6 fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols

Korean Fashion Trends -  6 fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols

 6 fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols. It’s officially October, which means cooler weather is here. With the change of season and climate, it is common to want and need to change our looks. It is significant to modify what we wear if we want to adapt well to the seasons. However, there are clothes that we wear in summer that you can still give a try in the first days of fall when we are already approaching winter; that would be a terrible decision. You must consider your options and evaluate what you need to dress correctly and style this fall 2022. So if you want to renew your closet for the fall, check out some of 6 fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols. There is an outfit for all tastes! That way, this fall 2022 will not catch you off guard, and you will be able to wear perfect outfits as you have done throughout the year. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


6 K-Pop Idol-Inspired Looks For Fall


At Korean Fashion Trends, we have dedicated ourselves to informing you of the best Korean trends during the year. Of course, fall could not be the exception. So if you’ve enjoyed our blogs dedicated to the season so far, you’ll know what colors, clothes, and accessories are in trend. However, until now, we haven’t considered the inspiration we can always find in our favorite K-Pop celebrities. They are always the ideal people if we are looking for inspiration. Why? Because they dress amazingly. And they know better than anyone how to adapt to the seasons. That is why today, you will be able to know the 6 fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols. Keep reading!




Korean Fashion Trends - matching monochrome look - TXT's YeonjunWe start this list of fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols with TXT’s Yeonjun. Thanks to him, we can see that a matching monochrome look is a classic style that will never die. Why? Because TXT’s Yeonjun gives us a perfect example of a monochrome setting with an unexpected twist.


He created a one-color look that’s anything but bland, adding a pair of contrasting sneakers in a brighter shade of blue to his ensemble. It has a comfortable appearance. Why? Because it is similar to pajamas, but the style is not sloppy.


You can combine a loose button-down long-sleeved shirt with shorts of the same color. Add some sneakers in blue color and another of your preference to add a different touch. Try to make your white socks show too.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE's Mina, white t-shirt, blue satin pantsThe second outfit on this list of fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols is inspired by TWICE’s Mina.


A cropped jacket is the best option for those who live in warmer climates but still want that cool fall vibe TWICE’s Mina opted for a lightweight fabric in a neutral hue, donning a simple white t-shirt and a pair of blue satin pants to add some texture and interest to the look.


It is simple but chic and elegant. You can accompany him with accessories of your choice, but he tries not to add too many things.


Your outfit will not lose the sober and sophisticated touch that makes it stand out. In addition, it is a perfect look for fall evenings. But also if you have to go to work or university and want to dress comfortably.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE's MinaWe continue with this list of fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols! And this third time, we take inspiration from Red Velvet’s Wendy.


For those who are fans of effortless style, did you know there are ways to keep an outfit simple yet stylish? That’s how it is. Wendy chose a sweater and jeans, but she spiced it up by adding matching accessories.


Also, she subtly got her bag to match the logo on her sweater.


Like her, you can take advantage of the bright tones on trend and wear a loose green or very peri sweater with dark jeans and converse. Also, like her, you can add a crossbody bag.




Korean Fashion Trends - J-Hope from BTS - fall looks by K-Pop IdolsIn this fourth option among the fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols, we take inspiration from J-Hope from BTS. So Army, this option is for you.


J-Hope shows us that total denim is still in force in the fall. Plus, we all know that denim-on-denim can be a polarizing style.


However, BTS’s J-Hope pulls it off perfectly. He chose the top and bottoms in the same shade of denim to create a cohesive effect.


Additionally, he donned a beautiful flower-embroidered shirt underneath to keep the look from being too boring. The belted waist adds some shape to what would otherwise be a straight silhouette. You can recreate this same look. Or you can create your custom combination where denim stands out. Also, you can mix this look with sneakers, combat boots, and converse.




Korean Fashion Trends - IVE's Jang Won YoungWe almost ended this list of fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols. Anyway, this time, we take inspiration from one of the most iconic idols of the moment.


That’s right; we’re talking about IVE’s Jang Won Young. She shows us that a black leather jacket is a staple piece. Black leather jackets are a super versatile item, and Jang Won Young’s outfit is cool and girly at the same time. Her blouse and her bag provide little pops of color. And her ultra-high ponytail keeps the look from being too heavy around the face and neck despite the layers.


Like her, you can combine a black pleated skirt with a white shirt and a blue vest. On top, she adds a black leather jacket and a yellow bag. You can wear long black boots or ankle boots and long black stockings. This outfit is colorful but discreet.




Korean Fashion Trends - Jennie from BLACKPINK - fall looks by K-Pop IdolsAnd finally, in these fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols, we are inspired by one of the quintessential Korean fashion icons. Of course, Jennie could not miss it because she is always a source of inspiration for both the BLINKS and any K-Pop fan.


While this is technically a look from last fall, it’s still as on-trend as ever! Jennie played with the fall aesthetic by choosing neutral and terra tones for her look. The crochet top and brown jacket are super Y2K-chic, and the bag finishes off the look for a look that’s classic and edgy too.


You can wear baggy jeans with these garments and with chunky white shoes. It is casual and street-style, ideal for fall walks.


The fall looks inspired by K-Pop Idols are perfect if you don’t know how to dress this season. Once, the idols save us thanks to their styles and creativity when mixing clothes. They are always a source of inspiration that we can’t ignore. Which of these looks was your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you in the following Korean fashion trends blog!

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