RIIZE RIZZ? Everything We Know About SM Entertainment’s New Boy Group!

Korean Fashion Trends - RIIZE RIZZ? Everything We Know About SM Entertainment's New Boy Group!

SM Entertainment, a powerhouse in the K-pop industry, is once again making waves with the introduction of their latest boy group – RIIZE. A highly anticipated new boy group that has fans buzzing with excitement. With a knack for producing chart-topping acts, SM Entertainment is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that RIIZE lives up to the hype. So here’s a glimpse into everything we know about this group who just had their brand new debut. Their title track ‘Siren’ is a perfect blend of pop and hip-hop, boasting a high-energy choreography punctuated by strong and sharp movements. Indeed, just what we need entering into fall. But, who is RIIZE? Ready to get to know them? Let’s dive in!


What Is RIIZE’ Talented Lineup?


Korean Fashion Trends - SM Entertainment's New Boy Group Riize - AntonThis group of 7 members showcases flawless harmony and synchronization. While we’re only scratching the surface of their talent, it’s already evident that these young men will achieve immense success in the industry. The group has a diverse background with members who are Korean, Japanese, and Korean-American. So, shall we take a brief look into who they are?




Anton Lee is the son of famous Korean singer Yoon Sang. He was born on March 21, 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts. And he is incredibly talented in composing music. And also can play the cello!




Korean Fashion Trends - SM Entertainment's New Boy Group Riize - wonbinPark Wonbin was born on March 2, 2002. And he is the main dancer of RIIZE. Furthermore, he is an amazing guitarist.




Lee Sohee was born on November 21, 2003. And he is a skilled vocalist despite his young age.




Korean Fashion Trends - eunseokSong Eunseok was born on March 19, 2001. He was actually one of the trainees revealed by SM through SM ROOKIE last year. Additionally, he has appeared in NCT many times before ending up as the new member of RIIZE.




Hong Seunghan was born on October 2, 2003. Seunghan was also revealed as a trainee by SM through SM ROOKIE last year. He has a talent for playing the piano and guitar. And, he can also sing!




Korean Fashion Trends - SM Entertainment's New Boy Group Riize - sungchanJung Sungchan was born on September 13, 2001. Sungchan is a former NCT member, famous for his stunning visuals.




Osaki Shotaro was born on November 25, 2000. So, he is the oldest member of RIIZE.


Moreover, Shotaro is also a former NCT member recognized for his exquisite dancing skills. He has exceptional talent as a result of his hard-working personality since he was only 5 years old.


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Why RIIZE Members Are Exceptionally Talented?


Korean Fashion Trends - SM Entertainment's New Boy Group - RiizeThere are many reasons why you should stan RIIZE. Well, apart from their obvious rizz. Firstly, their debut under SM Entertainment is a significant milestone in itself. This is the first time SM Entertainment has introduced a new boy group after NCT, marking a significant debut.


Demonstrating their formidable talents, the boys have notably presented their skills in the performance video ‘Siren.’  Alongside this, they’ve unveiled their fresh track ‘Memories,’ accompanied by an energetic music video.


The members of RIIZE have expressed their pursuit of ‘Emotional Pop,’ a style that ‘Memories’ perfectly exemplifies. Click here to take a look at their newest MV “Get A Guitar.” It’s a fresh song and the choreography they show in the video is contagious like the rhythm of the song itself! Furthermore, RIIZE has also performed at KCON LA 2023. And proved that they’re here to rock the stage.


First Look Into RIIZE’ Charismatic and Playful Style: What Is RIIZE’s Style Like?


Korean Fashion Trends - SM Entertainment's New Boy Group Riize - ShotaroThe rizz comes from the fits? We think so! Maybe not only from the outfits but also the ambitious and show-stopper talent.


But, since you are on Korean Fashion Trends right now, the first question popping into your mind is probably… “Okay, but what were they wearing?” So we came prepared! RIIZE sports a cool and avant-garde sporty style that fits the member’s age very well.


Our first review of the outfits tells us which elements we will need to copy them head-to-toe. The wild child image of the boys will make us keep them on the fashion radar. Are you ready? Here we go!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean girl wearing stripesOne of the key elements to recreate RIIZE’ looks are the stripes. You can wear stripes in tops with sleeves or sleeveless tops, pants or jackets, even in your accessories. It’s a print that the boys have reinvented with their debut! Shop here!




Make sure you have a pair of mesh if you want to replicate the style of the RIIZE members! There is no doubt that mesh adds a lot of style, especially if you combine mesh tops with parachutes. That way, you will achieve a unique, youthful, and fresh style. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean girl wearing oversized shirtIf you look closely at the style of the RIIZE members, you will be able to notice the presence of oversized garments. Oversized pants, oversized T-shirts, and oversized graphic hoodies. The combination of these three items will achieve an impeccable style ideal for autumn. Choose this option if you want to stand out wherever you go! Shop here.




Denim is also a must-have if you aim to  recreate the RIIZE members style. Combine oversized jeans and denim jackets. You can also use graphic biker jackets for an extra touch of edge. Keep it cool with berets and headbands as accessories. And add unique and colorful sneakers to finish off the look. Shop here!


What to Expect Next From RIIZE in K-Pop?


Korean Fashion Trends - RiizeThe boys will make their official debut on September 4, 2023. Until then, we got to take a sneak peek into this group with their first performance and dance practice videos. They also showcased a charmful energy through their first IG live and captured the hearts of many.


RIIZE is among the most promising new K-pop groups! Their youthful and cheerful style extends to their contagious and innovative music! RIIZE can inspire you in endless ways, even in the fashion world. Fill your closet with the key pieces to achieve the RIIZE style easily! If you like Korean fashion, Korean fashion trends are the place for you. So, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch if you want to join our K-fan community! See you soon!


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