Who are the edgy designers who have dressed K-Pop idols?


Ever wonder what K-Pop is without K-Fashion? If you have done it, you already know that K-Pop and K-fashion always go hand in hand. Because behind a well-dressed star, there is always an innovative designer. Who are the edgy designers who have dressed K-Pop idols? If you are a K-pop fan, you should know about the existence of several of the designers who have made them look amazing with their outfits. These Korean designers are shedding light on Korea as a hub for creative talent in fashion. We invite you to continue reading if you want to know the edgy designers who have dressed K-Pop celebrities. 


Know These 10 Edgy Designers Who Have Dressed Your Favorite K-Pop Idols




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Greedilous-(subtitulo)Greedilous is a designer brand that is known for its bold colors, prints, and fascinating patterns.


Did you love the blue patterned dress that Jihyo wore to one of TWICE’s performances during the Fancy You era? That is because it was from this brand that is also a global favorite.


Thanks to its bright and eye-catching appearance, Greedilous has more users around the world. Its pieces are unique, avant-garde, and with a style that is part of the brand’s identity. Because of that, Greedilous is one of the edgy designers who have dressed K-pop idols.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-KYE-(subtitulo)Did you know you can not talk about urban style without talking about KYE? Thanks to the fact that this brand has dressed some of the hottest K-Pop stars, it is still the preferred choice for everyone.


And it is that its combination of sports and urban styles are unique! The brand has collaborated with artists such as CL, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, and model Irene. 


As you can see, designer Kathleen Kye has endless inspirations at her disposal. Other well-known Korean artists the brand has dressed up are (G) I-DLE’s Soyeon, Oh My Girl’s Arin, Jessi, and ITZY’s Lia. For her deconstructed pieces, the designer takes a different approach. “I tend to destroy things”, Kye said once. If your style is urban and street, knowing the Kye brand is a must.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-D’Antidote-(subtitulo)D’Antidote is another bold brand when it comes to streetwear. This brand seamlessly blends high-end fashion with streetwear, making its wearers look young, energetic, and vibrant.


Because of that, it is not uncommon to see artists like ITZY’s Yeji and VIXX’s Ravi in ​​outfits from this brand. Both artists have preferences that suit the style of the brand. 


The street style of D’Antidote (also Kye and Greedilous) shows that Korean fashion integrates street styles a lot. It is an intermediate style of easy-to-wear clothing and original and avant-garde pieces. It is also a balance that is often difficult to find, but K-Pop artists achieved it. Knowing the clothing brands that acquire the urban style brings us closer to the tastes of our artists.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Leesle-(subtitulo)Could anyone forget the iconic performance that BTS’s Jimin did a few years ago at the Melon Music Awards? Leesle Hwang is the designer who made the black robe and pants set.


She hails from the traditional city of Jeonju. The designer shared in an interview how she received a call from someone who asked if she could design clothes for a K-Pop star.


She said, “‘It is for BTS!’ I screamed loud inside, but I am a professional, so I kept calm and said, ‘Really?’” Even before that, Leesle was known for creating hanbok for both men and women. From there, her brand became more popular, although she was already famous before that.


Danha Seoul


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Danha-Seoul-(subtitulo)When BLACKPINK used modernized hanboks for their How You Like That music video, design group Danha became the talking point in Korea.


Thanks to its sleek yet modern take on traditional clothing, Danha Seoul is one of the most famous Korean fashion-forward brands – designing modern hanboks requires professionalism and creativity. It is not every day that designers take the typical costumes of their countries and revolutionize them. 


For The Korea Times, Danha said: “Making a modernized hanbok does not mean that I do not respect our tradition or treat it lightly.


I want to promote that the hanbok has more diverse charms than displaying elegant and feminine features. I would also like hanbok to gain a foothold in overseas fashion markets.” Also, her clothing uses eco-friendly materials. She promotes eco-friendly fashion. For that reason, she is one of the most prominent designers among the edgy designers who have dressed K-pop idols.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Zijangsa(subtitulo)When BTS’s Jungkook once walked into the airport in a hanbok set that he wore in an effortless and casual style, the brand came into the spotlight.


That also caused the specific garment to sell out in minutes. But that has already happened many times with BTS.


Once again, we see the power of these guys. The unique design from Zijangsa, the brand that makes a comfortable and portable hanbok that is inexpensive, costs just 34,000 won (approximately $29).


With a brilliant and comfortable outfit like that, anyone would like to copy Jungkook’s look!


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Minju Kim


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Minju-Kim(subtitulo)Although her creations may not be for everyday use, this designer has made her mark by producing garments that look like works of art. Maybe you have heard of Minju Kim as the winner of the fashion design reality show “Next In Fashion”.


She has created Red Velvet’s stage outfits. But the world caught on when she designed clothes for Seo Ye Ji in her role as the fascinating writer Go Moon Young in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.


The designer takes inspiration from everything around her, from books and letters to friends and dreams. The designer’s collection is like her personal diary. Because of that, her collections have a large part of what the designer is. That makes her designs more valuable to many. Her avant-garde character can be seen in her collections, but also her personality. She couldn’t be missing among the edgy designers who have dressed K-pop idols.


Jaybaek Couture


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jaybaek-Couture - Edgy designers who have dressed K-Pop idolsJaybaek Couture is a designer brand loved by many celebrities for its classic tailoring.


Also, for his attention to detail and his custom-fit suits that fit like a glove.


Female celebrities love it for its sleek yet sexy style. Male celebrities prefer it for its unique take on delicate and personalized tailoring.


The brand has dressed idols and actors, including Park Min Young, Ji Soo, Rain, Yoo Ah In, Red Velvet’s Joy, and Black Pink’s Rosé.


Lang n Lu


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Lang-n-Lu - Edgy designers who have dressed K-Pop idolsFor HyunA’s Flower Shower era, the star enlisted the help of designers Lang n Lu to create a flirty and edgy floral look. It resulted in her iconic comeback as a solo artist.


Hyuna looked perfect with outfits that complimented her beauty and personality. Korean stars and celebrities love this brand a lot! Lang n Lu portrays a woman who rejects the existing order.


They do it with a global, funky, sexy, playful, and multicultural attitude.


You can perceive Lang n Lu’s designs on other artists too. Like Oh My Girl’s IU, Binnie and Arin, Sunmi, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, and APRIL’s Naeun.


Ti: baeg


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Ti-baeg - Edgy designers who have dressed K-Pop idolsTi: baeg is another eco-friendly designer brand. This brand is not only inspired by elements of nature. They also use clothes and methods that are not harmful to the environment.


With a characteristic look of floating, dreamy and feminine designs, celebrities love Ti: baeg.


The reason? Because of its simple yet standout appearance. Stars like Jung Eun Chae for “The King: Eternal Monarch,” Uee, and YooA from Oh My Girl wore Ti: baeg.


The edgy designers who have dressed K-pop Idols are known for their sophisticated, soft, and feminine styles that make any K-Pop artist look like a dreamy fairy. Because of that, we can see that who determines fashion is who uses it and not the other way around. What makes fashion in Korea exciting is that it blurs the line between feminine and masculine styles. Avant-garde designers are gaining strength in the industry, and with them, Korean artists always look amazing. Remember that if you liked this blog, comment and react. Also, do not forget to visit your favorite Korean fashion blog every day.


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