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One of the first references is idols when we want to look for inspiration to wear Korean fashion. However, idol looks are usually very casual and urban styles. Although that doesn’t mean that we can’t see them in more elegant styles, when it comes to sophisticated looks, one of the strongest inspirations you can find is K-Dramas. Especially in those K-Dramas where the story is set in offices. Or in the K-Dramas that portray strong and empowered women. If you don’t know how to dress to go to the office or for any elegant occasion, you can check the closet of some K-Drama characters to recreate sophisticated outfits of another level. For that reason, today, in Korean Fashion Trends, you will be able to know these elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas. With these ideas, you will be able to wear the most sophisticated and striking outfits with which you will be able to draw everyone’s attention. Be the center of attention with these elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas. Let’s get started!


5 Stylish Outfits Of Female Characters In K-Dramas


K-Drama stories are fascinating in every way. Also, we can hardly ignore the outfits worn by the characters. If you are someone who needs or wants to wear elegant looks, this blog is for you. Why? Because today you will be able to know the elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas. In this way, you can take sophisticated looks to another level, just like these characters of strong, empowered women and, above all, fashionistas.




We have monochromatic and edgy combinations to start this list of elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas. So when it comes to these looks, Yoon Hye Jin, played by Shin Min Ah, in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” is the best inspiration of all. If you watched this beautiful K-Drama, you would know that Hye Jin stands out thanks to her style and love for her shoes. She is a true fashion lover! So she is an inspiration in every way. Her style is an edgy monochromatic hit, thanks to the colors she wears. Also, to the bags and other fashion accessories and statement pieces that she adds to the outfit. As a dentist, Hye Jin sports a professional look. But she always adds a unique touch. Elegant is never synonymous with boring, and she is an example of that. For that reason, you can wear these elegant outfits to work or for another occasion. 




In Korean fashion, many non-basic staples help you create next-level outfits. Non-basic basic outfits are also part of the elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas. The inspiration for these looks is Ha Young Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo in Now We Are Breaking Up. As a designer, Ha Young Eun can’t help but have an innate sense of fashion and impeccable style. She works in the spotlight and behind the scenes as a creative director. For that reason, she chooses to wear outfits that are practical, classic, and from day to night events. She keeps her look clean and simple with neutral colors and few to no prints. That’s what makes her style timeless and classic, which at the same time makes her a perfect choice for inspiration in sophisticated outfits.




All fashion lovers know that neutral colors are the most elegant of all. They bring an elegant appearance without problems. For that reason, neutral and sophisticated outfits are part of these elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas. For this occasion, we will take inspiration from Jin Ha Kyung, played by Park Min Young in Forecasting Love and Weather. She is a kind-hearted leader who always gives her best and dresses like a true fashionista. Watching the K-Drama, we can see that one of her favorite clothes is the blouse and pants set with a tie on the front. This outfit works for the office and romantic date thanks to its classic and timeless colors, such as neutral colors.




Although neutral colors are the crème de la crème of elegance, that doesn’t mean we should rule out bright colors. If we know how to use them correctly, we can create beautiful and elegant outfits. For that reason, the penultimate option among the elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas is a bright and colorful combination. To get these colors right, we have two sources of inspiration: Honey Lee as Jo Yeon in One The Woman, and Jeon Yeo Bin, who plays the iconic female lead in Vincenzo. The former knows how to use bright prints and colors in elegant looks. The second is an expert in not wearing boring outfits. That is due to the pastel colors and unique cuts of her looks. They make her look extraordinary and stunning. If you want to wear these looks correctly, check the outfits of these characters. They are an example that you can also dress elegantly in bright colors.




And to finish this list of the elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas, we have looked with vintage touches. The classic and timeless are always a good option. Inspiration for these outfits can be found in En Kim Dali, played by Park Gyu Young, in “Dali and Cocky Prince.” She is the only daughter of a prestigious family that works in the art gallery industry. Her story reflects her slightly eccentric yet creative fashion that is both fresh and beautiful! Her style stands out thanks to her dresses. Also, thanks to suits in solid colors and classic prints. If you decide to be inspired by her to recreate elegant outfits, add white polka dot dresses, lace dresses, and long puff-sleeved suits. Combine them with vintage accessories and other more modern ones like extravagant sunglasses. In addition to being a fashion hit, you will attract attention thanks to your vintage and modern looks at the same time.


The elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas will help you get out of your comfort zone when you want to wear sophisticated outfits. It’s best to take your elegant looks to another level, even when the safer options are not a bad choice. In that way, you don’t get stuck on one garment, color, or pattern. Which of these looks was your favorite? Tell us in the comments! See you soon.

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