Cyber Monday

Year after year, we have gotten used to frenetic discount days like Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday. These days, many people have taken advantage of those occasions to get the items they were looking for at a better price. Once the two events have passed, you might think that everything calms down in terms of consumption and offers, but the pace does not stop, and a new opportunity to get great discounts presents itself: Cyber ​​Monday sales. Do you know what Cyber ​​Monday is? It is a new opportunity to take advantage of the offers after Black Friday! Although it has some differences from Black Friday, on Cyber ​​Monday you will also find brilliant discounts. With this guide, you will learn a little more about this long-awaited date for buyers. Continue reading!

What is Cyber Monday?

As Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday is a commercial holiday and always corresponds to the Monday following Thanksgiving. This year, Cyber ​​Monday 2021 will be on Monday, November 29. All Cyber ​​Monday discounts will only be available for 24 hours from that moment.

On Cyber ​​Monday, the businesses that celebrate it, especially online stores, make a catalog of super-discounted products available to their customers, just two days after the expected Black Friday. In its origins, this celebration within online commerce was a second chance for those furthest behind who could not get the best deals on Black Friday. Currently, Cyber Monday is a party in itself. Although it was born with a purely online nature, it has also transcended physical stores.

What is the origin of Cyber Monday?

Its origin dates back to 2005 in the United States. Due to its great success, today many other countries also celebrate it. The idea was that the holiday was to increase purchases on the Internet. Currently, Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated not only in the United States. Because of that, we recommend you to be attentive to the date that corresponds in your country to celebrate Cyber ​​Monday sales.

Take advantage of Cyber Monday deals

Cyber ​​Monday was born as a day of exclusive discounts for online stores. When we are among so many offers, it is easy to get lost in other products that may not be of interest. At that time, the item we wanted to buy may be out of stock. The most helpful thing to get the most out of Cyber ​​Monday (and not miss anything interesting for us) is to create a wishlist. Follow these tips to enjoy Cyber ​​Monday sales.

Make a wish list

If you could not buy clothes, beauty products, or tech products on Black Friday, do not worry. Get back that wish list that you missed and make it come true with Cyber ​​Monday discounts. That day, you will have one more opportunity to buy what you want at the best prices.

Install apps on your mobile

It is a helpful tool in the case of Amazon, which has its famous Flash offers and Featured flash offers. These are products with attractive promotions that will be on sale for a definite time or until the stock runs out, which in some cases can be hours or minutes. If you have followed our number one advice, the application will notify you if the products you have added to the Wish List drop in price. Apps from your favorite stores will help you find out about their Cyber ​​Monday discounts more easily.

Minute by minute

In general, stores offer all the information about Cyber ​​Monday sales very early on their web pages. In them, you will be able to monitor minute by minute the most absorbing offers that come out with the information of their price, their discount, and the duration of this.

K-beauty deals on Cyber Monday sales

In Cyber ​​Monday sales, you can enjoy the best discounts on Korean beauty products. If you do not know which stores to visit to get discounts on these fabulous products, we have the answer to your questions. Meet these online stores and do not miss their deals for Cyber ​​Monday 2021.

Bemused Korea

Bemused Korea Cyber ​​Monday Sale 2021 will offer a 50% discount on facial cleansers. It means you can get the best facial cleansers for as little as $8.50. Do not miss the opportunity to renew your skincare products with the Cyber ​​Monday sales.

Althea Korea

There is a Cyber ​​Monday special at Althea Korea. In the sales of this day, you will find discounts of up to 30% off in its internal brands! This sale will run from November 29 to December 2. Take advantage of your Cyber ​​Monday discounts!


Cyber ​​Monday will also come to Wishtrend! In this store, you can find a lot of great discounts on Korean makeup and skincare products. Also, if you spend $120 or more, you get an additional 25% discount with the code CYBERMONDAY. Be sure to review the information for each product on the page. That information explains the offers. You can also find some product recommendations if you are overwhelmed by the deals. With Cyber ​​Monday sales on Wishtrend, there is also the benefit of fast shipping if you spend more than $120! Cyber ​​Monday discounts are fascinating!


There is a K-beauty offer for Cyber ​​Monday 2021 on Beautynetkorea. They will offer several discounted products from popular brands like Eye’n’lip or Its Skin. If you do not want to miss out on this opportunity, get ready to shop at Beautynetkorea at Cyber ​​Monday sales!

Cosmetic Love

Many people are part of the K-beauty community, and they like Cosmetic Love products. For Cyber ​​Monday 2021 sales, Cosmetic Love will be bidding on select items and brands. As its name indicates, in this online store, you can get the best in cosmetic products so that you can give a little love and affection to your skin.

Soko Glam

This online store offers a 30% discount on the entire site! For Cyber ​​Monday sales, one of your best shopping spots is Soko Glam. In this store, you will find up to an additional 65% discount on selected items for Cyber ​​Monday (using code GOLDEN)! If you do not know what to buy, you can check the offers they will have on toners, scrubs, eye creams, Misha brand snail creams, hydrants, serums, masks, and more! Those are the products we recommend adding to your purchases based on your skin concerns and goals. To renew your skincare products, take advantage of the Cyber ​​Monday sales!

Cyber ​​Monday sales are a must! Remember that if you could not buy on Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday is a new opportunity for you to make your purchases with the best and lowest prices on the market. Get ready and enjoy the Cyber ​​Monday deals!