How to define your style according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to define your style according to Korean fashion?

What woman does not want to look spectacular, unique, and stylish? It is not about following all the fashion trends or copying everything we can find on social networks. When we talk about a unique style, we refer to a personal style that can take inspiration from trends but will always have a touch that will make it stand out from others. The key to success in choosing your wardrobe is confidence in your attractiveness. And knowledge about your body shape, colors, and lifestyle. In Korean fashion, several styles may fit your personality. If you want to find out which one is yours, stay on Korean Fashion Trends because today, we talk about how to define your style according to Korean fashion. Let’s get started!


6 Tips to define your style according to Korean fashion


Did you know that you are creating your image by creating and defining your style from clothes, accessories, hairstyle, makeup, and small details? That’s how it is! In that way, you allow others to see you as you see yourself. What’s more, if you don’t do anything about it, or worry about your image and style, you’re also showing it. Wearing the latest fashion trends just because they are trending is a wrong decision. It is unlikely that a woman with a romantic nature will want to wear, for example, military-style clothing. She will feel much more comfortable in a feminine and romantic dress or an elegant suit. A woman with a dynamic and active personality will opt more for comfy and informal clothes that allow her to move freely, for example, an athleisure style. But then, how to define your style according to Korean fashion? Define your style with these tips!




korean fashion trends - know you body type - korean woman on the streetIf you want to define your style according to Korean fashion, the first thing you should do is know your body type. Why? Because we should always choose our clothing based on the characteristics of our body.


Previously, we talked about garments that fit each body type. To see it click here! Clothes that look ideal on one woman may not look that way at all on women with other body types because clothes don’t just have to be comfortable.


It should also perform an aesthetic function, hiding the figure’s imperfections and emphasizing its advantages. It is why knowing your body type is so important to dress well and look spectacular.




kroean fashion trends - know your colors - korean woman wearing an all-black outfitKnowing your colors is very important to define your style according to Korean fashion. To find your style, you need to determine what kind of colors suit you: temperature, lightness, and saturation. There is nothing complicated here.


For this, you only need to do the color analysis. You will see that with some tones, your face will shine, and with others, it will seem dull and unhealthy.


The benefits of knowing the colors that suit you are enormous. A color palette will bring more light and harmony to your image. The same goes for makeup and hair color. So if you want to define your style, you should review the color palette and see which colors fit your skin.




korean fashion trends - korean woman - seulgi red velvetBut defining your body type and colorimetry is not the only thing you need to define your style according to Korean fashion. You need to define your style based on the nature of your activities.


When creating a personal style and choosing the clothes for your wardrobe, you have to consider the nature of your activities.


I think we all agree that the clothes of a lawyer or a bank employee: strict suits, pencil skirts, and shirts, will not be appropriate in the daily life of an artist, hairdresser, etc. And vice versa.


Korean street style will not be your best choice if you are a businesswoman. But the sophisticated and classic style does.




korean fashion trends - build your closet - korean woman on the streetOnce you have defined the desired image, you can start updating your wardrobe. Building your closet will help you define your style according to Korean fashion. You must first analyze the contents of your closet to build your closet.


Having an organized and versatile closet is crucial to defining your style. The capsule wardrobe with the basic garments is one of the main points. You can also check out our Korean fashion capsule here. You need a closet that allows you to choose the clothes that combine to create different looks and combinations.


Choose only those clothes that suit you. Assume what doesn’t go with you and your body. Yes, it may be very comfortable for you, it may be a mega trend, it may be that people you admire are wearing it. But if you don’t look spectacular in the mirror with the garment on, it’s simply not for you. And nothing happens! Invest in your key and quality garments. They are those that suit you well and that you can take advantage of a lot.




korean fashion trends - korean woman on the street - define your styleNothing ventured, nothing gained. That is a phrase that applies to many aspects of life, and fashion is one of them. If you want to define your style according to Korean fashion, you need to dare to experiment.


In Korean fashion, creativity plays an important role. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of clothing, pattern, or cut. Experiment with all of them and also with the layers. In K-Fashion, these types of mixes are always a hit. So, to find and define your unique style, you cannot do without trying and experimenting.


Do not be afraid to try new clothes, different silhouettes, models, and styles that you are already used to wearing. Only in this way will you be able to know what can look good on you and what does not favor you at all. Feel free to combine things that seem appropriate to you, wear something you have never dared to wear before, and change the hairstyle and color of your hair. And remember that even a negative experience can help you find your style. Don’t take it too seriously, and have fun in the process.




korean fashion trends - define your style - korean woman with a street style - accessoriesWhen we want to define our style according to Korean fashion, we think more about the clothes we will wear than about the accessories and complements.


However, accessories are essential in any style. Why? Because accessories will always add a unique and personal touch to your image.


Glasses, watches, bags, bracelets, scarves, and belts are significant accessories for your final outfit. It is worth investing in them. But you need to know when to stop.


We don’t recommend using more than three different accessories in your looks, and it is best to choose one of them so that it stands out in your outfit. For example, a bag.


How to define your style according to Korean fashion? You need to define your body type and colorimetry and put together a Korean fashion capsule depending on the style with which you most identify, among other steps. It can be a classic, romantic, vintage, dark academy, grunge, athleisure style, etc. In Korean Fashion Trends, we have talked about each of these styles. So if you need to know a little more about them, we invite you to visit those blogs. That way, you can better define the style that best suits your personality. What is your style? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.


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