Beyond the Screen: Uncovering Everything You Didn’t Know About K-Dramas!

Korean Fashion Trends - Beyond the Screen: Uncovering Everything You Didn’t Know About K-Dramas!

Like fashion and K-pop, Korean series and movies also attract many eyes from around the world. In fact, Korean dramas have taken the world under its spell with big screenplays and plots with many twists. Indeed, we’ve all heard some of them. For example, ‘’Squid Game,’’ ‘’King the Land,’’ or the newly released and well-received ‘’Mask girl.’’ K-dramas capture the audience’s interest like no other for multiple reasons. However, they also raise some curiosities that many Korean story lovers may have. So today, at Korean Fashion Trends, let’s dive into the realm of K-Dramas and uncover some lesser-known facts that add an extra layer of fascination to our favorite shows! Discover some of the secrets of Korean dramas and learn more about some of the most popular K-Dramas in 2023! Everything you didn’t know about K-dramas is finally here. Ready? Let’s dive in!


What You Don’t Know About K-Dramas?


You can find everything you didn’t know about K-dramas in this blog! But before we delve deeper, we will unveil some of the characteristics that make these productions unique. Keep reading so you don’t miss anything!


A plethora of Genres


Korean Fashion Trends - Everything you didn't know about K-dramas - A time called youKorea excels in many genres other than heart-fluttering romances and hilarious comedy scripts. There’s a K-drama to suit everyone’s taste. Therefore, you can also find surprising and emotional stories. Many think that K-dramas are only romantic or have tragic endings, but the truth is that there are dramas of all genres.


Webtoons to Screens


Webtoons are Korea’s digital comic books. Sometimes, K-dramas take webtoons to screens for a larger audience to reach. And also bring the webtoon alive. Lately, webtoons have become the basis for many popular K-dramas.


Insights on Korean Culture


Korean Fashion Trends - Everything you didn't know about K-dramas - historical k-dramaFurthermore, Korean dramas incorporate important elements of Korean culture and invite us to take a peek and understand a different culture than ours.


Insights on Korean Fashion


It is possible to gain insight into Korean fashion through K-dramas. Because some characters have impeccable fashion choices. Therefore, regardless of the K-drama you watch, you can find style inspirations easily since many characters are authentic Korean fashion muses!


Why Do K-Dramas Only Have 16 Episodes?


Korean Fashion Trends - Everything you didn't know about K-dramas - my lovely liarWe want to unveil everything you didn’t know about K-dramas today! Therefore, wanting to know why most dramas only have 16 chapters is a recurring and valid question. Surely, while watching a K-Drama, your emotions and expectations only increase with the passing of each episode.


However, when you think the story has more to offer, it ends in 16 chapters. As a result, you are left dissatisfied. For your curiosity, the South Korean series uses this system regularly. The popularity of K-dramas is not just about their story or the characters. Part of its success is thanks to the production format, where 16 chapters are enough to tell an original narrative that is easy to watch.


Korean Fashion Trends - A time called youThere are many episodes in Western series because they have multiple seasons. This is not the case with K-Dramas.


And what is the reason? Production companies seek immediacy to ensure that audiences consume stories without losing interest. Therefore, most K-Dramas have between 8 to 16 episodes per season.


Sometimes, one season is enough to tell an attractive, innovative, and successful story. Furthermore, preserving these characteristics allows the series to be concluded ahead of time if the series turns out unsuccessful. Some productions exceed this number of episodes. But, for the most part, they prefer to maintain this unwritten rule as a part of the secret to their success.


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Why Don’t Characters Kiss in K-Dramas?


Korean Fashion Trends - Everything you didn't know about K-dramas - The gloryAnother valid question regarding K-Dramas is about the kisses that we see on screen. We want to discover everything you didn’t know about K-dramas together, and that’s why we can’t skip the opportunity to clarify certain doubts. Society in South Korea experienced Confucian and Buddhist ideas where respect for personal space, and distance between men and women is significant. Therefore, public displays of affection, such as kissing, are considered offensive.


And, K-dramas maintain this philosophy by only showing small kisses when necessary until the last episodes. However, the arrival of new generations has led to a different perspective on these traditional norms in South Korea, promoting greater freedom. This shift in thinking is reflected in recent K-dramas.


For instance, if you’ve seen “King: The Land,” featuring Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoona as the lead couple, you’ll notice passionate kisses happening from the very first episodes. Gradually, we no longer need to wait until the final episodes to witness such scenes.


What Are the Must-Watch Korean Dramas?


Korean Fashion Trends - Everything you didn't know about K-dramas - The gloryIf captivating storytelling, heart-fluttering romance, and thrilling plot twists excite you, then K-dramas are here to cater to your interests. With a multitude of options at your disposal, let’s explore some must-watch K-dramas that will get you hooked from the first episode!


The Glory


Get ready for an exhilarating thriller as the protagonist, Moon Dong-eun, embarks on a journey of revenge. ‘The Glory’ has captivated audiences with brilliant plot twists and narratives grounded in real-life experiences. This series sheds light on cases of bullying and has garnered widespread attention.


See You in My 19th Life


Korean Fashion Trends - See you in my 19th lifeCombining romance, drama, and fantasy, See You in My 19th Life is a K-Drama that will captivate you from the start. It is a touching story where Ban Ji-eum, the main female character, can remember her past lives. And she sets out to reunite with a lost love from her 18th life.


Mask Girl


Mask Girl is a beautiful narrative that mocks the reality we live in as a series of unfortunate events unfold. What if there is only one obstacle between you and your dreams? And the obstacle is something you are born with, your face. Beauty makes the world go around. This is an intense story with 3 different narrators. That’s right. A dark story of beauty and murder.




Korean Fashion Trends - GlitchExperience a blend of fantasy and comedy as you immerse yourself in the intriguing world of aliens through ‘Glitch.’ Starring Nana and Jeon Yeo-been, this drama follows the journey of a woman in search of her vanished boyfriend. Amidst the chaos caused by her sightings of aliens, she unexpectedly reunites with an old friend, adding a unique twist to her tumultuous life.


A Time Called You


If you liked Neon Yeo-Been’s performance in Glitch, you can also see her in Netflix’s latest release, ‘’A Time Called You.’’ It is a K-drama where a young woman, who is still recovering from the death of her boyfriend, is transported back in time to the body of a high school girl. There, she meets a boy who looks similar to her boyfriend. We recommend having tissues on hand to watch this show! Because it is one of those typical Korean stories of an incomplete and heartbreaking romance.


Where to Watch Korean Dramas?


Korean Fashion Trends - NetflixYou can watch K-dramas in more places than you think. In addition to Netflix, HBO+, and Prime Video, Viki, Dramacool, Flixtor, Gohitv, and iQIYI also offer excellent choices for watching K-dramas.


Like you, we too are K-dramas lovers. And we are also interested in knowing more about our favorite series. Therefore today, we will unveil everything you didn’t know about K-dramas! We hope that after this blog, you no longer have recurring doubts about Korean dramas.


However, if there is still something you want to know, tell us in the comments! Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? Remember that you can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive notifications of our news updates and discounts on Korean fashion. In addition, you can also enjoy our content on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and Twitch. Join our community! See you in the next blog!

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