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Did you know that a woman’s bag says a lot about them? The model, shape, color, and even the material we choose for our bags speak of the type of woman we are. They also talk about our way of life. Because of this, the bag is one of the most significant accessories that says a lot about the image that women try to communicate through the way they dress. However, it has become a practical element. It speaks of the way of life of the owner. Korean celebrities know about this. When we see the most favorite handbags used by Korean celebrities, we can intuit their lifestyle and, above all, their sense of fashion. Many Korean celebrities stick with trends, but others still stick with classic styles. If you want to know the most favorite handbags used by Korean celebrities, stay with us!


How to choose the correct bag?


The important thing when choosing a bag is knowing what we are going to use it for, what we need from it. And the thing is that the bag is essential when it comes to giving an image, and depending on which one you are wearing, its shape, the fabric, the size, and where you take it, you can communicate many different things about yourself. Based on these premises, Korean celebrities do not always wear the same bags on the same occasions, marking subtle differences in their styles depending on the moment.


Archetypes in bags


Korean image experts clarify that from how women wear or use the bag, we can see certain archetypes that explain what the woman who wears it is like and her essence. A woman who uses a large bag gives you information that she needs to carry almost her house on top of her. She will carry up the laptop and a makeup bag. Generally, if she wants to carry a large bag, it is because she needs, for her professional or personal life, to incorporate many things inside.


In the case of the little ones, the impression is different. They are less practical bags. And they are more linked to the making of a specific image. For example, of a look either for outings on the weekend or at specific events (appointments, weddings, parties). In Korea lately, there is a tendency to use small handbags. Many will wonder why if they are bags that do not look very practical. And you are correct, they are not, but it does its job of making you look good. In social networks, you will see many idols or actresses wearing this type of bag, and in recent days it has become one of everyone’s favorites.


Know the most favorite handbags used by Korean celebrities


IU – Gucci 1955 Horsebit Leather Wallet


Korean Fashion Trends - most favorite handbags used by korean celebrities- Gucci

Did you know IU is a Gucci ambassador? Because of that, it is not strange to see her wearing Gucci models not only in bags but also in clothes or shoes. In 2020, the Korean singer and actress attended the fashion week in Milan, and on the way, she was seen wearing a vintage outfit. She completed the look with the 1955 Horsebit Leather Wallet from Gucci. However, it has not been the only time we have seen her wearing the best of Gucci. We hope to continue seeing her with the brand’s garments and accessories. She is one of Gucci’s favorite ambassadors!


You can pair the Gucci 1955 Horsebit Leather Wallet with almost any outfit, whether it is a blouse and jeans or formal workwear. Because of that, it is an excellent option to take with you on your travels. Especially, if you want a bag that fits well with whatever clothes.


Sunmi – Baguette Bag by FENDI


Korean Fashion Trends - most favorite handbags used by korean celebrities- FENDI

This handbag is part of one of the most iconic Fendi collections!


You will wonder why, and the reason is that the bag from the Baguette collection is versatile. The best of all is you can transform the handbag into a shoulder bag!


In that way, you can carry it with a sliding chain strap. Korean artist Sunmi declared this wallet one of her favorites thanks to its functionality and design. She considers it a helpful purse for any occasion.


Tiffany – Prada Cleo Bag


Korean Fashion Trends - most favorite handbags used by korean celebrities- Prada

The Prada Cleo bag reinterprets a classic silhouette from the 90s. This bag was launched as part of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection.


Like Tiffany, we recognize that this is not only a beautiful bag but also a practical one.


This is a shoulder bag and is made of leather. It is great for every day, but it is especially great for casual dates and lunches.


We can take inspiration from Tiffany to carry this bag with the best of styles.


BLACKPINK’s Rose – Saint Laurent Niki Bag


Korean Fashion Trends - most favorite handbags used by korean celebrities- Saint laurent


Niki was first launched in Saint Laurent’s Spring 2018 campaign. Since then, she has been quite successful.


We can see that Korean celebrities enjoy the bag as lovers of the brand. One of those celebrities is Rose, when visiting airports, like any other Korean star, wears her best looks. She perfected her style with the Niki bag.


This bag is made of aged, distressed leather and bronze hardware. It is a stylish and durable option for an everyday bag.


In addition, it is roomy enough to carry a small laptop, books, or tablets.


Park Min Young – TOD’S Multicolor Bag


Korean Fashion Trends - most favorite handbags used by korean celebrities- TODYS

If you are looking to buy a designer bag that will never go out of style, we recommend Park Min Young’s multicolored crossbody bag.


The leather bag fastens with a flap and a Tod’s T Monogram buckle.


In addition, it has an adjustable and removable handle.


It is a very versatile and timeless bag. You can easily take it to brunch or work.  


Hwasa – Louis Vuitton Coussin PM bag


Korean Fashion Trends - most favorite handbags used by korean celebrities- Louis Vuitton

We admire Hwasa for her talent, but also her undeniable sense of fashion. She is a celebrity that we can constantly see looking flawless and fashionable. Mamamoo’s Hwasa completes her comfortable and elegant looks by wearing the Coussin PM bag from Louis Vuitton.


The model was launched as part of the Spring/Summer 2021 series. It is constructed from puffy lambskin with an embossed monogram as decoration.


You can use this bag for your daily outings or for the most important occasions that do not require much elegance.


Some Korean handbag brands that are a favorite Among Korean Celebrities




This brand is one of the most acclaimed in Korea. They founded it in 2013, and what characterizes Fibreno is its portfolios in bright and bright colors without neglecting the minimalist touch. These characteristics allow the consumer to have the freedom to use Fibreno bags on any occasion, as they are versatile thanks to their subtlety. Without a doubt, Fibreno bags are one of the most favorite handbags used by Korean celebrities.


Find Kapoor


Find Kapoor is a Korean handbag brand with better designs. So much so that their products seem more like a work of art than an accessory. Can you believe it? Find Kapoor combines classic and modern elements to create original designs. They experiment with colors and patterns. The bags of this brand are unconventional works of art that all avant-garde women can carry. Because of that, Find Kapoor bags are among the most favorite handbags used by Korean celebrities.


Alice Martha


One of the latest Korean fashion trends is all about going back to basics. That is back to clean lines and attractive solid colors. Are you still sporting eye-catching prints? Maybe it is time to change things up by buying your Alice Martha bag! Like K-Pop idols like Sistar’s Bora, Alice Martha is one of the best-known Korean lady’s handbag brands. For this reason, using one of Alice Martha’s bowling pins will bring Korean fashion back closer. After all, they are among the most favorite handbags used by Korean celebrities.


Korean fashion always has clothing and accessories available for every person, age, and occasion. Bags are a compliment that cannot be missing from any outfit. That is the reason Korean fashion integrates them with great style. With the most favorite handbags used by Korean celebrities, you can take inspiration to put together your looks with these perfect complete accessories. If you want to know more about Korean handbag brands, we invite you to visit the Korean fashion trends blog by clicking here. Do you already know what looks you will create with these handbags? Let us know in the comments! Also, remember to visit us every day so as not to miss anything about this fashion.



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