How to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion?


With the arrival of summer, many travel plans arise. The perfect plan for the hottest days is to visit the beach or the pool. In addition to taking the necessary care to protect ourselves from the sun and sea salt, it is also necessary to consider the looks we will use. It may not be a necessity for everyone. But for fashion lovers, it is essential to look good even on the beach. Therefore, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about how to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion. We present some tips and combinations of helpful clothes to go to the beach. These looks are also functional for going to the pool. So if you plan to spend a day at the pool with your friends or partner, you can also pay attention to the looks that we recommend today. They are looks full of color, fresh, and, above all, full of style. Some are basic but timeless. These looks are also a good option if you like the classic style. Let’s get started!


3 Tips and recommendations to achieve a perfect look to go to the beach according to Korean fashion


Before knowing how to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion, let’s review some tips to get closer to that dream beach look.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-YOU-NEED-TO-HAVE-BEACH-DRESSESFirst on your list of beachwear ideas should be beach dresses.


Why? Because they are fresh, comfortable, elegant, and easy to use. Try to make the dresses cotton to give them variety.


You can try mini and midi lengths. And if you want to add a little more modern touch, try a maxi dress.


Make sure your sandals are neutral, gold, silver, or beige.


They are the best options because they fit with all dresses and beach outings.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-DON_T-FORGET-TO-ADD-HATSHats not only protect your face. They also give your outfit a more elegant touch.


There are many styles to choose from, including oversized brimmed sun hats, straw hats, or even baseball caps. But be careful! One of the best fashion tips we can give you is to make sure your hat is similar in style to your swimsuit.


Don’t wear a baseball cap with a dress. And don’t wear a wide-brimmed hat with a sporty swimsuit.


However, an option that fits with any look is bucket hats. You can use them with dresses and even with more sporty pieces. You can learn about the most common hats and caps in Korean fashion by clicking here.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-JEWELRY-AND-ACCESSORIES-ARE-NECESSARYIn Korean fashion (and in any other), accessories are essential if you want to elevate your looks. That is why jewelry and accessories are significant for any occasion.


Yes, even in your looks to go to the beach. Jewelry will keep you looking sophisticated on the beach, but beware of wearing too much.


If you’re going to be active, swimming, playing volleyball, etc., don’t wear large earrings that could catch on something. It would be dangerous.


The best option is small hoops or earrings. Ankle bracelets and toe rings look great with beachwear but make sure all jewelry is snug so it doesn’t fall off.




After knowing the tips and recommendations to wear a perfect look on the beach, it is time to know how to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion. Get to know these five looks and get ready to conquer the beach!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-BLUE-AND-DENIMWe have blue and denim in this first combination to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion. Blue is a very beachy color. It fits in with the sea and with the clouds in the sky.


In addition, it is a color that transmits a lot of tranquility and confidence. If you want to use a look where this color stands out, you can recreate this option.


Best of all, you don’t need a lot of parts to pull it off. You need high-cut shorts, a yellow blouse or top, and a sheer cardigan that you can wear over the top and let it show.


You can add the hat of your choice. But for a slightly more casual and slightly sporty combination, a baseball cap would fit quite well. Don’t forget your sandals and your sunglasses!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-NEUTRAL-COLORS-AND-PLAID-PRINTNeutral colors are also part of this list of outfits to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion. And it is that these colors have always been part of Korean fashion.


Although you can opt for brighter colors when going to the beach, neutral colors are perfect options, especially for those who prefer more timeless looks with sophisticated touches.


A Korean-style beach outfit includes baggy white shorts, a brown top, and a beige and brown checkered button-down shirt.


Add a round cap hat and a few other accessories.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-WHITE-AND-MINT-GREENContinuing with this list of looks to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion we have the colors white and mint green.


The combination of neutral colors with pastels is always a good option.


Yes, even to go to the beach! Therefore, achieving this look will be a wise decision and will not take many garments.


You need a short skirt in a mint green color. It can be printed with green and white squares.


Add a white top and tie your hair up. A crossbody bag and maybe a bucket hat would work well with this combination.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-FLORAL-DRESSESWe already said that dresses are fundamental pieces to having a closet ready for beach looks.


For this reason, we include dresses in this fourth option in the list to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion.


You can choose the cut of your preference, as we said before. But a good option would be a maxi dress with puffed sleeves or off the shoulders.


If the dress is flowery, it will be a perfect option. And if you want to combine the dress with a solid color, we recommend a pastel-colored garment or accessories.




Korean-Fashion-Trends - How to dress to go to the beach - korean woman wearing a dressAnd finally, in this list to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion, we have a combination of white, blue, and a lot of femininity. It is a chic, feminine, and fashionista look.


In addition, it is also a very versatile option because you can use it both to go to the beach and to go to another place that requires casual clothing.


Wear a long, not-so-loose navy blue dress. Underneath, wear a white t-shirt and add sandals. But if you want to walk on the beach without filling your feet with sand, white tennis shoes would be a good option.


Add a white round top hat and accessorize with a crossbody bag, sunglasses, and other accessories.


How to dress to go to the beach regarding Korean fashion? You need basic garments like dresses, sandals, hats, and accessories to pull it off properly. Think neutrals, pastels, and maybe a bright color like yellow or orange. It is not very difficult to look perfect even on your trips to the beach. Which combination was your favorite? We hope to see your impressions in the comments. See you soon in another Korean Fashion Trends blog. You’re invited!

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