How to dress in winter according to K-Pop idols?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to dress in winter according to K-Pop idols

Don’t be a victim of the cold during winter and Christmas! The importance of dressing appropriately during cold seasons is so significant. You must maintain your health but also, if you are a lover of good dress and have a defined style, you must take care that your outfits are perfect in each situation. These K-Pop idols will be your guide to putting together looks that don’t allow you to get cold. At the same time, they make you feel beautiful and comfortable. For that reason, it’s time to get out your warm sweaters, hats, gloves, and scarves. But how to dress in winter according to K-Pop idols? Ideas are never lacking because they always dress according to the season. When there is a warm climate, they use fresh looks and light fabrics. But in winter, they prefer to keep warm outfits. You can recreate many of their looks at home. Stay in Korean Fashion Trends! And find out how to dress in winter according to K-Pop Idols.


7 Outfit ideas for winter according to K-Pop idols


When it comes to the seasons of the year, K-Pop idols always have outfit ideas that you can easily recreate. To know how to dress in winter according to K-Pop idols, know these outfits and stay warm and well dressed during winter:


Sporty, comfortable, and stylish with TWICE’s Momo


TWICE’s Momo has a very comfortable dressing style. As a dancer, she must be ready to give her best. With them, you can know how to dress in winter according to K-Pop Idols. Why? Because on cold days, there is nothing like a sporty set of pans and a loose sweatshirt. Momo knows that very well, and that is why she uses combinations of warm clothes, but with color. However, that she likes sportswear, it does not prevent her from occasionally shining with sophisticated looks perfect for the cold. One of the quintessential Christmas shades is red.


Straight silhouettes and sports shoes are one of the trends in formal suits. Momo shared with us a red look where she wears a black beret that can be an option for a family dinner. She loves red baggy long pants, with a red jacket and a red top. Also, she is a fan of padded jackets. Those are one of the key pieces that should not be missing in your closet. In addition, for inspiration, Momo proposes us to wear a look that combines dark and bright colors using these types of jackets


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Cuddly and nice with LOONA’s Yeojin


We should all have a sweatshirt as adorable as LOONA’s Yeojin in our closet. This teddy bear hoodie (in addition to keeping you warm) will make you look adorable, which adds points to the outfit she wears. It is the case with Yeojin. She looks cute, beautiful, and warm when she uses this hoodie. You can use these hoodies and bears or another theme that is your favorite. If they have terry cloth, the better. Why? Because they will be your allies when the temperatures drop below zero. There is nothing like looking adorable while protecting yourself from the cold. That’s why this hoodie stands out. 


Less is more with RED VELVET’s Yeri


Yeri is one of the idols who dominate fashion. In addition, it seems that the phrase: Less is more also applies because, with the correct garments, it can look sensational in a single color. On one occasion, Yeri dressed in black using only basic clothes such as jeans, a sweatshirt, tennis shoes and decorated with a black bag. These combinations are perfect for those who prefer to maintain a less elaborate but still fashionista look. Therefore, this outfit could not be missing among the ideas of ‘how to dress in winter according to K-Pop Idols.‘ In addition, its casual appearance will allow you to wear it daily or at Christmas dinner.


Colors and textures with the ITZY girls


ITZY girls always stand out for the combination of colors and textures. But outside of the presentations, their looks are just as fun. For cold days, feel free to combine colors, especially bright colors. Also, textures are always a safe bet in Korean fashion. Therefore, you can wear layered looks, combining oversize with skinny, etc. Take inspiration from the girls at ITZY and add fun to your winter outfits.


Homey with STAY C


But not everything is about outfits to go out. Many people also like to dress well inside the house, and this is when we need the perfect pajamas. In winter, even inside the house, the cold can affect us. Therefore, it is important to wear warm pajamas. Because of that, the girls at STAY C inspire us with their pajama outfits. They share with us the best look idea to stay in your house. Dressing in the comfort of your pajamas, you can organize a marathon of dramas, movies or have a relaxed weekend. Pajamas are a favorite in the cold season! You can choose classic, minimalist, or patterned pajamas, everything. 


Relaxed and casual with Chungha


The soloist has us used to always having impeccable looks on stage, special presentations, or in her MVs. But she also has another side that is more relaxed and ideal for you. If you prefer a relaxed style, you can wear a jeans jumpsuit like her, with an earth tone hoodie and a white shirt. You can add tennis like converse or sneakers. It all depends on your choice. This style is quite comfortable, and casual, but it is also cozy and appropriate for the cold. So if your style is less complicated, this idea of ​​how to dress in winter according to K-Pop Idols is excellent for you.


Sporty and stylish with BLACKPINK’s Lisa


A sporty look with a loose sweatshirt and a hat to keep you warm will always be a winning combination. But what happens when you raise it? Lisa took this sporty outfit to the next level with heels and leg warmers, which gave it an elegant and different touch. You can recreate the look or change the style a bit. The important thing is that you wear sportswear and add others that help you give it an elegant touch. In this way, this outfit is functional and comfortable. It is also versatile because you could use it for a casual moment or a more elegant one. For that reason, it could not be missing among the outfits of how to dress in winter according to the K-Pop Idols.


How to dress in winter according to K-Pop idols? You can wear sports, casual or elegant outfits. The important thing is that they help you fight the cold while you look fabulous and fashionable. These outfit combination ideas will come in handy in winter and the holidays to come. Make sure that the basic clothes are not missing in your closet, and you will be able to recreate some of these looks without problems. Don’t forget to visit us every day! Here at Korean Fashion Trends, you will find everything related to your favorite fashion. See you on the next blog!


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