The color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion


The color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion. Did you know that Korean fashion is a combination of recycled trends and styles? That’s right, and best of all, that’s where its charm lies. Furthermore, Korean designers and stylists are indeed very avant-gardes. Everything we see now in stores, Koreans have used it for several years. During all seasons, Korean fashion knows how to innovate in designs but also in colors while integrating past trends with the most current ones. And talking about colors, on this occasion, you will be able to know the color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion. In this way, you will know which colors are trending, and you can better adapt your outfits to Korean fashion. Keep reading to find out all about the color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion


What is the importance of color in fashion?


Talking about the importance of color is to make it an irreplaceable element. It is even surprisingly unknown to many, due to the infinity of hues in the color palette. The proper use of colors is basic. It is also of vital importance in any artistic composition since the human being exists. Through this, the artists expressed their most hidden feelings and emotions in their works. Colors in fashion allow us to express moods, show part of our identity (example: it distinguishes you in the corporate world). It is a type of non-verbal communication influenced by energy and how others see you. In addition, it has an impact on the image.


Why is it important to choose the correct color for our garments?


Knowing what colors to use is significant. It helps to identify what type of garments suit us according to our body. The color of the garments, especially those that are close to the face, affects the luminosity of the face. There is a range of colors that make us look pale. But other colors enhance our features and allow us to project a healthy image. These ranges are those colors adapted to the theory of color in fashion. The four seasonal palettes work as a guide to choose our clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair coloring.


The harmony of colors is an important detail to achieve a harmonious and balanced image. Once we know our color palette, going shopping will be a rewarding experience! Also, we will be able to assemble outfits since all the elements in our closet will be easily combinable. The secret is to select garments that have the nuances of each season.


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Spring-Summer 2021 Color Palette According to Korean Fashion


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Spring-Summer-2021-Color-Palette-According-to-Korean-Fashion-(subtitulo)The color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion that stood out in spring/summer included colors such as pink, lilac, white, red, and green tones.


We could also appreciate beige and blue in many garments, many of them made us see that South Korean fashion is becoming less and less conservative with each passing season.


In spring, we watched K-Pop and K-Drama fashions catch up with fashion trends. Streetwear has taken off like never before.


For example, a comeback has been the trend of the ninety, both in athletics and grunge. However, Koreans prefer to keep it calm, with more conservative cuts and elegant pieces.



Red Clothing


Clothes that stood out in the Spring-Summer 2021 trends in Korea


Some of the season’s favorites were ankle-length pants, puffed sleeves, button-down dresses, floral prints, tennis skirts, cropped shirts, knitwear, and bucket hats. As expected, each of the garments that were a trend in spring and summer 2021 in Korean fashion connected with the season in design and colors. The color palette of that season even stood out in accessories such as handbags, shoes, among others. Because of that, we could also observe the color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion in the spring/summer.



Ankle-Length Pants



Puffed Sleeves



Button Up Down Dresses



Floral Prints



Tennis Skirts



Cropped Shirt


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Knitwear - color palette



Korean-Fashion-Trends-Bucket-hats - color palette

Bucket Hats


Fall-Winter 2021 Color Palette According to Korean Fashion


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Fall-Winter-2021-Color-Palette-According-to-Korean-Fashion-(subtitulo)During the colder months, there are some classic favorites and intriguing new trends. The most usual features include casual versions of formal wear and chunky footwear. But unlike previous seasons and years, the color palettes have darkened considerably.


In fact, during what we’ve seen this fall, many people choose to wear all-black outfits or very muted shades with few pops of color.


Therefore, the color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion, includes brown and burnt orange. Also green, black, and hazel tones, among others of the same tones.


Clothes that stood out in the Fall-Winter 2021 trends in Korea


Some garments that stand out the most during this season are woven garments, pullover vests, and minimalist styles. Also trench coats, chunky sneakers, combat boots, cardigans, and oversized garments, among others. As is evident, these garments fit very well within the color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion. If you want to check it out, pay attention to what your favorite idols are wearing in their photos.



Pullover Vests



Oversize Garments



Minimalist Styles


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Trench-Coats - color palette

Trench Coats


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Chunky-Shoes-Sneakers - color palette

Chunky Shoes / Sneakers


What are colorimetry and the theory of the four seasons?


The best you can do is learn about colorimetry and the theory of the four seasons if you are still not very clear about how the color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion works. They are universal fundamentals when it comes to fashion. In this way, you should know that the colorimetry applied to the world of styling and fashion is in charge of analyzing the colors that best suit each person, taking into account their features. One of the best techniques to discover which are the perfect colors to combine with your clothes is to use the theory of the four seasons.


This theory considers that each season (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) has its color palette. The body and features of each person are related to a color palette. By knowing the most suitable season for you, we will be able to decipher which shades of the color palette are the most appropriate to create a contrast with your clothes that enhances your features. If someone wants to determine which season is the most suitable for each person, they choose by defining what colors suit each person based on three variables: skin tone, hair, and eyes.


If you are a Korean fashion lover and are interested in focusing your style according to its characteristics, then the color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion will help you! So you can choose the shades of the garments that best suit each season. Don’t forget to visit Korean Fashion Trends daily. Remember that this is your space to get closer to your favorite fashion.


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