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Diamond face: The next beauty standard in Korea. The trends in Korea are renewed every day. Some elements always stay the same. But many others are constantly changing. And that not only applies to fashion, seasonal clothes, or the most used garments. It also applies to beauty and its standards. We all know that in Korea, the beauty standards are so high that they are often impossible to achieve. The concern to look good, have fair skin, and be very thin are some of the long-standing standards in Korean culture. We don’t think this will change soon, even when people and celebrities are trying to speed up the process. Therefore, an increase in a trend in Korean beauty is happening in recent days. Is the diamond face the next beauty standard in Korea? Stay on Korean Fashion Trends to discover the answer with us. Keep reading!


What is the diamond face?


The diamond face is known because its chin and jaw are pointed and profiled. This type of face stands out for having a lot of height compared to the cheekbones. Its features are broader across the width of the face, while the forehead and jaw are narrow, which gives it a rhomboid silhouette. If you ask yourself “Is the diamond face the next beauty standard in Korea?” It seems that it is since more and more are the celebrities that we see with this type of face, as is the case of Go Yoon Jung. They attract the attention of many, and by doing so, many people want to look like them.


Can you have a diamond face with plastic surgery?


Yes, it is possible to do so. Many people immediately think of Korea when they think about plastic surgery and beauty restoration. It is normal because the country is also one with the highest rate of plastic surgeries. Many years ago, many people took the golden ratio face as the standard. However, now, Korea has found a new standard. It is the diamond face. They use this term to refer to people with harmonious faces where all facial features are perfect. Lately, many girls aspire to have this type of face. Why? Because, with this type of face, you can use only a little makeup, and even then, the lines of the face will remain very clear and correct in every millimeter.


Who is the benchmark for the diamond face in Korea?


As a benchmark for the diamond face trend, we have actress and model Go Yoon Jung, who we mentioned earlier. She was not born with a diamond face. She underwent plastic surgery. It shows us that it is possible to achieve this type of face with surgery. However, aside from having her nose turned up a bit, Go Yoon Jung didn’t interfere much with other parts of her face. The big round eyes, the heart-shaped lips, the V-shaped chin remain the same.


Her nose has a quite natural shape. Because of that, her facial expression still looks very harmonious and smooth. It seems that she has not had surgery. Thanks to that, it is not a coincidence that people say she has a diamond face. After fixing her nose and lips at a 90-degree angle, the curvature of her forehead made a 120-degree angle. These are all those numbers that everyone wants. Why? Because in that way, you would get to have the perfect face, that is, the diamond face. That is why the diamond face is the next standard for Korean beauty. 


What is the ideal face in Korea?


The ideal face in Korea has perfect white skin, a slim figure, and a small face. In addition, it is also significant to have a V jaw, straight eyebrows, and small and fleshy lips. Finally, big eyes are a priority. And also, the eyes are a significant factor for Koreans. The so-called “AEGYO-SAL” is a term that Koreans have for the small fat deposits under their eyes. They claim that those deposits give a person a more youthful appearance. However, as has been discussed so far, beauty standards in Korea are not static. They also vary according to trends. So, is the diamond face the next beauty standard in Korea? Yes, it is expected to be the new Korean beauty trend.


In that way, the diamond face could be part of the ideal Korean face type. Its almost perfect proportions, which give a sophisticated and beautiful appearance, are what many people in Korea seek to fulfill their beauty goals. So if you do not meet any of this type of face, you can be sure that you do not fit the Korean beauty standard. But who cares about that? If being yourself is always the best beauty. Even so, we cannot deny that it is a delicate-looking face. Maybe that’s why Koreans go crazy over that face. It is so much so that many come to undergo these surgeries to have it.


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Are thin lips the beauty standard in Korea?


One of the beauty standards in Korea when it comes to the face is the lips. The lips should be small, but they should also be slightly full. But yes, they can also be thin. The idea of ​​having a small body and face refers to a small and delicate appearance. So if you go to Korea and someone tells you that you have a small head, don’t panic. They are paying you a compliment. For them, having a small head and face is ideal. Perhaps it is because they have a more adorable appearance as well. For many people in Korea, what is considered sweet or cuddly is ideal. For that reason, if you have tips and a small face, many will consider you a perfect type. You will be attractive in Korean eyes.


Which K-Pop female idols fit the standards of Korean beauty?


By Korean beauty standards, BlackPink’s Jisoo and Rosé, Red Velvet’s Irene, Bae Suzy, Im Yoon-ah, Momoland’s Nana, and Nancy are some of the best fit for Korean beauty standards. These idols stand out whether because of the shape of their faces, their slim bodies, or their fair skin. The reason? Because they fit the country’s beauty standards. However, we believe that an idol is not defined by their beauty, regardless of whether they conform to Korean beauty standards or not. They are much more than just pretty faces.


Is the diamond face the next beauty standard in Korea? Yes. Koreans think that the diamond face has perfect proportions thanks to its harmonious proportions. They believe it is a beautiful and radiant face. Therefore, the next Korean beauty standard that already exists is gaining momentum. What do you think about it? Does a diamond face look attractive to you? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to visit Korean fashion trends every day. This is your space to enjoy the latest Korean trends. See you in the next post!


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