Know these 13 Christmas songs by K-Pop idols


We love Christmas, and we love Korean culture too. So, in the most beautiful time of the year, how about the idea of ​​spicing up your parties with Christmas songs by K-Pop idols? Without a doubt, it is an idea that is not only innovative but also fun and beautiful. The voices of your favorite idols and their beautiful songs don’t have to say goodbye in December. On the contrary, many also put out songs, whether their own or covers, and they are special to enjoy during these dates full of joy and love. Listen to Christmas songs by K-Pop idols during the holidays and enjoy your favorite singers at any time of the year. Are you ready? If so, let’s start! Keep reading.


13 Christmas Songs Performed By Your Favorite K-Pop Idols


Did you know that you can have a Christmas to the rhythm of K-Pop? Yes, that’s how it is! Christmas carols are a must every Christmas. But what if this year they hit the beat of K-Pop? Feel free to include the following songs in your Christmas playlist and enjoy their sound with your family. We assure you that they will make you smile on more than one occasion. Prepare your playlist and include these Christmas songs by K-Pop idols that we present below. 


1. Twinkle – Lovelyz


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Twinkle---Lovelyz-(subtitulo)Twinkle is the main theme of Fall in Lovelyz, the third mini-album by the LOVELYZ girls that arrived in 2017.


Although it is not a special Christmas theme, it is inevitable to think of this time of year when it sounds thanks to its energy.


For that reason, it is among the Christmas songs of K-Pop idols.


If you want to give rhythm and energy to your family night with a song, this is the theme you need.


You will not stop dancing!


2. The Carol – LOONA


Korean-Fashion-Trends---The-Carol---LOONA--(subtitulo)Three of the LOONA girls got together for The Carol. As the song premiered a few days before Christmas, HeeJin, HyunJin, and Haseul introduced us to this Christmas tune with their sweet voices.


They interpret a theme that cannot be missing from your Christmas playlist.


Because of that, it is important to mention them among the Christmas songs by K-Pop idols.


Also, The Carol is the LOONA girls’ first seasonal theme song.


In their song, they express that feeling of joy for the arrival of Christmas.


3. For You – Lee Hi x Crush

Korean-Fashion-Trends---For-You---Lee-Hix-Crush--(subtitulo)If you want to hear a more relaxed song for Christmas, we recommend For You, the collaboration of Lee Hi and Crush for Christmas 2020.


This song has a close and warm tone, very homely.


The duo presented the song entirely in English with an R&B sound.


More than the song, the concept that surrounds it makes it a perfect subject to include on your list.



4. JOY – NCT Dream


Korean-Fashion-Trends---JOY---NCT-Dream-(subtitulo)NCT’s youngest members’ unit got together on Christmas 2017 to present JOY within the SM STATION project.


With different Christmas carols known worldwide, such as Joy to the World or Jingle Bells, NCT Dream was in charge of bringing happiness not only on Christmas of that year.


The song still prevails at any Christmas thanks to its rhythm and lyrics.


In addition, the song has a very Christmas video clip, where the red and green colors, characteristic of Christmas, are the protagonists along with the boys.


5. Christmas Time – Starship Entertainment


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Christmas-Time---Starship-Entertainment-(subtitulo)The Starship Entertainment family came together in 2018 to introduce us to a collaborative track with all of their artists.


K.Will, Soyou, Boyfriend, MONSTA X, WJSN, Yoo Seungwoo, Brother Su, Mind U, Duetto, and Jeong Sewoon gave us this Christmas carol you cannot miss on your list of Christmas songs by K-Pop idols.


They came together to create a very happy theme that makes you smile without a doubt.


It is a beautiful and special song that should not be missing from your Christmas playlist.




Korean-Fashion-Trends---Confession-Song---GOT7 - Christmas songs by K-Pop idols

6. Confession Song – GOT7


The boys of GOT7 arrived on Christmas 2015 with a beautiful winter album.


Among the topics featured, they published Confession Song.


Despite being a theme dedicated to confessions of love in schools, it sounds like Christmas in all its splendor.


Of course, we couldn’t stop mentioning them in Christmas songs by K-Pop idols


7. Christmassy! – THE BOYZ


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Christmassy!---THE-BOYZ - Christmas songs by K-Pop idolsTHE BOYZ celebrated their third anniversary in style with the project THE AZIT.


In addition to giving their fans various surprises, they closed with the release of Christmassy!, their Christmas single.


In the song, they tell us a love story in which the boys ask that special someone to accompany them to the Christmas dance.


The song arrived before Christmas 2020 to bring joy to its fans and the entire K-Pop fandom.


We assure you that this song cannot be missing from your playlist.


8. Miracles in December – EXO


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Miracles-in-December---EXO - Christmas songs by K-Pop idolsFar from presenting a joyful and rhythmic theme, EXO opted for a beautiful ballad in 2013 performed by its vocalists Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O.


It was part of their first December special album, thus starting the tradition for their fans.


In this album, we also find Christmas Day and First Snow.


You can include them in your playlist of Christmas songs by K-Pop idols.


Why? Because they will certainly brighten your day.


9. Merry & Happy – TWICE


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Merry-_-Happy---TWICE- Christmas songs by K-Pop idolsTWICE’s fifth mini-album arrived in December 2017 with What Is Love as the title track.


But they also presented us with the single Merry & Happy, perfect for this time of year.


As a Christmas carol, the girls from JYP Entertainment will make you dance to the best rhythm.


And if you want to see them enjoy their Christmas, you can’t miss their video clip full of surprises and gifts.


Add this K-Pop idol Christmas song to your playlist and have a fun Christmas.


10. Dear Santa – Girls Generation-TTS


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Dear-Santa---Girls-Generation-TTS - Christmas songs by K-Pop idolsDear Santa.


It is how all the letters in the world begin for Santa Claus.


Girls Generation’s unit TTS, consisting of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, arrived in 2015 with a special album.


This song also premiered as a project with UNICEF ​​that Christmas.


The video clip, which shows us the three members, could not be more Christmassy.



11. Santa U Are The One – Super Junior

Korean-Fashion-Trends---Santa-U-Are-The-One–-Super-Junior-(- Christmas songs by K-Pop idols


Super Junior also did their thing, and in 2011, they revealed a song dedicated to Santa Claus who brings us gifts every year at Christmas.


The video shows the entire SM Entertainment family celebrating Christmas or preparing Christmas photoshoots and showing how unity and love are the most important at this time of year.


This song is so Christmassy that it would be a sin not to include it among Christmas songs by K-Pop idols.




12. Cuz it’s Christmas (A miracle 3days ago) – Moonbyul (Mamamoo)


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Cuz-it_s-Christmas-(A-miracle-3days-ago)---Moonbyul-(Mamamoo)-(subtitulo)For a quiet moment on your Christmas Eve and Christmas, play this jazzy tune performed by Moonbyul.


Now, if you are very in love with someone and it still does not fall in your heart like snow on the ground, you have two options.


Either you let off steam by listening to it, or you dare to call and dedicate it.


Isn’t it beautiful?


We hope you like it! Add it to your playlist of Christmas songs by K-Pop idols.


13. Text me Merry Christmas – Lee Suhyun (AKMU) and Seungkwan (Seventeen)


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Text-me-Merry-Christmas---Lee-Suhyun-(AKMU)-and-Seungkwan-(Seventeen)(subtitulo)This time can also be very melancholic, maybe due to the global situation full of sadness because you will spend it far from the person you love.


But, you can video call and share this song. Just send a message, it will be enough!


So says the duet. And sometimes it is.


This song is beautiful, very Christmassy, and nostalgic, just like Christmas is many times.


Would you dare to listen to it? Because we do! And that’s why we added it among the Christmas songs by K-Pop idols.


Christmas songs by K-Pop idols are beautiful and very festive. Some will make you nostalgic, but most are very lively and full of that Christmas spirit that we all enjoy. It’s a great day to set the holiday season with Christmas carols performed by your favorite K-Pop idols, don’t you think so? If you do, tell us in the comments. We hope you have a merry Christmas. See you on the next blog!

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