What to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion?


It’s already December, and that only means one thing! Christmas is closer than ever. During these dates, many of us wonder what to wear. Maybe we should focus on Korean fashion to discover the answer to our clothing concerns. Why? Because we all know very well how much Koreans pay attention to fashion and trends. How to dress is a careful decision on most occasions. For that reason, the end of the year and Christmas holidays are no exception. Whether in large gatherings or a quiet dinner, they leave no detail to chance. What to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion? You don’t have to look any further! Today at Korean Fashion Trends, we look forward to December 24 and 31 to give you recommendations on time, so you know what to wear on those dates. Here we go!


6 Ideas to dress for Christmas 2021 according to Korean fashion


Classic Christmas colors


Let’s start with the colors. Christmas classics never go out of style: dark green, pine green, red, white, gray, and nude. This season a riverside blue is added. Because yes, don’t be afraid to wear bright colors during winter and Christmas, as in the Korean fashion trends 2021, bright colors are a favorite among many fashionistas. If you don’t know how to wear them correctly, visit the Korean Fashion Trends blog by clicking here and discover how to wear bright colors in winter.


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When it comes to clothing, textures are so important, especially in Korean fashion.


For this reason, the texture that remains in force is the quadrillé, which we can see based on red or black in dresses, skirts, and coats.


Oversized coats, in camel or beige tones, are the favorites when it comes to coats.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Skirts-(subtitulo)The flared skirts in different lengths provide comfort and elegance, ideal for these days of so much movement.


However, long skirts with a blazer or cardigan, boots, and a few accessories will make a perfect outfit.


Do not be afraid to wear skirts during these dates because, within our recommendations of what to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion, these fabulous and classic garments stand out: skirts in all their presentations.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Dresses-(subtitulo)Dresses can not be missing at Christmas or New Year’s Eve, especially if you attend an elegant party. Therefore, you must integrate the dresses into your closet without a doubt.


Remember also that many people enjoy the Christmas season. They let you see it in the way they dress and not just in their faces because New Year’s Eve continues to generate an illusion to fulfill dreams.


In addition to the dresses, also during the Christmas season, you can find all kinds of trends, even in terms of colors, and although black and gray seem to prevail every year, we find other proposals that also have to do with more striking colors such as blue, green or pink as well as fuchsia. In this way, we can find an infinite number of party dresses for our New Year’s Eve in 2021 in the colors we have just mentioned. Don’t forget your dress! It is a perfect choice among the ideas of what to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion.


Clothes for the cold


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Clothes-for-the-cold-(subtitulo)December arrives, and with it, the cold gains strength. And without a doubt, when it comes to cold clothing, we must name the stockings.


They are not only perfect for a style when wearing dresses. They are also essential for a warm outfit.


With several designs and with the typical colors of the end-of-the-year parties, they become a must.


But we must also not forget the sweaters, both for men and women, which can have motifs that allude to the season: snowflakes, pine trees, and even Santa Claus.


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-Shoes-(subtitulos)The premise that to wear skirts, you need shoes was far removed.


Nowadays, they look perfect with different models of sneakers.


Still, black shoes with a heel are the most chosen.


However, you can also wear sneakers, and that will be a great option.


Don’t miss your favorite shoes! Since they cannot be absent either among the outfits for what to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion.


5 Korean Makeup Ideas for Christmas


But not only clothes are significant during these times and not in Korean fashion either. Beauty and makeup are too. For that reason, in this list of what to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion, we add some makeup ideas that you can use during the holidays. But first, some of the staples you’ll need will be pressed powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. You can start recreating one of these makeups that we present below once you have these elements:


Makeup with Christmas tones


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Makeup-with-Christmas-tones(subtitulo)Although Korean makeup is known for being simple, there are times when it can be more daring.


Christmas is one of those occasions!


For that reason, if you want to do makeup with Christmas tones, try some red lips that are the center of attention and add light shadows in the eyes.


Also, you can do the typical eyeliner with black ink, but if you prefer to be more risky and creative, make your eyeliner with a green or gold eyeliner!


Neutral color makeup


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Neutral-color-makeup(subtitulo)It is also a good option if the occasion is more casual.


Most eye shadows are soft for Christmas 2021, although the bright shades are also a favorite.


The best option is to make up the eye lightly and not too heavy.


You can do it with a shadow in shiny silver, gold, or gray.


Although, we have to say that depending on the color of the eyes, this trend may “work” better or worse. Take care of it!


Nude toned makeup


Another option is to bet on makeup in which you use a very light or nude shadow. You can do it that way to focus the eyeliner with the help of an “eyeliner”. The upper and lower part of the eyelid should be well delineated. In addition, you must add a good mascara to achieve a most festive effect. Red lips and red and black nails are a perfect match.


Makeup with highlighters


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Makeup-with-highlighters(subtitulo)And if at Christmas we want to shine, what better than to use a highlighter? Highlighters are our allies.


We can apply them before or after the makeup base.


And they will allow you to have a special shine!


It will also make makeup look perfect all night.


Highlighters sell them in cream or powder. You choose which one suits you best, but we tell you that those in cream last longer.


Makeup no makeup for Christmas


But don’t worry, if your plans are much calmer, it’s not a problem. Even if you prefer much lighter makeup, you can opt for makeup no makeup. It is usual makeup in Korea, as it leaves you with a natural appearance while allowing you to look radiant and beautiful for Christmas. For this makeup, you only need the basic products, and that’s it.


What to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion? There are many options to choose from! From skirts to dresses, and the classics in clothes for the cold. Korean fashion also knows how to take advantage during this Christmas season. Integrate into your closet each of the garments that we present to you today and get ready now for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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