Kong rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, model, former fencer, and member of the South Korean group Got7. In addition to that, he is also an entrepreneur and has a fashion brand. We can see he has been in the fashion industry thanks to his style.


How to recreate Jackson Wang’s style?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to recreate Jackson Wang's style?In this guide to getting to know Jackson Wang’s style, we tell you how to recreate the style of this idol, who is the favorite of many K-Pop lovers. We should mention that Jackson’s outfits have some key pieces demonstrating his fashion sense. This guy is one of the international rappers and members of GOT7. Like his peers, he has built his style of dressing over time.


Therefore, now it is easy to identify the outfits where he captured the essence of him. Whether it’s gala looks or rehearsing with his bandmates, Jackson looks stunning while sticking to his favorite costumes and outfits, which are an inspiration to fans. If you want to know how to recreate Jackson’s style, keep reading and discover the elements and clothes you need to achieve it!




A garment that can’t be missing in Jackson Wang’s style is the t-shirt cut on the sides. He looks fantastic in this look and even cuts the sleeves of each item himself. The best is that, in this way, Jackson shows off his muscles in front of the public. And that fascinates all his fans. With this shirt, Jackson achieves a different and unique urban style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Jackson Wang wearing a beanieIf you want to recreate Jackson Wang’s style, you need a beanie in your wardrobe.


This idol loves to wear hats in a large number of colors.


We see him combine this accessory with sweatshirts, t-shirts, or shirts. But an exceptional tonal detail occurs when he wears a pair of sunglasses over the beanie.


That adds a different touch and makes this idol look like no other. Shop beanies like the ones Jackson wears by clicking here!



  1. ACCESSORIES WITH BLING BLINGKorean Fashion Trends - sparkly chains - Jackson Wang style


The accessories are also part of Jackson Wang’s style!


Jackson wears sparkly chains around his neck that give him a sophisticated look even when he wears sporty outfits.


This style mainly accompanies him when he promotes with TEAM WANG, but also on some stages of concerts with GOT7.






Korean Fashion Trends - all-black outfitDo you want to recreate Jackson Wang’s style? Black will be your best ally! Why?


Because regardless of whether it’s awards shows, events where he appears as an ambassador, airport looks, or on any given day, Jackson manages to make the all-black outfits shine.


This color favors the idol. And that is why we love to see him in clothes of that color.


Add more black pieces to your closet if you want to recreate Jackson’s style.




Korean Fashion Trends - sporty or athletic outfitsIf you don’t like sporty or athletic outfits, you will hardly be able to recreate Jackson Wang’s style.


The idol looks perfect with elegant or sporty styles. But when he opts for the latter, he frequently surprises us with how good he looks wearing his pants under his socks.


Add sweatpants, oversize pieces, and hoodies to recreate Jackson’s sporty style.


Shop Korean-style hoodies by clicking here and achieving your athleisure outfits!


If you want to know the best discounts on clothes and accessories to wear a Korean style, click here!


Is Team Wang a luxury brand?


Korean Fashion Trends - Is Team Wang a luxury brand?After learning about Jackson Wang’s style, we are not surprised that the idol is the owner and founder of a fashion brand. Jackson’s brand is called Team Wang. It is a luxury streetwear and urban fashion brand.


The co-founder and CEO is Henry Cheung, and he and Jackson have created a brand with incredible designs and evidence of the idol’s good taste and fashion sense.


The brand’s headquarters are in Shanghai, China, and its slogan is Know yourself, Make your history. Each of the designs transmits the personality and style of each person. Team Wang is a luxury brand that is worth considering if we want to have an urban style.


Three outfits you can recreate based on Jackson Wang’s style


All this journey through Jackson’s style has served as inspiration. So after you have some of Jackson’s favorite clothes we mentioned above, you can recreate some of the following styles based on Jackson’s style. Are you ready? Let’s see!




Korean Fashion Trends - classy styleYou can wear this outfit on a cold day and surprise yourself with your style. How can you do it? Combine your favorite jeans with a yellow sweater.


If you don’t have one of that colors, you can opt for another warm color.


Wear ankle boots with a bit of heel to elongate your figure. We recommend you to wear black shoes, but beige will also look great.


Don’t forget to tuck in your sweater and accessories like a chunky belt and earrings. Lastly, wear a brown coat for the best results. Get the best accessories by clicking here!




Korean Fashion Trends - outfit based on Jackson styleThe second outfit you can recreate based on Jackson’s style takes up the beanies that the idol frequently wears, as we mentioned before.


This time he wears it in a brown shade. You can combine this garment with cargo pants in the same tone. Wear white tennis shoes and a neutral-colored t-shirt or crop top.


We recommend gray or black. If you add a brown flowy shirt and fun designs to this look, you will get an iconic image.


And like Jackson, don’t forget your accessories! Round glasses are essential to copy Jackson’s image.




Korean Fashion Trends - casual style - Jackson Wang styleAnd lastly, there is a casual style that you can recreate based on Jackson’s style. He looks stunning as he plays Page. Therefore, he copies his outfit with basic clothes and some accessories.


All you need is a pair of loose, light denim shorts, and a tank top that has wide slits on the sides and pair it with white sneakers and knee-high socks.


The key to this outfit will be to use a blue beanie like Jackson’s and add the accessories you like the most. Don’t you have denim shorts? Don’t worry! You can buy them by clicking here. That way, you can recreate looks inspired by Jackson!


The best discounts are waiting for you! Get the best clothes and accessories to create your Korean-style looks by clicking here.


Jackson Wang’s style is perfect for those who love Jackson and his unique and unrepeatable style. There are a few key clothes and accessories you need to achieve a style like his one. What is your favorite Jackson look? Tell us in the comments. And remember that if you want to stay updated with everything related to Korean fashion, you can subscribe to our newsletter! That way, you will be up to date with all the updates we have for you every day. See you in the next blog!


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