Style Recreate: Copy IVE Members ‘’Baddie’’ Styles!

Korean Fashion Trends - Style Recreate: Copy IVE Members ‘’Baddie’’ Styles!

A K-pop group’s comeback doesn’t just bring new songs. K-pop idols set trends with their unique, avant-garde, and iconic styles. A few days ago, South Korean girl group IVE returned with an infectious song, and a colorful MV full of incredible visuals, where each members style showcases an attractive and youthful charm. And good news! You too can copy IVE Members Baddie Styles with Korean Fashion Trends! Keep reading to discover more about these girls who set trends both on the music charts and in the Korean fashion world. Let’s begin!


Who Is IVE?


Korean Fashion Trends - IVE Members ‘’Baddie’’ Styles - IveIVE is a South Korean girl group that consists of six members: Jang Wonyoung, An Yujin, Leeseo, Liz, Rei, and Gaeul.


These talented singers and performers have recently made a grand comeback for the fall season with their brand new album, “I’VE MINE.” Now, you might be curious to know, who are these “Baddies” with unique styles? Well, IVE members are fierce, confident individuals who express their unique style through fashion.


They defy traditional norms and fearlessly take risks. They exude self-assuredness and embrace their individuality, which makes them true trendsetters.


All About IVE’s Brand New Studio Album ‘’I’VE MINE’’ 


Korean Fashion Trends - IVE Members ‘’Baddie’’ Styles - Ive´s new albumIVE, the iconic South Korean all-girl group, have released their first mini album! Are you excited, IVE fans? Our hearts have been fluttering for their anticipated comeback, and we finally get to enjoy it! IVE’s first mini album ‘’I’VE MINE’’ includes 6 songs with three title tracks, ‘’Off the Record,’’ ‘’Baddie,’’ and ‘’Either Way.’’ So, IVE fused their signature style with a brand new twist for their new comeback. However today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will explore IVE’s intriguing style that is showcased in ‘’Baddie.’’ But first, you can click here to watch IVE’s brand new video. That way, you can get a clearer idea of IVE members’ fashion choices. Furthermore, there are garments and accessories that should be on your radar if you aim to embody a youthful style with street fashion vibes and the classic Y2K trend colors! Copy IVE Members ”Baddie’‘ Styles easily to show off your very own Baddie style.


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What Are IVE Members’ Style Like in Brand New Comeback ‘’Baddie?’’


Korean Fashion Trends - IVE Members ‘’Baddie’’ Styles - Korean style outfitsIVE, the South Korean girl group, blazes through the fashion scene with their brand new comeback “Baddie.” Their style is a radiant fusion of hip-hop and sporty elements, laced with delightful girly touches that render it utterly irresistible. The members of IVE are renowned for their boundary-pushing fashion choices, and “Baddie” is no exception.


This time, they drew inspiration from the dynamic world of hip-hop and sportswear, yielding a style that exudes boldness, energy, and effortless cool. The infusion of chunky silver accessories, statement jackets, oversized sporty long sleeves, and knee protectors add a considerable dose of sporty edge into their ensembles. So, if you want to Copy IVE Members ”Baddie” Styles, don’t lose sight of these tips!


What Sets Apart the IVE Members’ Fashion Style in ‘Baddie’?


Korean Fashion Trends - IVE Members ‘’Baddie’’ Styles - Korean idol gaeulWhat truly distinguishes IVE members’ fashion this comeback is their seamless incorporation of girly elements into their fierce style. Whether it’s the pairing of layered tulle skirts with sporty shirts or the addition of mini leather skirts in a striking shade of red, their ability to create the perfect balance is unmistakable. Liz, for instance, effortlessly combines a layered tulle skirt with a sporty shirt, crafting a look that flawlessly marries sporty and girly aesthetics. While Gaeul pairs an oversized long sleeve with a tennis skirt, infusing a feminine touch to her overall look. IVE’s “Baddie” comeback has not only made waves in the fashion world but has also demonstrated their mastery in merging hip-hop, sporty, and girly elements. Their style is a testament to their ability in empowering individuals to express their unique personalities with confidence. So, take a page from IVE’s book and let your fashion choices make an unapologetic statement this season! Fall fashion is a lot more fun with IVE!


What Are IVE Members’ ‘’Baddie’’ Style Essentials?


But how can you create a “baddie” style without the key essentials? You can’t! Here’s what you need to achieve IVE members’ complete look inspired by their brand new MV:


Blazers Paired With Ties and Shirts For a Sophisticated Touch


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing sweaterIn IVE’s fashion style in the new MV “Baddie,” the combination of blazers, ties, and shirts not only achieve a sophisticated look but also enhance the street vibes of any outfit. Shop here.


Knee-High Socks to Add a Playful Element


Knee-high socks are an essential element to achieve the IVE’s ‘’Baddie’’ style. However, knee-high socks are also a key item in Korean fashion to achieve a trendy look. So, if you still don’t have a pair of knee-high socks, it’s time to add them to your closet! Shop here.


Chunky Platform Boots to Elevate Your Style


Korean Fashion Trends - LoafersChunky platform boots are the best option to wear this fall and also to achieve IVE members’ ‘’Baddie’’ style. However, platform sneakers can also work! Shop here.


Wool Cat Ear Beanies to Add a Touch of Japanese Kawaii Aesthetic


Japanese fashion, like Korean fashion, is contagious and has a lot of influence in the fashion scene around the world. IVE’s style in ‘’Baddie’’ also shows that this cute style can be combined with street style and Y2K elements. Add a wool cat ear beanie for an adorable and feminine touch to any outfit! Shop here.


2-Piece Mini Skirt and Vest Suits For a Sharp yet Casual Look


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing vest dress with dressIf you have a more elegant yet casual style, the IVE’s ‘’Baddie’’ style also has options for you! Combine a 2-piece mini skirt with vest suits, and you will see how your style elevates without losing its elegant and casual essence! Shop here.


Gray Bodycon Dresses For a Sleek and Sexy Appearance


IVE’s style in ‘’Baddie’’ is so versatile that it adapts to everyone’s tastes! Therefore,  you can find sophisticated, casual, street, or Y2K ensembles easily and take inspiration from them this season. Furthermore, you can also find sexy looks! Wear bodycon dresses if you want to achieve a slightly more daring outfit without losing grace. Shop here!


Leather Biker Jackets For an Edgy Vibe


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol wearng cropped jacketLeather biker jackets are a wardrobe staple! And they are perfect to finish off any look. Also, they add an edgy touch that fits perfectly with IVE’s ‘’Baddie’’ style. Shop your leather biker jacket here!


Mini Red Leather Skirts For a Pop of Color


If you enjoyed Baddie, you might have noticed that not only is the video colorful,  IVE’s style is too! If you want a pop of color in your outfit, combine a mini red leather skirt with one of the garments we have mentioned. For example, you can achieve a striking and fashionable combination by pairing your leather skirt with a leather biker jacket! Shop here.


Stacked Rhinestone Necklaces to Catch Everyone’s Eye


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing cap and necklaceAccessories also play a starring role in IVE’s ‘’Baddie’’ style! Stack rhinestone necklaces if you want to elevate your ensembles by taking inspiration from IVE members. Shop here.


Strapless Tops For a Hint of Sensuality


Just like you can choose to wear bodycon dresses for a sexier look, strapless tops can also provide a sexier look.


Combine it with a mini skirt and a leather jacket to have an authentic ‘’Baddie’’ style! Shop here.


Revamped Pearl Necklaces For a Touch of Elegance


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing pearl necklaceAnother ideal option among accessories are revamped pearl necklaces! Attain a Baddie style inspired by IVE members with the perfect accessories! Shop here.


IVE elevated their fashion game to the next level with their brand new comeback by incorporating current trends such as redesigned necklaces, rhinestones, and statement garments.


Cherry on top? You can click here to dive deeper into the accessory trends that are absolutely loved by Korean Idols this year to step up your fashion game like IVE!


How to Recreate IVE Members’ ‘’Baddie’’ Style?


Are you looking to elevate your fashion game with a fierce and edgy look? Look no further! The members of the South Korean girl group IVE have been serving up some serious “Baddie” styles that combine elements of hip-hop and sporty fashion. From chunky accessories to statement jackets, IVE members are a style inspiration with their brand new comeback ‘’I’VE MINE.’’ So, we’ll break down their signature looks and show you how to recreate them with your own unique twist. Pay attention to the following looks of the IVE members if you want to recreate the IVE members  ‘’Baddie’’ style. Let’s dive in!


YuJin’s Casual ‘’Baddie’’ Style


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing leather jacketStart by tucking a neutral-colored striped shirt into your leather shorts, and complete the look with a tie and a statement jacket. To achieve YuJin’s ‘’I’Ve MINE’’ look, don’t forget to include knee-high leather boots in your ensemble. And combine with chunky silver necklaces that will add a touch of elegance to your  outfit.


Jang Wonyoung’s Iconic Look


For Jang Wonyoung’s iconic style, pair a techwear-inspired buckled crop top with comfy white track pants featuring blue and red details. Add wristbands and her signature starfish ring for the golden touch. Accessorize with chunky silver necklaces and bold red earrings, which bring a rebellious vibe to the outfit.


Rei’s Hip-Hop Inspired Sporty Look


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing leather jacketTo recreate Rei’s hip-hop inspired sporty look, start with an oversized graphic long sleeve and chunky beige boots. Accessorize with red knee protectors, chunky silver necklaces, statement cross earrings, and a beanie. Silver items take center stage in this look, and IVE proves they’re the ultimate protagonists. Check out our blog on how to include silver items in your outfits. Click here!


Leeseo’s Sporty and Chic Combination


To emulate Leeseo’s style, combine an oversized white long sleeve with sporty shorts that match. Elevate the look with chunky heeled knee-high leather boots, and accessorize with chunky silver necklaces and earrings.


Liz’s Sporty and Girly Fusion


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing mini skirtLiz’s sporty and girly look is all about contrasts. Pair a layered tulle skirt with a sporty shirt (you can opt for Puma, just like Liz). Add chunky black boots, long college socks, and a knee protector for an edgy touch. Complete the look with silver necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Gaeul’s Unique Ensemble


For Gaeul’s look, opt for an oversized long sleeve, similar to Liz’s style, and pair it with a tennis skirt. Complement the outfit with cycling shorts and black monogram pantyhose underneath. Finish the look with leather mid boots, college socks peeking out, and a leg harness. Don’t forget the chunky silver necklaces and earrings to complete the ensemble.


Korean Fashion Trends - IVE Members ‘’Baddie’’ Styles - LeeseoIVE’s style has always been contagious! However, in their comeback with “Baddie,” the girls demonstrate their status as true trendsetters, showcasing colorful, sexy, and sophisticated looks infused with street and Y2K vibes!


You can emulate IVE members’ “Baddie” styles with the essential garments and accessories, which are few in number and can be used for various trendy combinations  If you enjoyed our guide on achieving the IVE members’ “Baddie” look, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates not only on Korean fashion and beauty but also for discounts and the latest news about your favorite Korean stars! Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch to be a part of our community. See you in the next blog, K-lover!


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