Let’s look at the closet of Korean supermodel Park Sora


In the Korean fashion industry, not only garments, accessories and outfits stand out. Models also stand out. There are many from which any Korean fashion lover would like to copy the closet. And we do not blame them, since we also know that there are plenty of reasons for wanting to do so. The styles of these models are stunning. Do you know Park Sora? If you follow the Korean clothing brand Stylenanda closely, you surely know this model and recognize her style as well. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends and let’s look at the closet of Korean supermodel Park Sora. Are you interested? Keep reading!


Who is Park Sora?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Who-is-Park-SoraShe is a South Korean singer, actress, ulzzang, and model. Park Sora was born on July 29, 1988. She debuted in 2009 in a K-Pop group called Flying Girls and later appeared in the film Bronze Medalist. However, despite her career as an idol and an actress, she did not achieve much recognition that way. Park Sora became famous thanks to her modeling career for the Korean fashion brand Stylenanda.


Since then, she has known how to attract public attention thanks to her beauty and modeling skills. She is one of the representative models of the brand. Park Sora’s style is striking, full of colors and contrasts that speak of authentic Korean fashion.


Therefore, it is worth looking at the closet of the South Korean model Park Sora. If you want to look more feminine and have a style like hers, you’d better take advantage of her clothes, like her long coat. These garments prioritize Park Sora’s beautiful style.


What is Park Sora’s closet like?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-is-Park-Sora_s-closet-likeLet’s look at the closet of Korean supermodel Park Sora! And to do so, let’s review some of her photos on her Instagram (@sora_pppp). In her day-to-day photos, we can see her in a sporty style with vintage touches, although as a model, we can see her wearing Stylenanda clothes and in photoshoots as well.


Of course, like every Korean fashion fan, we see that in her closet, there is no shortage of oversized garments, denim, preppy style jackets, tennis skirts, pullovers, knitwear, pastel garments, and black leather jackets.


In addition, in Park Sora’s closet, we can also find shoes such as knee-length boots, sneakers, and sandals. Of course, accessories are also not lacking in the closet of this South Korean model. Bags and hats seem to be her favorite accessories. If you want to replicate Park Sora’s closet, these are the items we have found the most in her closet. While many of them conform to Korean fashion, she knows how to add her touch and personalize everything she wears, making her style unique and beautiful.


7 Park Sora outfits you can recreate


1. Denim jeans and black sweater

Korean-Fashion-Trends-Denim-jeans-and-black-sweaterDo you want to go shopping but don’t know what to wear?


If we take inspiration from outfits of the Korean supermodel Park Sora, there is an option that you can recreate if you go on an outing with friends and if you don’t want to go missing.


You can pour wide-boot denim jeans, accompany them with a blouse and a black sweater.


So that the style of the pants is not lost, wear black combat boots.


These shoes will not turn aside attention, and everyone can focus on each of the elements of your outfit!


2. Joggers, jacket, and hat


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Joggers,-jacket,-and-hatWe could see that jackets and hats are among her favorites when we took a look at the closet of Korean supermodel Park Sora.


If we take inspiration from Park Sora, we can wear olive green joggers and accompany them with a white satin jacket.


Add sneakers and long white socks for an extra touch.


However, you should not forget the star accessory: a knitted hat with motifs in black.


This outfit is not only ideal for the colder months but also to look good, even in winter.


3. Unisex style


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Unisex-stylePark Sora’s style is so versatile and creative that she doesn’t stop for anything.


The model also adds unisex outfits to her closet.


If you are interested in this style, you can wear a casual outfit wearing oversized garments.


A dark blue sports jacket, baggy cream pants, and Vans tennis shoes will make any outfit casual, trendy, a bit street, and available for both men and women alike to wear.


4. Denim skirt with a colored sweater


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Denim-skirt-with-a-colored-sweaterPark Sora offers us another combination that you can wear during this cold winter.


However, it has a different touch because it is not a full warm outfit.


Dress in a green knitted sweater and pair it with a long denim skirt.


But to give this look a sexy touch, the skirt must have an opening at the bottom.


In that way, a part of your leg will be exposed. That will add a different touch to this look. You can add brown ankle boots and a tote bag as an accessory.


5. Elegant and modern


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Elegant-and-modernBut it’s all about casual outfits.


Park Sora also lets us see her in an elegant and modern look with a casual touch at the same time.


If you want to give it a try, she wears a leather skirt, adds a brown top, and perfects it with light pastel green.


For her shoes, she wears green boots as well. And if it is too cold outside, she adds a terry cloth hat.


It is a practical outfit, as it is perfect.


6. Elegant and sophisticated


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Elegant-and-sophisticatedBut if you want an outfit you can wear to the office and look sophisticated and elegant, suits are always a good option, and Park Sora knows about it.


She wears a brown suit and a white shirt underneath.


She tries the blazer to be oversized.


In that way, you add a different touch to the look.


White heels that are not too high are an ideal option for shoes.


7. Option for summer


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Option-for-summerAnd yes, indeed, there is still a long way to go before the arrival of the long-awaited summer.


However, taking a look at the closet of Korean supermodel Park Sora, we couldn’t pass up her summer looks.


So, anticipating the hottest months a bit, when going to the beach or the pool, you could think about wearing baggy jeans while letting the top of your bikini shine.


It would be best if the bikini is in bright colors, such as yellow, green, or orange, to add a touch of color. A colorful beach hat is a good option if you want to add an accessory.


Let’s look at the closet of Korean supermodel Park Sora! And after that, surely you’ll want to add a lot of her favorite clothes to your closet to recreate her fashionista outfits. Without a doubt, Park Sora is a source of inspiration for those looking to perfect her style with Korean fashion. And you, what do you think of this model’s closet? Tell us in the comments. See you on an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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