K-Pop Inspiration: Tips to Dress Like Lia From ITZY!

Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop inspiration: tips to dress like Lia from ITZY

We’re back to our idol style section! And, this time, we will bring you inspiration from a K-Pop fashionista! Our blog on tips to dress like Lia from ITZY is going to bring you all the energy and motivation to create hit outfits for the summer time! Whether you are a Lia fan or not, it is a fact that she is one of the fourth generation kpop idols that stand out the most, due to her exceptional singing and dancing talents, but also her style. Therefore, believe us when we say that you can’t miss these tips to dress like Lia from ITZY. Are you ready? Keep reading!


Who is Lia From ITZY?


Korean Fashion Trends - Tips to dress like Lia from ITZY - Blond Korean IdolHere at Korean Fashion Trends, we have a tradition of starting with the idol who inspired our style guide. So, before delving into the tips for dressing like ITZY’s Lia, let’s briefly explore the journey of this young and gifted K-pop idol.


Her real name is Choi Jisu, and she is a member of the K-pop group ”ITZY”, a five-member girl group under the JYP Entertainment record label in South Korea. The group debuted on February 12, 2018, with the single album ”It’z Different.” Lia holds the official positions of vocalist and dancer. And before her debut, Lia studied and graduated from Shinson Junior High School, NLCS Jeju, and Seoul Performing Arts High School (SOPA) in the Department of Practical Music. She was born in South Korea, but moved to Toronto, Canada with her family for three years, where she attended primary and secondary school.


Korean Fashion Trends - Tips to dress like Lia from ITZY - Korean IdolDuring her teenage years, while she was in high school and still in Canada, she auditioned for SM Entertainment. Lia passed the audition but never signed with the company because her parents wanted her to focus on her studies, and when she decided to sign, she was soon kicked out of the agency.


In 2017, she attended another audition, but this time for JYP Entertainment. Lia managed to pass it and became a trainee at the company. She trained for two years before debuting with ITZY. Finally, on January 20, 2019, she was introduced as a member of ITZY through the video ‘Prologue Film: ITZY? ITZY!’. Since then, she has become well known for both her singing and dancing abilities, but also her vibrant and feminine style. Don’t know where to shop for Korean and K-pop fashion? The best option to do so is here!


What is ITZY Lia’s Style Like?


Korean Fashion Trends - Tips to dress like Lia from ITZY - Korean IdolWe already know more about ITZY’s Lia so far. Now, to start on the tips to dress like Lia from ITZY, we will tell you more about the style of this Korean idol, who stands out in the fourth generation of K-pop. It’s essential to highlight that Lia has garnered recognition for her distinctive singing voice, which sets her apart as an idol with a unique vocal quality in K-pop. Yet, her fans also hold her in high regard for her fashion sense and dressing style.


Lia’s style is sophisticated and elegant. She loves to wear luxurious looks. Also is an expert in wearing casual styles without losing the elegant and sophisticated touch. Do you like the classic and sophisticated style? Maybe the Korean old-money style could be your thing! Learn more about the Korean old-money style here, and shop for Korean-style clothes and accessories at the best prices by clicking here!


Wearing ITZY Lia’s style is easier than you think! With our tips to dress like Lia from ITZY, and our recommendations and discount access to the YesStyle catalogue, which is here, you can buy elegant and sophisticated Korean-style clothing and accessories. Don’t miss the opportunity and achieve the style of your dreams now! Also, you don’t need a big budget to do it, because there are discounts available that you can take advantage of at any time. Shop now!


What Do You Need to Achieve ITZY Lia’s Style?


Among the tips to dress like Lia from ITZY, we included the main things you need to achieve her style. Here are some essential pieces of clothing to achieve the ITZY Lia look. Let’s take a look!




Korean Fashion Trends - Tips to dress like Lia from ITZY - Korean Idol wearing topWe will start our tips to dress like Lia from ITZY by recommending adding tops to your closet, so you can achieve her casual looks. Lia loves to wear sleeveless tops. She wears tops with colorful shorts or sweatpants for a casual look. You could try wearing them with slacks for a dressy look. But, instead of wearing cotton, try wearing silk for a change. Shop here!




Our second tip among the tips to dress like Lia from ITZY, is white graphic shirts! If you want to achieve the style of Lia from ITZY, you also need graphic white shirts in your wardrobe. Like her, it’s a piece you can play with. You can wear it with shorts, a skirt, or jean pants. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol wearing dressTips to dress like Lia from ITZY would not be complete if we didn’t mention denim dresses and skirts, which are must-haves within the idol’s closet.


Also, skirts are an all-time favorite of hers. Like Lia, you can combine them in many ways depending on, if you want to look cute or look classy! Lia combines them with white shirts and cardigans, and achieves perfect looks!


Denim dresses are also an excellent option, whether you want to wear them combined with white shirts underneath or not. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Tips to dress like Lia from ITZY - Korean Idol wearing elegant dressWe already mentioned that ITZY’s Lia style is mostly elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, garments that fit this style, such as classic and timeless, will be your best bet when following the tips to dress like Lia from ITZY. Like Lia, you too can wear an elegant white dress with puff sleeves. Shop here!




And finally, the knitted vest is another garment you should have in your closet if you want to follow the tips to dress like Lia from ITZY. Knitwear is comfortable, especially if you have long activities to do during the day. It is also a perfect piece to achieve layered looks. You could wear them over a simple T-shirt, just like Lia does. Also, you can wear something under the same color as your knitwear for a more preppy look. Shop here!


3 Outfits Inspired by Lia From ITZY!


We will continue our tips to dress like Lia from ITZY, and we couldn’t do it without recommending three Korean outfits inspired by Lia from ITZY. Let’s get started!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol wearing white T-shirtCombine denim pants or skirts with a graphic white top or t-shirt. On top, add a knitted trench coat in beige. Add sneakers or Chunky shoes, even some Converse shoes would be a good option. As a bag, add a white tote bag. Shop here.




Another look that you can achieve if you want to be inspired by Lia’s look is to combine black jeans with a basic shirt. Above, wear a sophisticated-style coat in the color of your choice, but we recommend neutral tones. You can combine it with boots or white tennis shoes. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol wearing denim dressAnother good option to carry the style of Lia from ITZY is to combine a denim dress over a white top, and add a black leather jacket oversized on top. Combat boots will be ideal for this look. Shop here!


Tips to dress like Lia from ITZY are essential if you are a Lia fan and love her style! Whether you want a dressy or casual look, Lia is the perfect muse to get inspiration! Follow our advice, add the basics, and combine them to recreate her looks!


Don’t forget to tell us in the comments if you do! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. And follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube, Spotify, and Twitch! See you soon, K-lover!


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