How is the couple’s fashion in Korea?

Korean Fashion Trends - How is the couple's fashion in Korea?

Korean fashion is not just street, girly, or fancy styles. Nor does it stand out solely thanks to its preference for oversized garments, pastel colors, or accessories. Korean fashion is also popular thanks to the trend of couple outfits. Do you know what it is? Surely, when watching a K-Drama, you have noticed that couples often wear similar clothes or accessories. That’s the trend in couple fashion in a nutshell. However, how is the couple’s fashion in Korea? If you want to know more about this trend and how to put it into practice with your partner, stay on Korean Fashion Trends and keep reading!


Why do Korean couples match?


For couples in Korea, it is not only important to celebrate their anniversary every 100 days or to go out on meticulously planned dates. These days, young couples are always looking to share everything: from matching rings to phone cases and even preselected outfits, but why does this happen? Couple outfits are a popular style among Korean couples. This trend arises as a desire to show others how in love they are. The style is known as 커플룩 (Koupeullook) or it is also called 시밀러룩 (simileolook).


Couples often combine basic garments, such as t-shirts or sweatshirts in complementary colors, or attend exclusive couples stores where they can find pre-designed garments. Stores like Sweet Bingbong, Couple Market, or Honey Plaza are the favorite places for couples to buy all kinds of combinable items.


What is the origin of couple fashion in Korea?


The rise of this style dates back several decades when Korean couples decided to ditch the traditional honeymoon attire: a suit for men and a hanbok for women, a traditional Korean dress. As a result, the newlyweds began to coordinate their outfits to signal that they were together on a honeymoon, which began to gain popularity. For that reason, all couples adopted the style as well. Nowadays, couple outfits have improved a lot. In large part, it is due to social networks and their influence. On Instagram, you can find hashtags like #couplelook, #lovestagram, and #coupleselca. These hashtags increase complicity between couples.


And how do foreigners perceive Korean couples’ fashion?


It may seem strange that young couples dress in matching denim jackets or just identical outfits to foreigners. However, this aspect could be seen as a natural consequence of current Korean cultural trends. The glorification of young love, the longing for relationship stability, and a fixation on appearances.


In contrast to Western youth culture, where friendship ties are more important, South Korea glorifies the couple, where the sole aim is to show others how much couples love each other, all through couple fashion. Still, with the globalization of Korean culture and Hallyu, this trend is gaining momentum, just like all other K-Fashion trends. Many western couples are also choosing couple clothes and accessories.


6 ideas of Korean couple looks to put into practice


Beach outfits


If you are going to the beach with your partner, you have to take the opportunity to wear Korean-style couple clothes! In all cultures, these occasions must be special. Koreans know this very well. And it is for that reason that they take any opportunity to wear matching garments. If you are going on a trip with your partner to the beach soon, don’t forget to pack some matching shirts. They can have prints with flowers or a neutral color of the preference of both. However, if you prefer something else, you could also match your shoes or wear some matching hats with tropical patterns.


Couple suits, How is the couple’s fashion in Korea?


If you go to a social gathering like a party or work meeting together, you can wear matching outfits. That’s how it is! No moment prevents them from being combined. Also, keep in mind that in Korea, costumes are not limited to significant occasions. The sophisticated style is usual in many moments. Dressing in a suit with your partner can be perfect for an event day or night. Couples like to invest in custom-style suits with the same pattern, color, or material. Don’t miss the opportunity to do it either.


Pink everywhere


Remember that in South Korea, pastel colors have no gender. Both men and women can wear garments in these tones with no prejudice. In addition, the most loving and romantic couples like to wear pink a lot. They know that this color in different variations looks pleasant on the eyes. It is a perfect color to wear when going to brunch or eating out.


Denim is always a good option


Denim is a favorite in Korean fashion, and when it comes to couples’ outfits, it is not far behind. That you and your partner wear denim combined is an excellent and romantic option. Besides being fashionable, they will also scream their love in the streets. Try to have couple’s clothes in denim. They are a good choice for any occasion.


Street and sporty


But if you’re more grunge, street, or sporty style couple, don’t worry. There are options for everyone! Modern couples prefer street and sporty styles because it allows them to do various activities together while feeling comfortable and without going out of style. Combine hoodies, leather jackets, hats, or oversized shirts. They are all a good option.


Matching prints, How is the couple’s fashion in Korea?


But couple clothes and accessories are not limited to just the basics. They can also include fun patterned and printed shirts. The prints can be striped shirts, with famous people or striking shirts. Never mind! Because they are all excellent options if you want to give a unique and different touch to your couple’s outfits.


How is the couple’s fashion in Korea? It is colorful, fun, and very romantic. This trend serves to shout their love in the streets and show that they are a couple with a wide sense of fashion. Did you ever dress to match your partner? Tell us about your experience. And if you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? Take our inspirations and put them into practice. See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog where we will be waiting for you to continue enjoying our favorite fashion!


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