Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free


Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free. Do you want to renew your makeup kit but still cannot find the perfect makeup? In that case, trying Korean makeup is the best thing you can do! There are plenty of reasons to do so, but one of the reasons that stand out the most is that several Korean makeup brands are cruelty-free. Therefore, this time, you will be able to know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free. Do you want to know what they are? If you are interested in the environment and taking care of animal rights, this blog is for you. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends and keep reading!


Which Korean makeup brands are cruelty-free?




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Benton - Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-freeBenton is a pharmaceutical skincare brand founded in 2017 by two brothers. Jang Won and his brother Chae Won Lee.


The brand’s philosophy focuses on creating eco-friendly products that do not cause any irritation and are functional. Currently, they have two skincare lines that include ingredients such as deer mucin, bee venom, royal jelly, and aloe vera in their recipe.


Although they dominate the European market, since 2011, they export to over 40 countries. As a curious fact, the name of the brand Benton takes inspiration from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And due to the incorrect pronunciation of Button as Benton, it is how the brand found its name. Thanks to its reputation and track record, Benton could not be missing in K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jumiso - Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-freeThe brand name wants to make you smile. As they explain, Ju expresses give, and miso refers to smile, so its meaning is like “give you a smile”.


Since 2016, Jumiso has been working to make people smile through its skincare products. But the philosophy of this brand is not just to get a smile on people’s faces. They also focus on the motive behind them! First, with the promise of healthy skin that makes you smile.


Then they seek to offer you a smile by feeling amazed when you try their products. Ultimately, its mission is to achieve a union of smiles within its community. It is achieving that! The reason? Because it is also among the K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free that you should know.


Beauty of Joseon


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Beauty-of-Joseon - Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-freeThis beauty brand offers skincare products that take inspiration from the Joseon-era lifestyle.


In addition, to formulate their cosmetics, they are based on hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine).


But they also add modern ingredients to achieve clean and clear skin.


Of course, Beauty of Joseon is a cruelty-free brand. In this way, this Korean brand combines the best of the traditional and the modern for skincare. Isn’t it amazing? We know it is! And for that reason, it appears among the K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free. They not only respect the rights of animals. They are also avant-garde.


Tony Moly


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Tony-Moly - Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-freeThis brand offers a wide range of Korean makeup products, as well as skincare products.


The best thing is that their prices are more accessible, unlike other brands.


Tony Moly assures that they do not perform tests on animals or their products or ingredients.


Likewise, they do not allow their products to be applied in any test due to any law.


That is why the brand is not sold in mainland China or another country where a law that requires testing on animals applies.



Touch in Sol


This brand is well-known for having the best Korean makeup base.


It also has a collection of fun and functional makeup products made in Korea.


It is part of the K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free, and some of their products are also vegan.







It is a Korean cruelty-free cosmetics company.


Purito offers simple skincare products that have safe and clean ingredients.


Also, all Purito products are vegans.


Plus, their vegan skincare products are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. 




Glow recipe


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Glow-recipeThis brand is a natural Korean skincare line.


It is cruelty-free and designed to help bring out your inner glow.


Some of their products are made in South Korea, and all have the highest quality natural ingredients.


In addition, most of their products are also vegan.






Korean-Fashion-Trends-COSRKCOSRX is a skincare beauty brand whose philosophy is to help people find solutions according to the personal conditions of their skin.


It is cruelty-free and even has a couple of vegan products. In other countries, several South Korean beauty specialty stores sell and ship products of this brand.


COSRX has won many awards in South Korea, as well as abroad.


For example, Amazon Best Seller in Facial Cleansing Gels, Amazon’s Choice, Get It Beauty 2020 View Label, 29 BEAUTY AWARD 2020, and many other recognized awards in the beauty industry. That is why it is part of the K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free.


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What does the cruelty-free label mean?


The cruelty-free label means that at no stage of product development was any animal tested. It is important to note that none of these Korean cruelty-free brands are sold in certain countries, such as China. This is because in many places, by law, testing on animals is still mandatory. It also means that neither the suppliers nor third parties did any testing of the ingredients on animals. It is significant to mention that cruelty-free and vegan products are different concepts that should not be confused. Some cruelty-free products may be vegan, but not all are.


Is the world of cruelty-free beauty possible?


Although the demand for cruelty-free products is increasing every day, a few months ago, the poignant video of Ralph The Rabbit reminds us that there is still much to be done to safeguard animal rights. Although animal testing is prohibited in several countries, if a brand is sold in China, it means it is not cruelty-free. That’s because China requires animal testing by law.


However, as of May 1, 2021, China eliminated animal testing for imported general cosmetics. That means that products considered general cosmetics, such as shampoo, body wash, lotions, and makeup, will not require testing on animals. It is a significant step towards cruelty-free beauty. On the other hand, since 2015, South Korea began to manage new public policies aimed at working on this issue. 


Is Innisfree Korea cruelty-free?


Innisfree is a legendary brand characterized by its emphasis on using naturally sourced ingredients sustainably sourced from South Korea’s pristine island paradise of Jeju. Fresh air, warm soft sunlight, fertile volcanic soil, pure and clean water are the four energies of pure nature, within Jeju Island, which Innisfree uses to create its products. All those qualities are brilliant. However, Innisfree is not 100% cruelty-free. Although they don’t test on animals, they export products to China, where every foreign beauty product must go through animal testing.


Are Korean makeup products vegan?


In the world of Korean beauty, there are still some popular products that contain animal ingredients. They still use components like propolis, beeswax, or snail mucin. However, there are also many Korean brands experimenting and testing new products with more vegan-friendly ingredients. Some brands have included vegan-friendly products in their skincare or makeup products, or that are completely cruelty-free. So yes, many Korean products are also vegan, but there are still some that are not.


Knowing these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free will help you discover the makeup you need if you support animal rights. Korean brands that are cruelty-free offer quality products. If you want to renew your makeup and want them to be products that do not test on animals, you need to buy makeup from one of these brands. Have you already done it? How was your experience? See you on the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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